Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Broken glasses, baptismal interviews, and whatnot


Wow. Where to start, I honestly don't know this week. I sucked at journaling this week so I'm going through area book :)

First of all, CHRISTOPHER!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You rock! 

Ok I think I have my bearings straight now, let's do this.

So this week was mainly really finishing getting to know everyone. We were finally able to sit down and have a really great couple of discussions with the bishop over here in Greybull, and finally meet all of our focus investigators and less-actives (except for 2 but they're out of town. :/)

Of the people that we met there are a few that really stood out. One is Bro. Porter. Bro Porter is a great man that we met this last Monday. He has been taught by the missionaries for quite a while now but he is definitely making progress, one of the things that I love about bro. Porter is his honest testimony. One of the first things that he told us is that he doesn't like formal lessons, he prefers to sit and chat about the gospel and our testimonies. So while his lessons are a little hard to plan for, they are always uber spiritual.

At this last one he told us how he honestly knows that he's less-active and that he needs God in his life. He's just struggling to do all the things that he needs to do. It is so nice to meet someone who is willing to be honest to themselves like that. :) Another funny thing about bro. Porter is that before, during, and after every lesson he loads us up with ice cream and chocolate and other sweets soooo their went my diet :)

Also this week we got to know the Frame family better, the Frame family is one of the strongest recent converts you will meet, hands down. They are so solid! The husband and wife were baptized back in December I think (Elder Hendricks will correct me if I'm wrong), and hey both just love the Gospel. Unfortunately the three kids aren't allowed to be baptized yet because their other parent won't let them.  :/ Thankfully they have absolutely amazing testimonies as well, so I don't have any worries there. For our lesson with them this week we started the Book of Mormon with them as a family. The funny thing is, we only got through the title page and the introduction because EVERYONE was making comments about things that stick out to them and bearing their testimonies on it. It was AMAZING! Fantastic! Superb!

Let me think, who else. Oh. Chuck. Chuck is another one of those boss Less-actives that literally keeps every single commitment! He's struggling with giving up a few things but he's totally pushing through and fighting it like a boss! I'm honestly not too sure what else to say about him, he is a total cowboy guy, yet is one of the nicest guys you will meet. Unless you get on his bad side, but I can't see us doing that anytime soon :)

But ya, things are going great here :) This week, Thursday evening, I had the amazing opportunity  to conduct a baptismal interview for a 9 yr old! She was absolutely hilarious! Definitely a little on the sassy side, at one point she told me and her grandpa to "check ourselves before we wrecked ourselves" but ya. After that I got to attend the baptism on Saturday. The funny thing about it though was the bishop didn't get to come so I had to stay in Worland another couple three hours to get a signature from him it all worked out so yay!

That awkward moment when your companion is cutting your hair and you tell him that your usual is a 1 on the sides and a 3 on top. He talked me out of a 2 but I was DEAD CONVINCED that a 3 was going to be too long :).

I need to get going so quick spiritual thought,

One of my absolute favorite things about this area is that I get to serve the sacrament almost twice a day. :) We usually serve it in the Basin Ward, then we go and help out at a senior center and either bless or pass the sacrament there. It's absolutely amazing! I completely forgot what a spiritual experience it can be :) at one point this Sunday I practically broke down in tears while passing it to all of the seniors as the took he bread and water and then told me thank you :) I am so thankful for the opportunity that we all have to take the sacrament. What an amazing thing it is! Every week we have the opportunity to renew our covenants with God, to basically be re-baptized! I am so thankful for a Savior who loves me and died for me so that we can continue to grow, and actually put things behind us :).

My glasses broke while I was cleaning them. :/ The little metal hinge thing just snapped in half. Don't worry though, the ward here is UBER nice. The bishop saw me with my taped up glasses and then practically chastised me for not telling anyone 😅 he then offered to pay for new ones but then some how the stake president (who lives an hour away) talked to bro. Cheatham (the member that we are staying with) and asked him to drive me up and gave me a free checkup and a free new pair :). He currently has my old ones and said that he will try to find a matching frame AND update the lenses in it! Thankfully it only costs about $15 to make a pair, at least that's what he told me. I am so thankful for the members here seriously! 

