Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, January 23, 2017

email conversations Jan 23

Sooo…. transfer week…. any news?  Any other news?  What do you think of the schedule changes?

Good Morning mom!

Yes, I'm actually getting transferred. I'm sadly leaving Powell to go be a zone leader in Helena. 
My companions name is Elder Shumway. He was actually trained by Elder Ison, so that will be pretty cool to be with him. I've heard he's a really good hard working Elder. In all reality I'm going to a great place I just need to get over myself. 

And seriously though, we just put Talena and her daughter on date, we just found A BUNCH of new investigators, including a new family, ya. I'm just sad to be leaving. The nice thing about being on a mission is that I KNOW that this is the lords plan for me. I do know that I am needed in Helena and that I will be able to grow and help lots of God's children there, it'll be great :)

Other than that….Literally not much else.  Zach is actually teching for the school play – it’s the performance troupe production, and they need some stage hands. “I NEED tech black!!!”  Maddie finally consented to help.  She wanted to direct/Stage manage, but Dr K said no, because she felt like she had her plate full already and  she said she wanted younger kids to learn to do these things, but I guess she ended up becoming ASM.  The play is this weekend.  Also this Saturday she is auditioning at CAAF – singing a musical duet with this other kid.  It’s a song from Shrek – The Musical.  She’s sure she’s going to stink it up, but they look pretty cute practicing in our living room.  

Hahaha I remember tech black. Did you know (you probably do, you know all) that I never really wore tech black. :) I never bought anything, nor got around to do doing it. Stahl always chastised me for it and looking back I totally feel bad, since there is a purpose for it. I don't know why I just ranted about that, but ya. 

I finally saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.  I haven’t been to a movie in ages (still haven’t even seen the new Star Wars).  But I had to go.  There were only a couple theaters even left showing it, so I went to like a 10:30 pm showing on a Wednesday night.  Got to bed at 1 in the morning.  So worth it though.  Good news though, JK Rowling says it’s gonna be a trilogy, so that’s awesome.   The DVD should come out right about the time you get home I think J

I apologize, I shouldn’t be encouraging any kind of trunkiness on your part.  Sorry.  Finish strong!  Leave it all out there on the playing field! Babylon will wait!  You ONLY GET like 30 more weeks!!! Is that better?

Zach wants to know if you got the pajamas and what you think of them J do they fit?  Or are they as ridiculous on you as they are on most of us?  (Team Hufflepuff!)

I think that’s all… for now…

Have a fantastic day!!  I love you!! 

I've been pretty excited for that movie, I've heard it's really good :) And don't worry, I really don't think I'm getting nor will be trunky. While yes home and things are on my mind, the Lord has really blessed me with the ability to not let it interfere with the work. Almost like I can sort of put it out of my mind while I do missionary work. And while I do think about fun stuff during the day or at night, it's not distracting. I don't know how to describe it other than that though. It's just been a huge blessing from the Lord I know that :)

And seriously! I only get 5 more transfers! 7 months does sound a little nice and longer, but holy cow. It's been flying by! 

And yes I did get my pajamas and they fit great actually! Team Hufflepuff for the win!

Love you mom!

Never give up, Never surrender!
-Elder Berrett

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16th

Sorry for the short email, I broke my ipad and just figured out (thanks to a member) how to write a new email.

Anyways, this week was amazing! Anthony got baptized! Also Talena is really wanting to get baptized with her daughter as well! Seriously this week has been very full of miracles!

Again sorry for the short email, but I am so thankful for the Lord.
I've been studying 1st Nephi a lot this last week and it never ceases to amaze me how Christ-like Nephi is and how much we can learn about the gospel from it.

Anyways I love you all! I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Never give up, Never surrender!

January 16 - email conversations

Another email conversation. 

Hey there!  So… what kept you so busy last pday that I never heard from you again?  ( Where's the group letter?  Pictures?  Voice recordings?) I did get some fun extra stuff from other people this week.  Two different people sent me pictures via text last night,  who were those cute little laughing girls that you and elder Tucker were reading stories to?  Cutest picture ever.  Also I thanked sis Waite for taking care of you on Christmas eve, and quoted part of your letter where you were going on about eating a really good cake. (Hers I assumed.) 

Good Morning! And sorry about last week. It was just lots of driving. We drove a ton so sadly can't email and drive. Looking back I totally could have recorded my voice at least while driving or something. 

