Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Stevensville, MT


So we love in a cabin like house up in three woods. Literally. It's about 15 min out of town though, so we use lots of miles :/ 

The town, I really don't know how to describe it. Through town is totally stars hollow so far, but most of our work that we have found is out of town up in the mountains and farms. 

My companion  is Elder Johnson. He's a stud. Loves to help others, but is definitely ready to go home. He's nice, just doesn't talk, he's just kind of holding out for a few more months till he can go home. Poor guy. 

We are trying to find more. We don't have too many people to teach, right now I'm just trying to work with him and pray that Heavenly Father will help us to find those who are ready. My companion is really good at filling up the schedule, with a lot of great activities, I'm just trying to lovingly help him see that there are better activities out there that we can do. 

Sorry rant over. I really do like him, he's a great guy and does a lot of good work. He's just lost a bit of his way. 

Sorry I didn't send a voice mail this morning. My companion was asleep while I was making breakfast and I didn't want to upset him and wake him up. Not that he would have gotten too upset, just I'm trying to get him to open up to me a little more. We've made some progress, and I'd like it to continue. 

Love you mom! Here's a couple of pictures of the area! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Voice Recording April 17 part 4

Well, howdy!  Okay, so rant over. Calm.  Collected.  I am 3 of 19 Borg, I have been assimilated. I am calm.   I was telling Elder Shumway about Les Mis earlier today because I started singing “Who Am I?” randomly, probably not the best thing to sing on a mission, oh, there’s gospel ties…

Oh!  What do I do with this?  I can find a spot for it. Nina’s pillow and blanket.  Nina’s awesome!  She sent me an email today, she’s doing good.  I need to ask president if I’m allowed to email her so I can respond.   That’s a rule with all people of the opposite gender in the mission.  I will admit I sent her one message, “Hey, so I promise I’m not ignoring you, awaiting permission to write.”   I don’t think I need thermals any more, but they’re thin enough that I can still pack them away.  Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about weight for another 4 months.   Not thinking about that. (whistling)

Oh my goodness!  Madison sent me three voice recordings this week and they MADE MY DAY!  I was having, not a bad day, in fact it was actually a pretty good day, but they made my day.  Loved them.   And she told me some story of some Navy captain or general that saw a video of them singing at Ellis Island and oh my goodness, that was cool.   That’s an experience that she will remember for the rest of her life.  Like I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to go to Germany and England and spend time there.  Because that was absolutely fantastic.

I’ll pack away this towel and then tomorrow morning, I’ll pack away my camping towel.  What time is it? 12:17.  We’ve still got to go to Wal-mart, get our car washed.  Oh!  My clothes I think finished being dry cleaned.  That dry-cleaning kit I got.  I figured why the heck not?  I’ll dry clean my gray suit.   Oh crap… I still gotta pack all that.  Gosh darnit.   Sorry, I remembered a drawer that I had not unpacked yet.   Wow.  You think I wouldn’t forget a whole drawer.   I think I’m just about done.  We gotta get going soon.

I don’t know why, but my knees have been bothering me today.  I think it might be an ibuprofen day.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had to take ibuprofen for them.  It’s been good.  Yeah.  Let me think…. We got our bikes out of storage, we’ve been keeping them in the 6th ave church basement.  Not that I can really ride it too much, but we got them out.  And we got our bike rack problem all situated with everyone.  Got that all figured out.  We were given two new bike racks for our zone, except they didn’t come with adapters because the hitch on their truck is too big.  It’s two inches, and the bike rack is 1 ¼ inches, so we needed to go track down adapters.  The only adapters they sell are at u-haul and it took like 3 weeks because, one we had to find out that the only ones were at uhaul when we searched and then they only had one and we needed two,  and they said they’d get the second one, and I don’t know why I didn’t just buy the one, but we waited a couple of days, went back and that first one was gone, but the second one had just come in, so we bought that one, and then waited another week and just got that other one.  So that’s been an adventure and a half.  And I won’t have to worry about it in Stevensville.

Yeah, it’s a super small zone, there’s just 5 companionships of missionaries.  My district is the district leader, me,  and two sets of sisters.  The other district is just the zone leaders and the district leaders.  Two companionships in a district.  Tiny, tiny, tiny.   It’s also a really small zone.  I need to check the mission map.  I’m done.  I’m gonna go take some ibuprofen and I’m gonna finish, well, I’m gonna go get dressed.