Seriously though. I even got to watch the stake president got through the process of making them! It was awesome! Plus my glasses breaking was a total blessing because my old pair was starting to give me a headache. Apparently my right eye has gotten quite a bit better but now my left eye now is getting blind :) so dual prescription! 

Also funny story real quick, thankfully this week I didn't have to play the organ in church because  a lady came to the Ward, and will be here the next month or two, however that just means that I was bumped to chorister. Which was totally awesome! The funny thing was for some reason I got compel toy nervous doing it and at one point signaled for the song to end after the second verse! Unfortunately people here actually watch the conductor (Sorry Flo) and so they all STOPPED.
Completely. Thankfully they all had smiles on and laughed about it but ya :).

Love you all!

Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello Everyone!

Well, Looks like I finally made it out of Butte, and into WYOMING! The Greybull, Basin, Tensleep area is FANTASTIC! 

I have absolutely already fallen in love with everything here! Oh my goodness!!! I love it here so much!!

Wow where to start, ok area first. Well, it's a lot like I guessed it would be last week. We cover three wards, Graybull, Basin, and Tensleep. Graybull and Basin are about 8 miles away from each other with the church building in between them. And Tensleep is forever away so apparently the last missionaries only went there about once or twice a month tops. Thankfully we are working with a ton of great people! I think my favourite part about Wyoming so far is that EVERYONE is open to talk with you. At one point this week one of our lessons fell through and it was about 8:00 and we weren't sure what to do. So I decided to take a page out of my trainer's book at go use the bathroom and talk to people at the gas station, dang! We totally found a boss new investigator! Unfortunately, I can not remember his name at the moment, but he is so ready! We have a lesson set up with him this saturday so I'll report on how that went!

My new companion is hilarious! Elder Ison has been out 5 months now and is loving the mission. He is still a little self-conscious and nervous, but he is a rocking missionary! One big thing that we have in common is that we love musicals, we've been listening to he prince of Egypt soundtrack a lot :). He also likes country music, eh, nobody's perfect. :) 

OH! Funny story time! So when my companion and I first got our car, we were given an address in Basin and were told that that was our house. THANKFULLY we we're also informed that there was a ward party that we needed to hurry and get to, so after the 2 hour drive (yep I'm getting to be a way better navigator, maps are the best thing ever invented) we ended up at the ward party. (Also it was about 8 at night and we hadn't really eaten all day cause we were driving.) It was seriously a huge blessing that we had this party, because apparently our apartment got flooded with raw sewage a week or two earlier and now we are living with members in Graybull! We literally would have walked into our apartment to see it all taped up and locked down not knowing what to do. :) We went and checked it out the other day, its at least a 2 month cleanup from what our landlord told us. 

Anyways we are now living with the Cheatham's. Sister Cheatham is the relief society president and bro Cheatham is the Elders Quorum Second councilor and also the music conductor for sacrament meeting. (Side story, he will be out of town next week and asked me to conduct for him next week, I'm so pumped!) Anyways they are a freakin awesome family! Tons of Great Free Food. Free laundry and dryer, and free wifi. It really doesn't get better. Oh wait it does, bro Cheatham is also the master of sarcasm and is hilarious! He also is a huge baker and is excited to teach me his art of bread making :) and pie making. :) It's going to be great! My first lesson is today. Seriously, staying with members as a missionary is amazing! While at first it can be a little awkward, It is truly a huge blessing! 

Serving in a small town is really interesting. Everyone knows everyone! Also news really gets around fast! We were tracting and ran into people that weren't interested, but knew that we were the "new guys" :). Also when giving out addresses, people don't like the whole numbers thing, thankfully it's all down in LDS tools, but most of our directions are "well head North out of town, before you get to a bridge turn right, when you see a couple three trees, turn left, at the big white trailer you'll see there's a big F350 by it, make a left, and we are the house on the right." No joke I just pulled that from a text. Ya. Umm other than that, we have some boss people we are working with!  We have quite a few investigators but we will probably be dropping a bit of them, most of em aren't really interested just like to chat. While I know it's important to get to know someone, when that's all that they have let missionaries do for the last 17 lessons, it's time to drop or give them a break. The members here are super nice and very missionary minded. I think Elder Hendricks was correct in saying that this is the "Celestial Kingdom" it's amazing! 