Those two girls are Talena's daughters! They are so freakin awesome! I am so thankful to be able to teach them and help them come closer to Christ.  It was really funny though because Talena's oldest, Brooke, (shes 9) said that maybe someday shell be Mrs. Berrett and then started to hit on me. Super funny! And sister Waite is super awesome! So thankful for her! 

At church I am a primary teacher, and I struggle to love it.  I don’t exude the joy that you do, I seriously sit in singing time thinking “I should be more like Nick”. Anyways,  I’ve been the teacher for this particular class like 3 weeks now.  They’re fairly hard, and my partner quit.   Anyways, there’s this one little boy who is rather difficult.  He’s super active, not very interested in being there or participating or anything, but he seems like a sweet kid.  I really like his parents.  His dad helped us move in and has offered his service on a couple of occasions.  I think I may need to take him up on something soon as half my electrical outlets in the kitchen suddenly stopped working.  I think this house has electrical issues.  Grandpa has fixed a couple of them, but then other things stopped working.    Anyways, I just try and think of you when he’s being “active”.  You were that kid once who had teachers like bro Mask have patience and love for you even when you needed to go for walks because staying in class was just too much.  I’m still like “Johnny*! Your chair is not a car!  Do you need to come sit next to me?”  However, his parents are like “He really likes you, he actually wants to come to primary.  That’s a first.”

And Oh my goodness, being a primary teacher sounds fun, super hard, but really fun. But honestly singing time is amazing! 

Also sorry about the house probs, I keep you guys in my prayers all the time but I'll start praying specifically for that. :) 

How are things?  How’s your knee?  How’s your cough?  Feeling any better?  How are your investigators? Teaching anyone promising? Been to Greybull lately? 

And I'm doing very well things here have been going great! My knee is doing pretty good right now :) and we actually just lost a couple of investigators the other day due to a series of random events. However Talena is now rapidly progressing thanks to her daughter! Its seriously so wonderful and amazing to be able to see this!

 And no we haven't been to Greybull in a little bit, however we are planning on having a zone prep day there next Monday

I love you mom! Have a great day!

Monday, January 9, 2017

In which we talk about the weather...

Nick didn't send a group email this week, or a voice recording, so this is just the best bits from a bit of an email exchange during the morning.  I'm in italics, as usual. 

Bet you're glad you have those hand warmers now;)

You bet I'm glad :)

Did you know that people like to tell me the weather in Montana/Wyoming?  “The news said that it’s negative 17 but with the windchill factor it’s negative 4,589 degrees."   So this is why your mother obsessively sends you hand warmers.  Because it’s the easiest and best way I can figure out how to send you a little bit of the Arizona sunshine.  Sunshine that you can stick it in your pocket.   Feel free to share with other missionaries, but I just need to know that you are staying warm.

Hahaha just be pretty similar to everyone asking me if I wish I was back home in the heat now or the "oh I'm so sorry" or "hahaha and this isn't even a real winter!" Yes. I'm very aware that Wyoming had winters much worse than this, however it hasn't been that bad in over 30 years, so please lets all stop pretending to be shocked at the "super mild winter" when it's been this way for so long. :/ 

Sorry for the rant. I wonder if this is how missionaries in Arizona feel when everyone talks to them about the heat. 

Actually funny story that I feel a little bad about. A little bit ago we were sitting in a members house and the dad was going on about how mild the winter was, really just trying to go for the shock factor and see how shocked I'd be. Now I want you to know I honestly love these guys, but I was getting really tired of it all so when they asked me how hit it hot back home basically just told them every horror story I could remember. From airplane tires melting at Sky Harbor to sports in the summer, to people being convinced that this was it, this was the summer that was never going to end. Long story short, I don't think that family will ever move to Arizona

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Voice recording Jan 2 part 5

♪♫What would you do-oo-oo for a Lion bar?    Good morning mom! Well, evening for me.  Just finished nightly planning and I decided to open up one of the Lion bars that you guys gave me.   Oh, you’re so freaking wonderful, thank you.

So, it’s just been super crazy,  I haven’t really made any voice mails this last week.  It’s crazy, it’s Sunday night, literally.

