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Monday, April 17, 2017

Voice Recording April 17 part 4

Well, howdy!  Okay, so rant over. Calm.  Collected.  I am 3 of 19 Borg, I have been assimilated. I am calm.   I was telling Elder Shumway about Les Mis earlier today because I started singing “Who Am I?” randomly, probably not the best thing to sing on a mission, oh, there’s gospel ties…

Oh!  What do I do with this?  I can find a spot for it. Nina’s pillow and blanket.  Nina’s awesome!  She sent me an email today, she’s doing good.  I need to ask president if I’m allowed to email her so I can respond.   That’s a rule with all people of the opposite gender in the mission.  I will admit I sent her one message, “Hey, so I promise I’m not ignoring you, awaiting permission to write.”   I don’t think I need thermals any more, but they’re thin enough that I can still pack them away.  Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about weight for another 4 months.   Not thinking about that. (whistling)

Oh my goodness!  Madison sent me three voice recordings this week and they MADE MY DAY!  I was having, not a bad day, in fact it was actually a pretty good day, but they made my day.  Loved them.   And she told me some story of some Navy captain or general that saw a video of them singing at Ellis Island and oh my goodness, that was cool.   That’s an experience that she will remember for the rest of her life.  Like I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to go to Germany and England and spend time there.  Because that was absolutely fantastic.

I’ll pack away this towel and then tomorrow morning, I’ll pack away my camping towel.  What time is it? 12:17.  We’ve still got to go to Wal-mart, get our car washed.  Oh!  My clothes I think finished being dry cleaned.  That dry-cleaning kit I got.  I figured why the heck not?  I’ll dry clean my gray suit.   Oh crap… I still gotta pack all that.  Gosh darnit.   Sorry, I remembered a drawer that I had not unpacked yet.   Wow.  You think I wouldn’t forget a whole drawer.   I think I’m just about done.  We gotta get going soon.

I don’t know why, but my knees have been bothering me today.  I think it might be an ibuprofen day.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had to take ibuprofen for them.  It’s been good.  Yeah.  Let me think…. We got our bikes out of storage, we’ve been keeping them in the 6th ave church basement.  Not that I can really ride it too much, but we got them out.  And we got our bike rack problem all situated with everyone.  Got that all figured out.  We were given two new bike racks for our zone, except they didn’t come with adapters because the hitch on their truck is too big.  It’s two inches, and the bike rack is 1 ¼ inches, so we needed to go track down adapters.  The only adapters they sell are at u-haul and it took like 3 weeks because, one we had to find out that the only ones were at uhaul when we searched and then they only had one and we needed two,  and they said they’d get the second one, and I don’t know why I didn’t just buy the one, but we waited a couple of days, went back and that first one was gone, but the second one had just come in, so we bought that one, and then waited another week and just got that other one.  So that’s been an adventure and a half.  And I won’t have to worry about it in Stevensville.

Yeah, it’s a super small zone, there’s just 5 companionships of missionaries.  My district is the district leader, me,  and two sets of sisters.  The other district is just the zone leaders and the district leaders.  Two companionships in a district.  Tiny, tiny, tiny.   It’s also a really small zone.  I need to check the mission map.  I’m done.  I’m gonna go take some ibuprofen and I’m gonna finish, well, I’m gonna go get dressed.

Love you mom!  Today we are planning on going and getting everything done, and say goodbye to a couple of people, run by Wal-mart.  It’ll be good.  Someday I’ll figure out things.  (companion- “Sunday you will?”)  SOMEday.  Yep.  Sunday. I’m figuring everything out on Sunday.  It’ll be great.  

That’s about it, love you!  Bye! 

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