Love you mom!  Today we are planning on going and getting everything done, and say goodbye to a couple of people, run by Wal-mart.  It’ll be good.  Someday I’ll figure out things.  (companion- “Sunday you will?”)  SOMEday.  Yep.  Sunday. I’m figuring everything out on Sunday.  It’ll be great.  

That’s about it, love you!  Bye! 

Voice Recording April 17 part 3

Howdy mom, just got your email.  Also I just finished packing one suitcase, sort of.  There’s still a bit of space left that I can fit something in.  Probably just a bunch of rolled up socks.   Anyways, packing.  I’m on suitcase number two.  Got pants… oh so, real quick answer to that question, I have lots of great clothes.  It was just, we were an hour away from our home, and we didn’t have a car since we got a ride down there to save miles, and that was the only pair of pants that Cami said that she had that fit me.  It was the only pair of pants that the whole family had that weren’t dirty or something like that, I don’t know.  Long story short, those are those pants, and yeah.  I’m looking at them now, and holy cow.  I was glad that at least I didn’t have to look at them.  They’re an adventure.  

No, I have lots of great pants.  I told you about the pair that Elder Tucker bought me right? I had some pairs that kept ripping, kept sewing them, kept trying to fix them… Elder Tucker’s family got me some Under Armor golf pants.  This amazing stretchy material, like can’t rip, it’s amazing!  They’re comfy and I am just so thankful for others.  They really helped out. And so I have those, I still have a bunch of other pairs that still fit me.  I picked up a couple others at the mission home the last time I went through there for MLC back when I was in Wyoming that work.  I still have my gray suit, and those pants.  A little tight, but nothing’s ripped, it’s all great for meetings, and then I go home and change into a pair of slacks.  I have enough white shirts.  I’ve got warm clothes that I need to probably figure out what to do with, pajamas…. I’m all good, thank you.  Lots of socks.  Thank you.

Is this still recording?  Yes it is.  I think.  Yes.  So let’s see (reading from my email to him) “So how do you feel about leaving?  Never mind you just answered that.  What about being released as Zone Leader?”  You know, I am going to miss some things.  MLC was amazing.  Loved MLC.  That was tons of fun to be able to interact as a council.  You get to see how things are going in the mission, solve problems, listen to these wonderful inspirations from President,  but at the same time, for the next 4 months, I just get to focus on missionary work.  There’s a lot of missionary work that you do as a zone leader, and now they’ve actually taken away a lot of the paperwork recently. It won’t be too much different,  I do have to go back to planning district meetings.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m not too excited for that.  District meetings are wonderful and great, but a little stressful to plan for something that is supposed to be the second most spiritual meeting of the week, second only to Sacrament meeting.  I’m like, holy cow, that’s quite the… I am only 20 years old! 

(Talking to himself) Did I grab all my pairs of pants?  I think so? What’s in this?  Sweater… oh yeah got it.  All that stuff. Okay! 

So yeah, pretty happy, I’m not really sad. I’ve had a lot of fun, but at the same time I’m ready to go do other things.  That’s honestly how I feel.  Definitely being a zone leader wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be when I was first assigned. A lot better than I what thought it would be.

(Reading my email) “Elder Shumway’s good bye party – is that why you were in the back and he was front and center with their family?”  Yes. That was EXACTLY why.  (laughs) Oh my goodness. It was so funny.  And then the mom was only there because the mom lives in New Vegas?  No.  What’s that place called?  Las Vegas.  What’s New Vegas?  I don’t know. Anyways, yeah cause New Vegas isn’t the state, that’s Nevada… I have had a really long day.  Not day, but, my brain has been off today. I’ve been packing.  I didn’t even make pancakes today, I didn’t really feel like it.  She lives in Las Vegas with a couple of their daughters as they are trying to be actors, they are trying to get something in Hollywood going.  And so she was only there for the weekend. And she loved Elder Shumway.  She knew him before they left.  And so, it’s kinda hard on the family to be split up like that, have like their family in two different places.  They are kinda counting down the days until they can be permanently back together.  But that’s life sometimes.  So yes.