Oh my goodness, Anthony was confirmed today.  That was wonderful.  I even got to be in his confirmation circle.   Holy cow, the spirit has been so strong around him.  So he was baptized yesterday, and we’ve been working with him for the last two months.  Super, super amazing investigator.   I’m fairly certain I’ve told you guys about him.   He’s a wrestler here at North West College, and he had some friends of his just invite him out to church.   It took him a couple of times, but he finally came.  He felt the spirit and loved it, so he started going to institute.   Came almost every week and loved it.   He started taking lessons from us, right when Elder Tucker got here.   And we’ve taught him just about every week.  He did take a three week break during winter because he was heading back to Arizona!  Lives in Phoenix.   But funny enough, actually got snowed in and stuck in Greybull.  I didn’t know that, or else I would have went and taught him.   But he’s completely changed his life around.  Loves the church, was baptized yesterday and confirmed today and later today we took him to a lesson with Talena, who’s been really struggling to be baptized.   And oh my goodness, it was so strong.   He hadn’t really told her anything, but he felt impressed to let her know about how you don’t need to be perfect to be baptized or to be a member of the church.   We’re members of the church because we’re imperfect.  That’s why we take the sacrament, that’s why we’re baptized, we need to repent.  And that us members of the church aren’t perfect.

It also helps that this last week, Talena’s daughter Brooke has been, she just started reading the Children’s Book of Mormon like crazy.  She’s 9.  LOVES it.   I mean, in the ride to Cody which is only a half an hour, read up to like chapter 12 in it, which is I think King Benjamin.  I’m like “Holy Crap!  That’s up to the book of Mosiah!”  So, her daughter’s been reading and is like “Mom! I want to get baptized!  When are we going to get baptized?”  And she wants to get baptized super bad.  The last few times that we’ve been to their house, the spirit’s been really strong and Talena’s loving the church more and more and more and feels the spirit and knows it’s true.   Just needs to get over that last final doubt.   Satan’s really got a good hold on her.  At least fear-wise.   She’s just afraid that she’s not worthy, that she’s not ready.  We’ll get her there. Bless her heart.  Love meeting with them.
But yeah, wonderful day. Oh, the spirit’s just been so strong.  Anthony is baptized! And he wants to go on a mission in a year.   So excited for him.  It’s awesome. (Sounds like he’s getting emotional and choking up a little bit there.)

Let’s see what else has happened.   Oh yeah Nina, she’s a member over in Cowley, Elder Hatch introduced me to her.  Cowley is about 40 minutes from here.  Closer to the border of Montana.  You go through Lovell to get there.   She was the member that sang with us every week.  Super, super awesome lady.  Been like another mom to me out here.  Been going through some hard times, but oh she’s the best.  Well, she dropped off my Christmas/Birthday present the other day, a little late, but oh my goodness was it worth it,  I didn’t even know she was planning on it, I need to figure out what to get her at least as like a thank you or something.   I can’t remember what she called it.  But it’s like a, take like a pillow, no it’s like a quilt, but you can fold it up into a pillow.  And she just made this for me, and the best part is that she’s a huge Doctor Who fan, and it’s Doctor Who themed.  On one whole side of it, I’ll take a picture of it, it’s that Van Gogh picture of the Tardis exploding, and on the other side of it, it’s just like a bunch of these Doctor Who symbols.  You’ve got Daleks, Tardises, sonic screw drivers, bow-ties, gas masks, I don’t even remember what that dog’s name was, but all sorts of stuff, and sayings from it…. It’s super, super cool. 

Oh! My jerk of a companion just came downstairs. (grunts, groans, random guy noises) Oh man! He’s been really abusive to me!  Get me out of here!  He just taught me how to play Black Jack the other day. (Elder Tucker mutters something about feeling bad if this is to his parents…) Or, he taught me how to play 21 the other day. How’s that? (Elder Tucker – “We’re being responsible!  I was teaching him his numbers.” )  I’m leaning better, I can count to 21 now.  (Elder Tucker- “He says since he’s been out on a mission his multiplication and his math has really been struggling”)  So I’m getting better.  We’re getting there.  We’re hoping to move up to division next week. Laughs.
But things have been going really good here.  I still can’t get over Anthony’s baptism today that was just so awesome.  Or confirmation today.  Oh, crap.  I got a loose string hanging off these pants.  Didn’t we just get these fixed? (Elder Tucker – yeah, but she fixed your crotch, she didn’t fix your legs.) Yeah… 

I went through the picture books, two of them again today.  There’s no way I could go through all those books, I’d way too homesick.  But I went through two of them today and they were awesome.  Again, so thankful for those.

