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Monday, April 17, 2017

Voice Recrodings April 17 part 2

Good morning!  Again.  Uh, so our current hypothesis is that the Clorox, or the Great Falls, I mean Great Value, clearly I’ve been in Montana too long, the Great Value Wipes are in Elder Rickenbacker’s car.  Long story short, we transferred our groceries from their car to our car, I think they drove us somewhere real quick, I don’t remember where, or why, and we think it fell out. It’s either there or at the church. That’s that.

Right now I’m just kinda waiting for my clothes to finish cleaning. How’s the dryer doing?  Oh! Well, my whites are all done, so I can start packing those. The washer’s halfway done.  I will admit the washer here is probably one of the slowest washers I’ve ever had in my life.  It’s an hour per load, dryer is about 40 minutes? I usually just put it on regular, watch until the heat goes off, wait for the cool cycle, and take it out before the cool cycle because there’s no point to have that.  Of course there’s probably a logical reason to keep it in, but time is of the essence. It’s probably like “oh your clothes get less wrinkly…” I don’t know.  Brother Cheatham just always had us take it out after the heat cycle. He said there was no point. He said “You can just let the air cool it!” I said “Yeah you’re right!”  As you’re folding them and putting them away.  It’s great!  Brother Cheatham logic, I love that glorious man.  Ugh… no let’s see, can I carry all these and my tablet?  I can.  Without any thing falling purposely. Not onto my bed. Perfect.

You know, at least I haven’t had a one transfer area again since Great Falls. That has been nice. Because in all honesty, it takes about a transfer if I have everything unpacked.  And even here, I haven’t unpacked too much stuff. My clothes, books, I finally used that rubber band gun thing you sent me in Great Falls. That was fun. 

So first off today I have my suitcase here, one of them, thrown on my bed, it is not yet extended, thank goodness for that model, I am so thankful.  I feel like I’m getting pretty good at packing, honestly. I’m probably no where near as good as dad.  But, I’m getting pretty good. I know a lot of tricks, or at least I know how to make it look nice, and fold up things and get it to fit as compact as possible.  I don’t quite know that trick from the youtube video you showed me with all the shirts and you just like (makes sounds of what is probably meant to be someone quickly packing/unpacking) and you just fold it up real quick and everything comes out unwrinkled. I just kinda, “If it fits, it ships”.  (whistling)

Let’s see, what else has been going on here that we can talk about? Every companionship but the sister training leaders is losing someone.   In fact, one of the sisters is following me to my new district.  My district is small, like this one.  There’s only three companionships, including myself.  Me and Elder Johnson, and then it will be two companionships with sisters.  One in Lolo?  And one in Blodger creek, or Blodger canyon.  Or something like that.  So, as the running joke is, I’m going to be a Relief Society President.  But it’s not as bad.  Honestly. And besides, that’s mission slang and probably shouldn’t be used.

Let’s see… Developments in the mission… ummm. In June we will be getting Tiwi (tee-wee??) I found that out from the assistants at MLC.  And from President and Sister Wadsworth in our las interviews.  Pretty much only the zone leaders know right now, but I can say that at least I’m leaving in August.  Honestly Tiwi isn’t that bad, it’s a little black box that you stick in your car.  It drastically reduces accidents, it’s been proven to save lives, save money, from you know, wrecks or other things, and make people better drivers.  It’s a little black box that basically yells at you and reports if you go over the speed limit at all, if you brake too fast, swerve, or just do those general types of things.  Which is really good.  I’ve never experienced it for myself, so I probably need to get rid of my negative attitude.  I just know a lot of missionaries in other missions don’t like it.  Although I am honestly not too worried about it at all, one because my driving is pretty good, and two, listening to Elder Basham. He mentioned it once, he’s like “Our mission president put in this little box..” He seemed a little sarcastic… Elder Basham sarcastic?  Never! He seemed a little sarcastic about it at first but he’s never made another comment about it, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

(Yawns) I had a good rest last night. I’ve been sleeping fairly well.  Heath’s good.  Knees have been giving me a little bit of bother, but not too much.  I’ve been walking more. I’ve found that that’s helped a lot.  Not much else.  That’s about it for now. I love you and I’m going to continue to pack and if I think of something more entertaining than me just whistling and packing, I’ll send off something.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Love you! Bye! 

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