Let me think what else, Oh! One of the wards that we work in, the Basin ward, has had about 6 baptisms in the last year and they are so pumped up about missionary work! It is such a blessing to be in a ward that is so excited about it! One thing that this ward does not lack in, is fellowshippers. This ward is such a huge inspiration to me to keep on working! I love it!

Oh! Random side note. I don't think I can say I'm not allergic to anything anymore :/ I was at a less-actives house the other day and within minutes of petting a cat my eyes started swelling up and getting really teary, then my throat got really sore and nose puffy. Thankfully after a few hours and a nights rest it went away, but ya. I think I might be allergic. The thing that got me was the really itchy eyes. I swear I was going to claw them out. Ya. Again not for sure but putting 2 and 2 together seems to be equaling 4. But ya, it looks like I got more than just mom's good taste in music from her. :)

I'm so happy that mad stayed in choir. :) Oh speakin of staying in music stchuff, guess who was asked several times to play the piano. :/ ya. Thankfully the house has a piano that I can practice at and learn more hymns on :). Also if you know anyone who has any tips for playing the organ...... That would be great :) I need to learn how to play at least a hymn on it by Sunday.

We do tons of service here! In fact of the funnest things that we do here is that we go to the senior center and help them bowl for an hour, there are a few investigators that we work with there so it's awesome!

Haha sister Wadsworth just called and checked up on me to see if I was wearing my brace.   Then she chewed me out and had my companion tell me to go put it on right now :) I am doing better, I probably remember 5/7 days a week. :) 

Sorry, I had a list of stuff I was going to write about but I cant find it anywhere. :/

Anyways, Thank you all for all that you do! Love you! 

Here's some pictures from my last area before I was transferred.

Sister Perez, she is a returned less-Active that I worked with, she was always feeding us at her house :)

Sister Smith, Also a returned Less-Active that I worked with they were both best friends and basically helped each other get active :) 

Elder Haskins

Elder Hendricks- apparently he made the "Christ" display from a bunch of Pass-along cards and old beat up pamphlets. 

Elder Berrett, Elder DeMille and Sister Granados being transferred to their various new areas.

I have no idea what the significance of this picture is. 

 Never give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett 

Monday, May 16, 2016


I'm going to Wyoming!!

Yep. :) I can't believe it :)

You know, as much as I love Butte, I'm happy to leave.

One of my favorite parts however, is that I'm serving in Elder Hendricks old area! Graybull Basin and Ten Sleep. It's going to be so amazing! Elder Hendricks and I have been giggling like school girls about this. :) We have literally now served in all of the same areas. :)

I've heard so many stories I'm pumped. The funny thing is my area is huge, 2 wards and a branch, and the total pop is about 2000. Ya. :) There is literally a town of 50. :) And no, it does not go near Yellowstone National Park. My companion's name is Elder Ison. He has been out 6 months. And that's about all that I know. And yes I am still going to be the district leader :) the funny thing about being district leader there is that my new district is EASILY the size of my zone now. And we are one of the bigger zones in the mission. In fact my district covers 2 stakes. The zone covers 3. According to elder Hendricks my district is one of the biggest in the mission. Like for district meeting some people will have to Skype in! It's crazy! 

But enough of looking into the future, this week has also been fantastic!

So people are always trashing threesomes, I have no idea why, they are so awesome! Having two companions is one of the best things of all time! Granted the amount of sleep that I've gotten has completely plummeted, don't tell sister Wadsworth :). But ya. :) I  love it!