Elder Tucker and I just had an awesome lesson with a family before we got home. (Companion – “What’s their names?”)  His name is Lao? (Elder Tucker – “What’s their last name?”) It starts with a T? I don’t know how to pronounce it… They’re Polynesian? Or Tongan? They’re from one of those islands.  (Elder Tucker lectures Nick on the difference between “Polynesian”  and “Tongan” and how to pronounce their name.) Lao Talufa.  His wife… It’s an American name, I don’t even know what it is, I can’t remember… It starts with an A? Alyssa and Lao Talufa are this couple that we just started teaching.  They just moved from Salt Lake like a week ago, and they are looking to go to the temple.  They just asked that we come over and help strengthen them on their way,  um, read the Book of Mormon with them…. Super, super Awesome.    That was a fun lesson.

Oh, earlier today we had dinner with the Lee’s.  They were the family that uh, I don’t think I ever told you about the Lee’s.   I’ll have to write that down and remember to tell you about them.  Thank goodness for notebooks, right? 

But yeah, it was a really good day today, and I can’t wait to email home tomorrow.

Love you guys!  Bye!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Voice Recording Highlights - Jan 2 - part 4

Gooood morning!  Good morning! It’s great to stay up late. Good morning, good morning, to you!♪♫♪ (from singing in the rain)

I think I added some pauses, or forgot some there, but that was fun!  So good morning, it actually is this time.  In fact, it’s like 7:40.  I’m going to be in personal study in just a little bit.   Grab my shirt out of the dryer real quick.  Starting to see a routine here, and I just finished making my bagel and egg sandwich.  Cinnamon & Raisin bagel, oh yeah.  That’s how you know God loves you.

We actually have quite a lot of stuff planned for today, we’re going down to Cody, a YSA less active we’re working with, it’s actually one of our ward mission leaders daughters.  She just had a kid and we’re working on helping her to just see how the church would bless her life.  She definitely sees it, it’s just helping her to come back.  It’s always a struggle for those coming back.   Even if you know it, it’s hard.  They got stuff their working on.  Judgments… a lot a lot of fears especially.   And so, we’re starting to work with her more. Don’t know if she’ll be moving for a while.  Apparently it was a really scary birth.  Oh, apparently I’m missing a button on this shirt.   Good thing it’s at the very bottom.  Right where I tuck the pants in.  (I think he meant to say, ‘Right where I tuck it in my pants’)  I’ll have to sew it on later. 

Yeah, so we’re meeting up with her later today… we’ve got some tasks that we need to do… I don’t even remember.  This is why we have an Area Book.   So we can write down the calendar… so I won’t forget people and their names… so I can click on someone’s name, look at their history and go “Oh! That’s who that person is!” Oh yeah, it’s been a lifesaver.  I’m gonna have to have one for after my mission, a little book, at least like write down their name and like a sentence or two about them.  So I can glance at it and go “Ok, ok, I know who this person is. I can go on a date with this person.”
Umm, yeah, that about it.  I’m gonna eat my sandwich, and I want to let you all know that I love you to death!  Bye!

Hey, real quick, haven’t made it to personal study yet, but I just thought of a funny story that I just have to share.  I don’t know if I’m gonna remember to put it in my journal and this definitely one to keep for the books.

We found another mattress in our house, and my companion really, really liked the feel of it, so we decided to move it downstairs.  When we got to the point where, we had gotten it off the bed, and we were pushing it, and it was right at the stairs, the top of the stairs, and I’m like “Oooh! Elder, I got this! This is gonna be awesome.”  And he kinda rolls his eyes, and goes downstairs, and makes sure he’s out of the way, but can still watch the disaster that’s gonna happen.  And so I tilt the mattress up, and it’s a giant queen mattress,  and it’s not the most solid thing, like it is, but it still kinda bends a little bit.  And so I push it down the stairs.  So excited, and it’s like the most anti-climactic thing ever cause its weight slowed it down.  It just kind “rrrrrrrrrr”  (makes his version of the sound the mattress made)  It landed at the bottom and I’m looking at it “Now what can I do?”  In my companion’s words, he got a look at my face, and he could see this look.  And I’m like “Ohhhh!” And so I go down the stairs a little bit and he doesn’t say anything he’s just watching my stupidity at this moment  and I just jump!  And keep in mind, we haven’t necessarily placed the mattress down, it’s still up on its side.  I mean, it’s kinda folded like a little bit, cause it’s in this like narrow hallway/stairs, but uh…. Long story short, before I actually hit the mattress at the same time that my head hit this little ledge coming down, and I didn’t hit it too badly, like it was just barely, but it was enough that God taught me not to be stupid.   It kinda felt like a whack up side the head, and it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.  Thought I’d share.