(Reading email) “What is your new address?”  That is a wonderful question.   And I will have to email that.  I think you’d prefer me to just write it in an email rather than just speak it.   “I can’t find anything about Elder Johnson on facebook.”  (I like to stalk his new companions and find out as much as I can about them when he gets new ones) I know he goes home in November, so he came out a little bit after me.  “Stars Hollow is the correct name.”  Sweet! I’ve heard it’s exactly like it from the little, I don’t remember anything.   It will be an adventure.  I might even have to drive.  I think I’m senior companion, so I might be driving, but at the same time you usually have the guy that’s been there the longest.  So I might drive for like one or two transfers on my mission.  But hopefully not.  I do kinda like driving but at the same time, I’m fine. Just chillin.

(Referring to Madison who made the comment to me that she “will learn to be organized on her mission” ) Oh my goodness, watch her be a Sister Training leader, where you have to go on 2 or 3 exchanges a week with all the sisters.  At least here, because there are only 4 sets of sister training leaders in the whole mission.  Each set covers like 3 or 4 zones, and all the sisters in it.  And their job is to go on exchanges and deal with all the sister drama, and help sisters out and do all that fun stuff that thankfully I don’t have to do. So that will be funny to watch her lose everything.  I feel bad, but at the same time, yeah… “I’ll learn to be organized on my mission” (laughs) If it helps, I still lose stuff.  I swear I lose the phone all the time.   Which is funny, because I swear I never lost my phone back home.  I dropped it a lot.  That otterbox case saved my life. 

“Zach had his triathlon.”  Awesome. Go Zach.  “Not exactly a ‘He is Risen’ kind of day, but it is what it is.” (I had just told him about our church-less Easter Sunday :/ ) You know, it is what it is.  And I think that’s a great way to spend an Easter Sunday, honestly.  We were running around visiting a lot of members.  Not necessarily a lot of members, but maybe some less active members who don’t have a lot of family around them, who are going to be alone, or members who are active, but their family kind of dislikes them, stuff like that. 

Honestly don’t feel bad about not getting me anything, I broke a tablet.  So frustrating, pulling that out, opening that up, and seeing the LCD screen cracked. Like I didn’t even drop it this time! Ugh.  That was really annoying.  But, I have the old tablet, and supposedly if I plug an HDMI cable in it, cause the device itself still works, I can get it to like pop up on a tv and do stuff on it, but… clearly I don’t have access to that on my mission.  I don’t know, maybe I’ll use it as like a portable Netflix box?  no. I think basically right now it’s just a glorified external hard drive.  But it’s only 32 gig. Yeah.

“Question- do you have any interest at all in working at Metro Fire?”  Oooh, I would love to do that! I will admit, I’ve got four months, but the thought of what I’m going to do when I get home has been a lot on my mind.  And I would totally be interested in applying there. Definitely apply at the airport as well, or any other place, but I was thinking that I don’t really want to go back to fast food.  I don’t know quite what I’d do, so yeah, if there’s an opening, I’ll take it.  It’s at least something.  I’ve got to pay for college, I’ve got to pay for potential housing, that was another thought of mine.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do there.   

Right now I’m at the point where I’m not thinking about it.  Purposely.  You know, that’s a wonderful way of dealing with your problems, just don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist. I’ve still got four months, well, I have 2 ½ months until I have to make my plan and write all that down and use that awful thing.  I saw “awful” but Its a wonderful program, inspired by the Lord, to help missionaries figure out what they are going to do post-mission, so you do it your last transfer.  I’ve been around other missionaries when they did it.  It was kinda funny to watch them do Week 5, you do a section every week, Week 5 is “Having the Faith to find your Eternal Companion.”  So that’s kinda funny.  So that was a thought as I was laying in bed last night…. (Companion -  “Are you trunky?”) Trunky, yeah, you know me. Trunknation!!  No, I’m not trunky at all.  I’ve been around way too many missionaries who were trunky, driving them to Billings… that was not something that I want to go through.  If you don’t know what the term means, ‘trunky’ means you mentally have your bags packed, you are ready to go, you are mentally checked out… I feel like all missionaries in one form or another will experience some part of it, whether it’s just homesickness, or whether its not enjoying the mission and just wanting to go home, I’ve seen that, sadly.   Mine is more just, I don’t know, stress. (laughs)   Not stress, but just more like, “Holy Crap. I have 4 months.  I have to do, you know, life things.  Figure my life out and figure out a way to go to college and do all that, spend time with you guys, find a job… We were visiting a member the other day, and thankfully he was like, “Oh I really needed you guys to come by today, that’s great, I’m working on paying bills right now….”  And I’m just like, “Ugh, that’s right.  Bills and taxes.”  But I also have family,  I also have lots of stuff, and I’m thankful for this mission because it gives me the chance to figure myself out spiritually at least somewhat.  (laughs) I know how much I, no I don’t even know how much I don’t know.  There’s a whole lot to the gospel, but I have faith in Christ and his atonement.  So much faith in Christ.   So, there’s that.