This week was actually kind of funny, I actually ended up going on a surprise exchange with the Deer Lodge elders this week because I totally forgot to get a signature on a baptismal record. Ya.
Apparently the church needs to get people's permission before they can add them to the official records or something. :) While I did have the 9 yr. old who got baptized offer to just forge her moms signature, apparently she does it all the time in school, I decided to go drive over to Anaconda and just get it from her mom. :)

But ya. Sorry I think that's about it this week, I honestly can't think of too much to report on. Oh! Of course missionary work, we actually found quite a few new investigators this week! It's been really amazing! While I wont really get a chance to know any of them, we found some!

Well I need to go! Love you all!
Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

Some of the investigators/less actives that Nick is sad to leave behind and will miss.  Apparently Nick's word for the day is "boss" as when I asked for more info, that's what he said about them all. 
Eric, boss investigator :)

Jonathan - Boss investigator in Deer Lodge that I've been "working" with every time I go there on exchanges :) 

Bro. Putnam a boss less active who we found a month ago who is also a complete boss. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Transcript of a voice recording Elder Berrett sent

Hey mom, this is your son, Nick! Um, I’m just recording this real quick, just to uh, to say hi.
Right now I’m kinda the only one who’s not calling home right now. Elder Hendricks is on his second phone call home to his other parent, Elder Wessendorf is calling, and my companion is calling, so I just thought I’d record this and send this out tomorrow.

Things here are going really great honestly, um I’m just completely enjoying the mission.  It’s something that has changed me. Literally changed me.  Um, I don’t know, I’m trying to think of things to say.  I don’t know if you got my email the other day, there was literally me just saying that I wish that I had stuck with the piano kindof because I have had to play it a few times like at district meeting the other day and I totally got called out, they are like, “Hey is that Hymns Made Easy?”  That happens when you are in a district full of singers and they all try to sing the different parts.  I love it though.

I’m so thankful for really where I am.  This is where I need to be. It’s been amazing.  I think the coolest part is that I’ve just really seen how the Lord puts things into our mouths when we need them.  Just the other day I was really terrified when I was going into the Bible study where I met the other investigators, and just throughout the whole lesson because I’m not too familiar with the Bible, like, I know all the stories, but I don’t know scripture references, I don’t know all those things,  I’m still barely working on getting all of that down for the Book of Mormon, and I sit down, and they’ll start quoting a scripture and a reference will come to mind, or I’ll be at least able to finish it, you know it’s amazing how the Lord just helps me out, so much.  So that’s kinda been a cool experience that I had.

Um, I’m trying to think… Sorry for not singing earlier, I know you kept trying to get me to do that but I was sortof calling in the middle of the other ward’s hour, I was in the middle of the family history center, and uh, literally people were walking by and they would just hear some random kid singing in the family history center in the middle of the church.  They were not necessarily in sacrament meeting, but yeah…  So I figured I wouldn’t do that, sorry.  Um, I guess I could totally sing something now.  I’m not sure what I would sing.  Uh, going through a hymn book literally right now. (crashing sounds) oh, this poor piano.  This piano on the stage is pretty, well, used. 
(piano note plays- he sings the first verse of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.”)

Ok, well, there’s that.

(Grunts, shuffling sounds) Sorry, I nearly dropped my ipad.  I’m not sure what else to say.  Right now I’m timing elder Hendricks call so he can remain exactly obedient and not go over 40 minutes. Oh, I love that kid so much, he’s awesome.   Elder Wessendorf is communicating with his family on his homecoming plans.  They’re like, “Yeah, we have a banner!  We won’t tell you what’s on it, but we got a banner!” (laughs)

It’s awesome. You know it’s amazing that seriously a mission will do. Um I just can’t tell you how happy I am that Madison is going to get to experience this too.  Elder Hendricks got to talk to his sister who is on a mission as well, um, they sorta just did a three way skype call and it’s just, I’m so excited to see how much Madison and Zach and Christopher will grow.  You know, obviously I’m only a third of the way through my mission but its crazy. I mean, I’m not perfect by any means, I feel like I’ve actually regressed a little bit with some of my uh, housekeeping skills. But, it’s honestly amazing what missions do. 