I hope you have a wonderful day everyone.  Have fun at school,  I know you won’t get this until Monday, I hope you just have a wonderful time.   Anyways, I love you all! Bye!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Voice Recording highlights - Jan 2 - part 3

Good Morning!
 Well, no, actually it’s still 9:55 PM.  Making these things is just like so addicting.  Like, I’m really loving it.  Hoping that’s not saying something about me like I like talking to myself or anything, but… it’s just the idea that I’m sending a little message home, and that’s super cool.

Oooh, sorry, random thought about something I’m sending home, Oh, yes, by the way if you’re still expecting that nametag, which is totally on its way soon.  I literally have it made.  I just haven’t gotten to the freaking post office yet we’ve been so busy.  We should have time to run by tomorrow, we were going to do it two days ago, but long story short stuff happened.  Umm yeah, it’s just been super crazy. 

This one is to no one in particular, sorry but this is probably going to be towards mom as mom is probably going to love it the most.  Since I don’t know how much patience Zach, Mad, and Christopher have just listening to me ramble on.  But moms are just awesome.  They’re like “Oh!  It’s from my kid!!  I love that guy!!”  They’re like that with anything, it’s like the art you make when you were a second grader all over.   

Umm, yeah, I have a lot of different plans for after my mission.  The biggest one that seems to be sticking is staying home and going to Chandler-Gilbert (coughing fit….) At some point returning and living in Greybull for a season and being taught how to fly by brother Cheatham.  Not sure if that will be soon after, or a year, but at some point I’m going to learn how to fly.  I’ve just been feeling like that seems so wonderful to me still and so amazing and I feel like I should.  It’s just, it’s gonna be good.  I don’t think I’ll ever fly commercially in all honesty, I don’t want to be away from my family that much.  But even as just a hobby.  I know that’s an expensive hobby, but… I just want to be able to fly.  That would be wonderful. 

I think I’m gonna break down and have some of this cake.  No, this chocolate cake is not as good as the big one that mom made.  I don’t think anything is going to beat that cake, because honestly that cake was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life.  However, this cake is still wonderful, like it comes close to it, it’s amazing, just amazing.  And I’ll eat some of this cake while I’m talking to you guys.  

Things here are going well.  I think I say that at least three or four times.  It’s just like my standard – “Things are going well.”  It’s true.  Like, they really are. 

Oh, I got the sweetest letter the other day from, uh, I think it’s over on the pool table?  But it was a Sunday School class – 15 and 16 year olds from our ward.  And it was just super super nice.  People like,  Parker Nuzman, is that how you say it?  Nuzman?  The people that live next to the Hixons.  Super awesome people.  Yeah, their kid was one of the people that sent me that letter, or signed it, and it was just super nice of them.  It was really touching.

Oooh! That’s right, I forgot about cake. I’m going to take a bite real quick.

So things are going well.  Mmmmm, yep, worth it.  Worth the calories.  That cake was good. While we’re at it, I think that’s when you know you’ve made a good cake, when you can take a bite of the cake and not feel guilty at all. 

 I really, really hope that you like actually enjoy listening to this, and I hope this isn’t a waste of your time, and you’re like “Do I really have to?  I love my kid, but I really don’t want to listen to this.  This is just him rambling.   It was cute at first, but I don’t want to listen to this.”  If you feel that way let me know, and I will actually write down a plan what I want to say, I might as well just start doing that as well.  You know, there’s like a plot, I’ll have a climax with my stories, there’ll probably be some random stuff, yeah I’ll start planning out some more stuff.

(coughing fit) 

Not sure what else to say, I’m getting a little more tired.  It’s like 10:07.  You know, getting 8 hours of sleep every night has been really really good for me on my mission.  I feel a lot better.  Holy crap, like being on this schedule, when 10 starts to hit, your body KNOWS that it’s going to sleep, it’s like, “Well, I’m gonna start shutting everything down, you all better be in bed before 10:30 when it’s lights out, because I’m shutting down. ”  You just like FEEL it hit.