Oh! Mom! I need to pay tithing. It hit me the other day, it says in the missionary handbook that missionaries don’t pay tithing on missionary support funds, and I haven’t been earning any money, but then President was talking and he was like “so I’ve been doing interviews with missionaries, whose temple recommends are about to expire, and are going home, and a common thing has been coming up when it comes to the question of tithing, and that includes gifts that you’ve been given.”   And I’m like Oh! Crap!  And so I was thinking that I haven’t paid tithing on any money at all that I’ve been given for birthdays or Christmas, and I’m like, Oh my goodness!  I need to be able to say “Yes, I am a full tithe payer” in my temple recommend interview.   And so I was wondering if you could help me figure out what I need to give for tithing.  Cause I know there was some money just put into my bank account, for birthdays or Christmas, I’m not sure.  I need to go back and look at the letters where people have sent me gift cards, because I keep all of those.  I hate to ask this of you, mom, but I can’t access my bank account, I realized that like maybe month one into my mission, I don’t know my bank account information.  That’s probably bad.   And I kept meaning to ask you, but I don’t want to ask over gmail because that’s not secure.  So like over a skype call, but it’s only four more months and I don’t really need it, except for tithing.   End of rant.

It’s 17 minutes, I hope this will still send off, love you mom, I’ll make another one as I continue to pack.  Love you, bye! 

Voice Recrodings April 17 part 2

Good morning!  Again.  Uh, so our current hypothesis is that the Clorox, or the Great Falls, I mean Great Value, clearly I’ve been in Montana too long, the Great Value Wipes are in Elder Rickenbacker’s car.  Long story short, we transferred our groceries from their car to our car, I think they drove us somewhere real quick, I don’t remember where, or why, and we think it fell out. It’s either there or at the church. That’s that.

Right now I’m just kinda waiting for my clothes to finish cleaning. How’s the dryer doing?  Oh! Well, my whites are all done, so I can start packing those. The washer’s halfway done.  I will admit the washer here is probably one of the slowest washers I’ve ever had in my life.  It’s an hour per load, dryer is about 40 minutes? I usually just put it on regular, watch until the heat goes off, wait for the cool cycle, and take it out before the cool cycle because there’s no point to have that.  Of course there’s probably a logical reason to keep it in, but time is of the essence. It’s probably like “oh your clothes get less wrinkly…” I don’t know.  Brother Cheatham just always had us take it out after the heat cycle. He said there was no point. He said “You can just let the air cool it!” I said “Yeah you’re right!”  As you’re folding them and putting them away.  It’s great!  Brother Cheatham logic, I love that glorious man.  Ugh… no let’s see, can I carry all these and my tablet?  I can.  Without any thing falling purposely. Not onto my bed. Perfect.

You know, at least I haven’t had a one transfer area again since Great Falls. That has been nice. Because in all honesty, it takes about a transfer if I have everything unpacked.  And even here, I haven’t unpacked too much stuff. My clothes, books, I finally used that rubber band gun thing you sent me in Great Falls. That was fun. 

So first off today I have my suitcase here, one of them, thrown on my bed, it is not yet extended, thank goodness for that model, I am so thankful.  I feel like I’m getting pretty good at packing, honestly. I’m probably no where near as good as dad.  But, I’m getting pretty good. I know a lot of tricks, or at least I know how to make it look nice, and fold up things and get it to fit as compact as possible.  I don’t quite know that trick from the youtube video you showed me with all the shirts and you just like (makes sounds of what is probably meant to be someone quickly packing/unpacking) and you just fold it up real quick and everything comes out unwrinkled. I just kinda, “If it fits, it ships”.  (whistling)

Let’s see, what else has been going on here that we can talk about? Every companionship but the sister training leaders is losing someone.   In fact, one of the sisters is following me to my new district.  My district is small, like this one.  There’s only three companionships, including myself.  Me and Elder Johnson, and then it will be two companionships with sisters.  One in Lolo?  And one in Blodger creek, or Blodger canyon.  Or something like that.  So, as the running joke is, I’m going to be a Relief Society President.  But it’s not as bad.  Honestly. And besides, that’s mission slang and probably shouldn’t be used.

