Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, February 27, 2017

voice recording Feb 27 part 1

Good morning mom!  Happy pancake Monday!  Today is the, I don’t know why I’m looking at my watch.  This watch doesn’t have the date on it.  Have you seen my cool six-shooter watch?  I got this in Wyoming.  It just makes me smile every time I look at it.   It’s got two six shooters that are crossed in front of it,  it was honestly more of a joke between me and my companion,  we’d see something and be like “This is why missionaries need six shooters!”  But granted the list of why missionaries shouldn’t have six shooters is much, much larger.  Elder Shumway and I have come to the conclusion that poaching rites would sky-rocket after some of the emails we get from some of the missionaries. 
But anyways, happy pancake Monday! I’m getting out the pans now. Trying to find the pans now because they’re not, oh gosh darnit! (banging and crashing)  I’ll just use the really big pan today.  (whistling) So I have several options, well really only two, I can use the big like pan-pan, like something that I put over two burners, or I can just go wash a pan in the sink. (sigh)  I should probably just wash one in the sink.   Elder Tucker was telling me that this is what dorm life is like.  He’s like, “Your dishes are always dirty, you never have any clean dishes!” 

Oh! Speaking of that, umm, I was at preparation day the other day and I got a call from Elder Hendricks, and he said he put me down on his application at BYU-I, because he’s talking about housing, he said he did put me down as someone he’d like to room with.  The only problem is I don’t know if I should go to BYU-I.  I haven’t really prayed about it much, I’ve still got another six months.  He’s only got 4 ½.  Like as much as I want to, I don’t know if I should. It just doesn’t, like logically, I don’t know.  When I think about it, it doesn’t necessarily feel right.  I’m not sure why.  I’m kinda thinking of sticking with the initial plan, of going home and doing community college for a year, getting a job and helping you guys out.  And uh, going to the temple a lot and figuring out my life.  I definitely think I want to go into aeronautics.  I was thinking about that the other night.  Not necessarily flying, like even the control tower would be super fun.   I was talking to some members here who worked at a control tower, and you know it’s something that, you work with planes, they encourage you to get a pilots license and fly, and you get to stay close to home. You don’t have to travel a lot. I don’t have to… I can raise a family.   Maybe I will find a wife that like, she just loves flying, and I just love piloting and we’ll go do that together once we’re retired.  Well, that will be our retired job, and then sometime we’ll retire from that.

How long has there been grease sitting in this pan? There we go.  Dawn Ultra.  Dawn helps save wildlife.  Put a little bit of soap in here, and scrub it even more, since the brush is running out.
So how has your week been?  Our week has actually been really good.  Can you believe it, this week that we are in now is the last week of the transfer.  We find out our transfer news on Sunday… Holy Crap.  

Oh! I just got some of the saddest news from Elder Hatch. He uh, so this transfer he’s been in the hospital five times, because of his heart condition. He’s got a, well they discovered it when I was with him, that day I had to take him to the ER, that was terrifying.  So there’s four different things in your heart that pulses, the top two, or the top one just starts like freaking out.  Basically it’s constantly freaking out almost, like working 5 times as hard. And the bottom one is going normal.  It’s like “shh!  It’s okay, it’s okay, you don’t need to freak out!”  But, mixed with his asthma, apparently that and some of the medication he takes it can cause some very serious problems, like that day he woke up and his heart rate was 175, oh bless his heart, but anyways… Been in the hospital 4-5 times, and because of that they are sending him home.   He leaves this Friday with all the sisters in my group.  I know the Lord has a plan for us all.  Elder Hatch just only needed to be on a mission for 18 months.  He needed to go do something back home.  There we go that should be clean, and when I say “should”  I mean I scrubbed that enough, that it’s not, germs deserve to be there.   But yeah, that’s the sad news of the week.

Let me think, what else happened this week?  Zone Conference! Was that this week? Yeah!  I think that was this week!  I don’t remember having a district meeting this week.  So we had zone conference this week.  That was pretty legit.  President and sister Wadsworth were awesome as usual.  The food was really great.  I told sister Wadsworth about the deep fried chocolate filled twinkies I found at Walmart.  I told her not to worry because I didn’t eat any of them. Or buy them. I don’t have that kind of money.  Or health allowance.  You get a heart attack just looking at those things. And I don’t know they’re in the freezer, in a box, I don’t know how good deep fried stuff would be coming out of a box.