It’s been super nice, it’s a blessing, we’ve had to do almost zero zone leader work in the last little bit.  We had to collect mile requests from everyone because we get a certain amount of miles a month, so we had to collect those this week, we put them in the system, and in a couple of days on the first, we’ll have to collect the total amount of miles that people went that month and put that in the system, and then all we pretty much have to do is send in supply requests.  I think that’s it.  For at least awhile.  Let’s see, we already have the assignments we were given from President and Sister Wadsworth for zone conference next week assigned.   Ummm, yeah we have no more administrative work to do.  It’s been really really low as far as like administrative stuff this week, it’s been wonderful.   I’ve gotten over the initial, I don’t want to say hatred, like that is honestly way to strong a word. Dislike.  I’ve gotten over the initial dislike, and just kind of accepted it for what it is.  But we didn’t even have to travel, as sad as that was actually, to not go to MLC… We got those couple days in our area, granted we were shut down for a couple days so maybe that makes up for it.  

 I’m going to Greybull this Monday for a zone prep day,  I’m so excited.   I’ll get to see the Cheatham’s hopefully.  If not, I’ll get to see a couple other people.  I stopped by and saw some at the old folk’s home.  Larna.  Bless her heart. She somehow managed to touch my heart, like a lot of people on my mission.  She’s this old, senior lady, kind of lost it a little bit, but to be fair she’s gone through A LOT of stuff.  I think mom might have heard of her, I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Supreme Court cases.  But Larna, back in I think the 70’s or 60’s, I could be totally wrong, it could be the 80’s or 90’s, she had an abusive husband and she ended up shooting him.  And they were going to put her in jail for that, but she took that all the way literally up to the Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court, and there is now a law in place, that says that if you have an abusive husband, you’re allowed to shoot, like kill to defend yourself. And that is because of her. And I met that lady, and I taught her, not necessarily taught her, but I served her, at the Senior Center every week.  I have a friendship with her, that’s so crazy like I met someone that is part of a major US History event!  Anyways, she’s been through a lot.  Kinda funny, like as a missionary we’re warned not to let her grab our ties, cause she’ll pretty much grab that and try to choke us and other things. Crazy, but then she goes from that to, she’s blind, my nickname is Gilbert since I’m from Gilbert, and I was there with Elder Burch, and she called him Mesa.  And there’s someone there, a less active that we’re working with at the senior center in Greybull, so we’re always getting updates from her, she told Larna that I would be stopping by to say hi, and I did, and apparently just made her day, so I’ve been stopping by and seeing her every time I’m there and it’s been good.  She’s a character.

This recording is already 15 minutes long.  I’m gonna stop rambling and I’m gonna go to bed.  I love you guys a lot.  Thank you, you guys really give me the strength that I need.  Thank you for all you do.  I love you guys, bye!

PS-  Hey, so I know I said I’d stop, but I just had like a 6th or 7th bite of cake.  Still totally worth it, not feeling guilty.  Show’s it’s a pretty dang good cake.   Last thing before I go,   you know what’s like the most pleasurable thing to do right after eating cake?   You hear that?  That’s right.  Half a glass of milk!

Love you guys, seriously I love you all so much, bye!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Voice Recording Highlights - Jan 2 - Part 2

Howdy!  It’s Elder Berrett!  Oh, it was honestly really cool to see you all the other day.  It’s been amazing to see how much you’ve grown and changed and I can’t wait to see you back home.  As you are, how does the rap go? Um, (tries to rap the lyrics to some song) “Starting to become the man He knows you can become.” 

Have you heard the McGrath rap?  I wonder if that video is something that’s made its way to Arizona?  There was a missionary on our mission that made up this pretty sick restoration rap, and I was just curious.  I had a lot of less actives in Greybull contact me back when it came out, and they were like “Oh so I listened to this sick rap the other day and I just feel like I should come back to church.”  I’ll have to sing it for you guys sometime.   It’s probably the only rap that I will every actually listen to.  Yeah, that’s pretty fair to say. 

So, I’m going through my stocking right now that my companion’s mom gave to me.  And there’s these things called Cashew Roca, I don’t know, there’s like a bunch, I haven’t even opened any of them yet, and I think these are called Lindor?  They are little balls.  I think it’s chocolate.  I’m pretty pumped about it actually.   Oooh, oh there’s Cashew Roca, Dark Roca, Almond Roca… 

So my companion has been teaching me how to play face cards. Play WITH face cards. (conversation with companion – Elder Tucker is correcting his phrasing)   He’s been teaching me how to play card games with face cards.  How does that sound?  (directed to companion) Umm, he’s teaching me how to play… (Companion – “You’ve got to speak like a big boy now that you’re 20”) (Nick in what he thinks is a gruff, grown up voice )– I’ve got to speak like a BIG BOY now that I’m 20!