Let’s see… Developments in the mission… ummm. In June we will be getting Tiwi (tee-wee??) I found that out from the assistants at MLC.  And from President and Sister Wadsworth in our las interviews.  Pretty much only the zone leaders know right now, but I can say that at least I’m leaving in August.  Honestly Tiwi isn’t that bad, it’s a little black box that you stick in your car.  It drastically reduces accidents, it’s been proven to save lives, save money, from you know, wrecks or other things, and make people better drivers.  It’s a little black box that basically yells at you and reports if you go over the speed limit at all, if you brake too fast, swerve, or just do those general types of things.  Which is really good.  I’ve never experienced it for myself, so I probably need to get rid of my negative attitude.  I just know a lot of missionaries in other missions don’t like it.  Although I am honestly not too worried about it at all, one because my driving is pretty good, and two, listening to Elder Basham. He mentioned it once, he’s like “Our mission president put in this little box..” He seemed a little sarcastic… Elder Basham sarcastic?  Never! He seemed a little sarcastic about it at first but he’s never made another comment about it, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

(Yawns) I had a good rest last night. I’ve been sleeping fairly well.  Heath’s good.  Knees have been giving me a little bit of bother, but not too much.  I’ve been walking more. I’ve found that that’s helped a lot.  Not much else.  That’s about it for now. I love you and I’m going to continue to pack and if I think of something more entertaining than me just whistling and packing, I’ll send off something.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Love you! Bye! 

Voice recording April 17 - part 1

Well howdy, and good morning!  It’s been what three weeks?  No I think it’s just been two weeks without a recording.  But good morning mom!  It is great to be able to finally talk to you.  I mean, not quite talking, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. 

Um.  Wow.  I’m leaving Helena. Tomorrow.  President changed up transfers a bit so it’s on Tuesday.  I don’t know if this is permanent, it’s at least what he’s doing for this transfer, which means we found out news on Saturday, thus the text you got (from a member in Helena) Except I actually found out… was that Saturday morning?  No, it was Friday morning because we were here in Boulder, no not Boulder… Where am I?  East Helena.  I was here, President called, and he just goes “Did you get your new tablet?”  “Yeah I got my new tablet.” “Did you set up Moss 360?”  “Yeah, I set up Moss 360.” (the management software) “Good for you.  Is it working for you?” “Thankfully! I’ve been super careful with it, it’s pretty much been in both hands the whole time.”  And he goes “Good, good.  Well, Elder Berrett I’d like to honorably release you as a Zone Leader.”  And like, I don’t know, I was just kinda surprised. I was just like, “Oh.”  Like honestly we totally all expected Elder Shumway to leave.  Our whole district, our whole Zone thought that, all of Boulder thought that… He had a goodbye party with the Grovers.  Took Goodbye pictures with them, and then we get the news that I’m leaving and he’s staying.  (laughs) So it was kinda funny. 

I am pretty sad to be leaving, I am going to miss this place.  But at the same time I am pretty excited about Stevensville.  I’ve heard amazing things about it, I’ve heard it’s one of the most beautiful places in the mission.  I cover Stevensville first and second ward which, as I looked it up, there’s only two wards in all of Stevensville.  And so I have that and all the country all around it.  Ummm, things I’ve heard about Stevensville, it’s a smaller town.  It’s like… I mean, they have a Super1 food store so I mean, it’s not too small. I think they have a couple stop lights.  Maybe. It’s not like Greybull or Basin sized, probably more like Powell…  Umm let me think, other things I’ve heard about it, again gorgeous, gorgeous, great people, I think I live with members over there, I typed in the address onto google maps, zoomed in on it, and it’s like this giant house out in the country, and so I highly doubt that that’s our apartment.  So that’ll be fun, I get to live with members still.  

I’ve got three transfers left, can you believe that? Since I came here, my prediction was that I was gonna have two more areas, so this is one, Stevensville is my second, my prediction is I might finish there.   I don’t know, again it’s the Lord’s will, clearly I know the Lord’s will perfectly for everything in my whole life.  And two more companions.  My companion is going to be Elder Johnson this time, and I don’t know who the second one is going to be but this is my prediction.  Back on Stevensville, I’ve heard it’s like… oh, crap, what was that place called?  Umm, I know it, I know it, Don’t tell me, I think it’s Stars Hollow? The Gilmore Girls town?  I met a couple sisters in Butte who came into our zone, they were just in the other district while I was there, but had a lot of fun, it was that same sister who served in that Nauvoo mission? A temple mission? She was just telling me she came from this place, she’s going to miss it so much, she’s like, “It’s basically Stars Hollow.” I don’t even know if it’s Stars Hollow, I think that’s the place. But she kept going on about all these comparisons to it and everything, and I’m like, “okay.”  So pretty excited about that. 