Yeah!  It’s been a really good week.  We got a new investigator in Boulder. That was pretty epic.  

Yeah, that’s right, I’m making some for Elder Shumway too, more mix. I’m filling a cup full of mix, I’ve got the skillet on the stove. Oh, I need to buy more pancake mix today.  Good thing I still have money because I budgeted. 

Oh, yeah, hear this?  I can actually talk now! Yesterday my voice was killing me. I couldn’t talk… granted I’ve had about five different cough drops today, and my throat is really coated, and all the antiseptic in the cough drops is probably working it’s magic, cause I woke up feeling just as bad. But today it’s mostly, I don’t know I woke up feeling really sick yesterday, but it’s been getting better.  Emergen-C, I’ve been taking it.

(Gas stove clicking)  There we go.  Woah, smell that propane.  Using this gas stove here.   Kind of interesting, everyone in Wyoming has those giant propane tanks outside. Where do you fill them up?  Like, they must be heavy.  Can you just put them in your truck and drive them to a spot? How often do you… man I’m going to have to ask brother Welsh about that.  Well they said it’s cheaper out here than using natural gas or electricity. I mean, I believe it because everyone out here does it.

(singing I Love To See the temple)  ooh probably a little too much butter. The first pancake is going to taste really buttery.  (more singing and whistling) Let me think, what else has happened this week, I feel like I’ve done a lot… Oh yeah! I went on exchanges, I went with an elder Eisley, serving Townsend, Elder Eisley was someone I actually served with in Butte, he was serving in Deer Lodge.  Love Deer Lodge.  Fun little place.  He’s a really good, but quiet missionary.  Although this last month, well he goes home Friday, he’s gotten, sad to say, pretty trunky.   I was noticing some things when I was on exchanges with him, but for the most part he was trying to be good. But his companion has been talking to us. And is sad to say, he was looking forward to Friday.  Which if anything, made me want to make sure I don’t get trunky.  You’re just… you just kind of affect everything around you.  Everyone notices.  It’s one thing to be excited about going home, like yeah, absolutely you should be excited about going home and seeing your family, but when it affects your work ethic, and your consecration…

Oh my goodness I need to add more water, this is bread dough.   Ohh, that’s what I need to make some time.  It’s been awhile.  Brother Cheatham gave me a really good recipe for, not necessarily bread-bread, but like rolls or fry bread.  Just kind of dough that you would use for smaller things.  Oh my goodness, that stuff.  I could eat it by the pound.  There we go, scraping the flour that’s on the bottom… (whistling)  Ok, I feel like that’s mixed in enough.   Yeah.

Ok, how long has this recording been going? Sixteen minutes.  I should probably save this and send it off.  Love you mom hope you have a… Oh! it’s only 7:56.    I guess I will wait 4 minutes and then send it off.  Wow.  Yeah, we’ve done everything we need to this morning, I’m trying to think, I guess I showered first, I don’t know if I normally do that on Mondays?  We switch off, who gets to shower first. Cause whoever doesn’t shower first gets to be lazy for an extra 15-20 minutes.  It’s probably not the best thing to admit, but hey, it’s an extra 15-20 minutes of laziness…. Usually do some physical therapy… that’s going pretty good, my knee hasn’t been bothering me too much. Which is good since I sorta left my knee brace in Billings on exchanges.  I’ll get it back at MLC. For now I’ve been using lots of knee tape.  And it’s been going pretty well.  I have noticed that, Oh my goodness, crap. Ok, there we go, I’m taking that pan off the burner. Apparently when you let butter just sit on a hot burner, it kinda burns.  It’s not too badly burnt now, I can see it’s starting to get a little brownish in parts, so take it off, mix it around, or you know I could probably actually since it’s ready, put in that pancake mix. 

I’m going to quickly send this off, or, save it, start a new one, and start making the pancakes.

Love you!  Bye! 

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