(Elder Tucker points out a Nerd candy on the ground) I’ve come to the conclusion that my companion thinks it’s funny that I think it was a Nerd that broke the screen glass (on his ipad – that he dropped while skyping with us on Christmas).  Because just looking at the case, there is no way that just landing straight on it’s face, the glass would have shattered, except that something were to stick up and hit it, and there were some nerds on the ground.  My companion is raising his hand.  “I have the Elder Berrett Theory”  What’s the Elder Berrett Theory? “That you will manage to find a way.”  I manage to find a way.  That is the Elder Berrett Theory. 

My companion is imitating me.  Update on Almond Roca,  on like the treat scale, I’d probably give it like a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10.  

So I recently discovered poppy seed dressing for salads.  Like if you’re going to have a salad, poppy seed is the way to go. Ohhh, that’s how you know God loves you.  That and ice-cream.

Things went pretty good today.  Actually we had a lot of things fall through funny enough, but it ended up being a pretty dang good day. 

Today is Friday the 29th.  It is 9:40 PM.  If you can hear that, that is my sink.  It has decided to gurgle.

Oh, my goodness,  let me tell you, I have discovered one amazing joy on my mission, and it is a washing machine, no washing machines are great too, but it is dishwashers.  Holy Cow.  Those save lives.  I am convinced that many marriages and many lives have been saved because of dishwashers.   I sure do know that many companionships have.  Like, oh my goodness, I’ve never had a dishwasher before on my mission, and this thing it’s just… it’s amazing.   We don’t even buy the soap or the pods for it, the member here just has them.   If you go on a mission, IF you live at a members house, it’s gonna be like the best place you ever live in, honestly.  Members are just so wonderful.

Oh!  That’s right!  I bought Wheat Thins the other day.  I splurged.  (singing what I think is a made up song) ♪♫Wheat Thins, the only wheat that will make you thin♪♫

So funny story, we have this little bowl-tin-like thingy it’s made of porcelain?   I don’t know.  Anyways, we put our butter in it, and that’s what we use to scoop out our butter, and we just leave that out on the counter.  It’s our butter dish.  That’s the word I was looking for! Except it’s completely round it’s not like it’s… anyways, right next to it is a much smaller version of it and there’s also something in it that looks like it could potentially be butter, which I have almost accidentally used.  Thankfully sister Jeide told me as I was about to put it on toast, that it’s not butter, it’s Borax.  Like holy crap that could have, that would have been a fun call to poison control right there.   When was the last time you heard of a sensible person eating Borax?

I hope you guys like these audio files.  I know mom said she did, but I think they are kind of a little more random to me.  However, I’m starting to warm up to them a little more.  Kinda, talking.  I like it.  It will be like - Day 13… My companion still hasn’t realized that, uh, I don’t know what he wouldn’t realize, that I’m using a different pencil to mark my scriptures?

Oh I was so sad, I don’t know who I was talking to earlier, but I totally lost, well I didn’t actually lose, I just forgot to get it again today, I had a Book of Mormon that I was writing all my markings in, it’s sitting in the family history center, at the church, cause we were filling out some reports yesterday, and I left it in there.  So tomorrow will be my second personal study without it.  Which is fine, because I have the wonderful quad I brought on my mission that I’ve been marking up, but it’s like the smaller one that I’ve been feeling inspired to just mark up the character of Christ.  It’s pretty cool, but it’s just like… I wish I had it.  It would be nice.

Oh, also,  I don’t know if you ever find a good recipe for it, but I have seriously never found a use for coconut oil, and like everyone has it out here.  There’s these giant Costco sized things of coconut oil.  It’s just big around here, don’t ask me why.  But they’re like “Oh it’s so much healthier and better!”  And I’m like, “Yeah, but it tastes like crap.”

Anyways, random rant by me.

Yeah, that’s all I have to say right now, and I really need to get going.

Love you everyone, hope you have a wonderful day!  Bye! 