Elder Shumway just walked in.  He gave himself a really nice haircut, he gave me a haircut yesterday, not yesterday, Saturday. (Friday) Friday.  One of those three days.  It was Friday. Friday night.  That’s right, cause we were at Jimmy’s house.  The member we stay with in Boulder.  I’m going to pause this, I’m going to go upstairs and get a vacuum, that’s about it for now.  Love you, and I’ll keep on talking, Bye!

Hey, I’m back!  So when I got to this area, in a drawer, left by previous missionaries, I found a space saver bag. One of those vacuum seal ones where you suck out all the air and it makes things smaller?  Well, I just decided to try that with my blanket, the big blue one, and you know, I’m sure it would have worked really really really well if we had a vacuum that could suck out the air, so instead I was upstairs trying to push out all the air, trying to squeeze it out myself and it worked alright, it’s definitely smaller, more compact, a lifesaver in what I’ve been trying to do with the darn thing, I’ve been lugging it around my whole mission without it.  It’s been good.  I completely forgot what I was going to say.

So yeah, I’m going to that wonderful little town. I mean supposedly it’s tons of similarities, it’s great, I’m pretty excited.  (conversation with companion about lost Clorox wipes.) We bought some the other day, and now we can’t find them.  Let me think, Oh crap, there’s some socks and a sweater that I forgot to throw in the washing machine.  Yay.  I’ll just ask if I can throw them in with my companions. Or it’s just a sock and a sweater.  I can go without washing those.

Let’s see, things here are going really well, we’ve… wow.  What has even gone on the last couple of days?  Andy, Andy is progressing, so she did decide to move out, and she’s in Great Falls.  We asked the sister missionaries over there to stalk her and track her down. Well, not stalk her, but do a bit of investigative work.  See if shes at the same place that they taught her before, they know where her mom lives, and they were able to find her at her moms house.  She doesn’t have a phone, and she was like “I kept planning on contacting the missionaries, and let them know where I was, I just needed to get around to it.” But the sisters tracked her down, and we sent over her record, she’s loving the church, like I said, bore her testimony the other day, is on date to get baptized, wants to go out and go teach with the sister missionaries, so there’s a great success story there.  Someone who’s changed their life for the better.  Got out of a baddish situation, yeah, bad, and helped themselves.  It was great to see that.  (Another conversation about the elusive Clorox wipes.)

Lets see, we had a really cool miracle last night, we’re going around, and we’re like, “It’s Easter! We need to spread the gospel!”  And so we’re going around showing the Easter video, trying to share scriptures of Christ, and we fell prompted to go try a member that we’re right next to.  We knock on the door, they let us in, we talk, we say “Have you seen the video?” “Yeah, we’ve seen the video!” And so we watch it again with them.  And we’re like, “It’s Easter, is there anyone that you know that would want to watch a two minute Easter video?”  And they’re like, “You know what, we have this neighbor, like three houses down that we think would be interested.  She’s a sweet older lady..”  And the wife was like “You know what, I’m going to go grab her right now!”  And just runs outside. They get her and she comes over, and she’s this sweet, sweet old lady, she watches the video with us, loves it, we read Alma 7: 11-13, and bear our testimony of Christ, and it was amazing. She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, with the new Christ pass along card with our information on it, well, not mine, we wrote Elder Palmer and Elder Shumway on it. 

Yeah!  Elder Shumway’s new companion is Elder Palmer who came out with me.  I don’t think you know him, I was never companions with him.  He was in Butte with me and in Wyoming with me. He was in Butte for like two transfers with me, my first two transfers, and one transfer in Wyoming.  He served in Thermopolis in Wyoming and Deer Lodge in Butte.  Really great guy, I’m excited for him in this area, my new companion is Elder Johnson, I don’t know anything about him, but I’ve heard great things, I’m excited.  Packing is going alright, I’ve got pretty much everything but clothes and random stuff packed away.  (companion jokingly accuses elder Berrett of hiding the Clorox wipes so he doesn’t have to clean the bathroom – they discuss the wipes for awhile)   Gotta love losing stuff. Yep, I’m hiding it.  Muahaha I don’t want to clean the bathroom. (they look for it in the trash can)
Anyways, that’s about it for now, how long is this recording?  Eleven minutes. I want to make sure this sends off through gmail so love you, hope you have a wonderful day, I’m going to begin looking, and I hope you have a wonderful Monday.  I’ll continue to make recordings as I pack.