Voice Recording Highlights- Jan 2 - part 1

Let’s see… The date today is Friday, I think it’s the 31st, or the 30th today.  Yep,  Friday December 30th, 7:45 am.   I just made myself the standard breakfast – two eggs, cinnamon raisin bagel, put together for a wonderful healthy snack, well, breakfast.  Ummm, I’m trying to be healthier. (laughs)  It’s going okay, but the problem is that this time of year we get so many snacks, and they’re so tasty.  Or treats.  I mean, I have a birthday cake in the fridge… we literally have a whole part of the counter just dedicated to the treats we’ve gotten.  It’s kind of funny.

My studies are going pretty dang good.  It’s hit me lately the importance of Preach My Gospel.  I’ve been studying it, especially the lessons, well I wasn’t even really studying the lessons yet, like I have been obviously on my mission, but the other day I was studying in like chapter four, it’s like right before the lessons, I actually think it’s in like chapter three, that it talks about like what to teach, why to teach this, and what do I study and teach? And it pretty much made this awesome promise that as we study the lessons and the doctrine and the principles and commitments on there, that we will just be more prepared for those that we teach.  And, I remember…. I don’t remember where I was going with that.  But it was super good and I really enjoyed reading that.   Or like I think that I’ve read first Nephi 30 or 40 times on my mission because I keep accidentally giving away the Book of Mormon I’m marking.  Or lose it…  But it’s been super good, I’ve learned a lot of stuff about,  oooh, my legs are getting cold, I’ve learned a lot of stuff about Christ.  Just from like 1st Nephi.   I never thought about it, but he resembles Christ, like a ton. I mean even in just the very first verse of the Book of Mormon, him talking about his life, it’s like Jesus Christ’s life to a T.  Obviously a lot less intense and suffering, but it’s really similar and I found that really cool.

Sorry about that, ummm,  things are still going really good here.  Right now I’m going down to our second basement, getting my shirt out of the dryer.  It’s my really, really lazy way of ironing.  It’s kind of bad.  That’s not a habit that I can have post-mission because that’s a bit of an expensive habit, having a dryer run for like 10 minutes every morning.  Yeah, nope! I guess I actually need to like hang up all my shirts after they come out of the dryer and I won’t have to worry about it. 

We had a fantastic lesson the other night.  So there’s this investigator family that we’ve been working with.  His name’s Mark, he’s got a son, Danny, and a daughter Sam.  And uh Mark and Danny are both super ready to be baptized. Danny is like 14 or 15 and Sam is 10 or 11. I think 11, no she’s 10, most definitely 10.  Anyways, she’s 10, but she’s heard a lot of bad stuff from the ex wife, who we’ve kinda figured out is that she’s doing this to spite Mark and this church that he’s fallen in love with, but Mark and Danny don’t want to get baptized until Sam is on board with it.  A while ago she had reached the decision that if “Oh, if you get baptized then I’m not coming over here any more.” So he doesn’t want to drive that wedge between the family.  So we’re working on teaching them, and they are over at his house every other week, but they’ve been here the last week,  all the kids, and so it’s really awesome. We were this close to getting her to come to church this last week.  But she got too scared.  But, this week we’ve committed her, they’ve purposely set aside some time so that they can go to church this Sunday.  We’ve been teaching about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon testifies of Him, we taught her about Jesus Christ out of the New Testament, and it’s been amazing.   The lesson we had last night, we basically taught them how to have a family home evening.  That was kind of fun.  We shared a short message about why we ask them basically, to have commitments, why we keep committing them to do stuff, so that they can grow and learn.  And then after that we had some treats and played Uno with them.  It wasn’t obviously your typical missionary lesson, but it was really good for her and for them as a family.  We pretty much committed them to do that every week.  So, I’m super super excited to see that.  I really do think they are starting to progress.  I just can’t wait to see them all united as a family.   It’s going to be wonderful.

Other than that, I immediately can’t think of much more to say.  I took a bite of the sandwich and it was super good, like A++.  Cinnamon raisin I’m telling you.  Like even if you don’t like raisins, best bagel for a sandwich  or an egg sandwich,  maybe an everything bagel, but I feel that those are a little too salty for me.  I also could be completely crazy.

Yeah, we hopefully should have our truck back in a couple of days, that will be nice.  I really do kinda miss the truck.  I was really spoiled with it. Our phone connected to it,  I had music controls on the steering wheel.  I was spoiled.

Well I should really finish my sandwich.  My companion’s back so I should stop talking crap about him. (laughs)

Love you! I hope you have a great day!