Love you! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Morning!

Good morning mom!

So we figured out how to put my account on my companions iPad, so now I can email you!

How has your morning been? I hope it hasn't been too stressful, and If it has, I hope that you've felt the spirit comforting you.

This week has been a powerful week for me. Wow. A lot has home on.

Obviously real quick there was some stress about my tablet. I sent it in, and apparently the screen is fine, but the LCD screen behind it is cracked, and that's a 350 dollar fix. The guy at the store called me and told me that I could just buy a new tablet much cheaper on something like amazon or eBay. So ya. Thank you so much for helping me out with that.

Anyways, this week has been great! We got to go do a lot of work in Boulder this week. Mainly all focused on Andy and Ralph, but also on a man named Jimmie.

Jimmie is the member who let's us live with him. He's a wonderful son of God. He ls a little handicapped however. Apparently quite a while back, he suffered a debilitating stroke, and now is quite handicapped.  Since this has happened however he has met with missionaries, received help and love from the branch in Boulder, and has the Aaronic priesthood. We have been living with him to help him feel the spirit in his life, and help him prepare himself to bless the sacrament. It's been a huge goal of his and this week he has made a ton of progress.  The reason I'm telling you about him is just to testify that I love serving God's children, it honestly brings a lot of peace to my heart.

We have gotten to do a lot of work with Andy and Ralph as well. Andy has come to the conclusion that she needs to make some difficult changes in her life in order to get baptized. It's been a long and difficult week for her, and more of those are to come, but it's been amazing to see her testimony grow.
She even bore her testimony this Sunday and it was amazing! The spirit is real.

Sorry I haven't sent any pictures. I'll try to take some today with my camera. We will be eating dinner with Andy and Ralph actually, and that should be interesting. 

I'm doing really good. The 2 ward elders gave me back my Book of Mormon that I've been marking up. So that was really great. I thought I had lost it, apparently just left it there on exchanges.

My knees are doing much better and I feel like I've recieved some inspiration that I need to go walking more to help.

Montana has been great. Oh! I ran into someone from Powell on Saturday! He was a high councilor to the ward I served in. I told him to say hi for me to a couple of people in town.

That's about it for now. I love you a ton!

-Never Give Up, Never Surrender!
Elder Berrett

Monday, April 3, 2017



Sorry for the late email, and also no voice mails. Friday my tablet decided to break :/ the digitizer beyond the screen is cracked, the screen it's self is fine. We literally have no idea how it happened,
all we know is that I opened it up to use it, and it wasn't working. It was pretty funny when I called the office about it though. I had literally just finished an assignment they had given me on my tablet
(they wanted me to write up some instructions on how to download and use some of the forms on it.) and then not 30 min later I called them to let them know that it wasn't working. They were all laughing so hard, ya. We are heading to the store to get it checked out in about an hour from now, (it's 10:32 now).

Anyways, I can't read any of my emails right now since I'm typing this on my companions iPad so I can email to myself and send off on the computer later. So how are You doing?  Typing on an iPad is pretty weird. I will admit, I seem to type better on it, but I keep trying to use the back button near the home button, only to realize that there isn't one. I think that's One of the biggest differences honestly.
Well that and the file system that you can access, that's really nice.

ANYWAYS, this week has been great. I made pancakes this morning, but it just wasn't the same. However thankfully we had general conference this week. And holy cow was that a highlight!

Not much else, Andy from Boulder watched the last session of General conference and loved IT! Due to family problems she was unable to watch earlier sessions but we downloaded them and put them on a flash drive for her. She's so excited About it!

Thankfully we have a little longer together in this area. :) Transfers are the week of April 19th. And I think I'm staying. We think Elder Shumway is the next assistant so ya. 

Everything else is honestly going really great, I am really enjoying the mission, general conference was AMAZING!!!!!

My knee is doing much better, it still gives me grief, but I walked a ton of miles last week on exchanges and it didn't hurt too bad afterwards :)

Anyways we need to get going. We just played a couple games of pool.
Love you all!