Recently I’ve been reading in the New Testament and it’s just amazing to read about the life of Jesus Christ to see the apostles write their testimonies of him.  It’s one of my favorite things, honestly, I’m loving it.  I still gotta say the Book of Mormon is by far my favorite.  Granted, I haven’t necessarily read the whole New Testament cover to cover.  I’ve studied it in seminary, I’ve probably read the whole thing if you count me reading just the individual books, but from cover to cover, no. But the Book of Mormon is still hands down my favorite.

I had a flashback to choir the other day,  I was reading a little bit out of the book of Ruth, and “Entreat Me Not to Leave You” came flashing into my mind.  That was pretty cool.  Uh,  I got the audio of “Daemon” um, off of youtube (laughs) on preparation day, I just copied the link, and uh, I got the audio file for it and was listening to it the other day.  It’s probably not something that I would listen to all the time, but I was just like “For old time’s sake, it talks about Jesus, I’ll justify that…” (laughs) So that was awesome.  I’ve been trying to think of old songs that I sang. 

I’ve really enjoyed all the music that you sent me. My companion’s got a bit of a different style, so I haven’t been listening to it too much.  I really, I feel like I’ve kinda gotten on his nerves a little bit and I don’t want to annoy him too much. However, like, if he’s in the shower I’ve got a little speaker that plays a USB so I’ll throw it in there and listen to music, so I promise your efforts didn’t go to waste, I seriously, again, thank you so much for that.

Um, yeah, it’s been awesome.  I’m trying to think what else you might want to hear from me. Oh! Remember that hammer multi-tool you sent me?  Well, I, uh, I lost it like halfway through Elder Guthrie, and we took the car through like this free car wash, and like deep cleaned it basically, and I totally found it.  In like the cup holder of all places.  Covered up by basically just lots of pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon.  It’s amazing what you can fit in that little side cup-holder thing in the driver’s door. Man. You know, the thing in the door that most people use as a trash can.  I felt so bad, there were probably a good 15 different pamphlets that were just ruined, you know from sitting in there and getting all crumpled up slowly…man… tithing money… yeah...

But yeah, there’s that.  Apparently today we were supposed to be fasting as a zone.  My companion and I didn’t know.  I said an “I’m sorry” prayer while blessing my lunch.  (laughs) And then I’m probably just gonna like fast Tuesday or something.

This next week is going to be crazy.  I’m going to be in a trio.  I’ve kinda always wanted to be in a trio.  I’ve heard like, interesting things about them, like how it’s hard, but at the same time like I’m gonna be in a trio with Elder Hendricks and Elder Haskins so it can’t be that bad.  I love those guys both so I’m pretty excited about that.

Um, yeah, like it’s been crazy we’re trying to hurry and coordinate our schedules for the weekend since they’re pretty booked.  We don’t have too much, but we have a few set lessons.  We’ve been kinda struggling to get lessons in our area but, it’s been picking up, it’s been good.  We’ve seen tons of miracles. I think that’s one of my favorite things about missions so far is that like I’ve learned to really recognize miracles. I don’t know, maybe that’s just part of growing up more and uh, and I guess just learning to see through adult-ish eyes.  I’m not sure that I’d say that 19 is an adult.  (laughs) I’m fairly kid-ish still but uh, I definitely see and recognize miracles a lot more. You know, I’ll be looking back, and I’m like “Man!  That’s a lot of miracles that happened today!” 

Um, oh, our Bishop today just rebuked everybody in church because we have a ward temple day and he said that the majority of the worthy temple recommend holders weren’t going to the temple.  It’s been planned for like three months out.  It was pretty…like…I loved it though.  While he was rebuking, I felt the spirit so strongly during it.  And that was kind of amazing.  I’m reflecting a lot on the temple lately, I hope to go there soon. 

I just heard something so I think my companion’s done.  So, I’ll probably head out and go talk to him.
Love you, bye!

Bible study at the prison half-way house

Good Afternoon everyone! 
How are you doing? 
This week was so absolutely fantastic! 
One of the great things about this last week was that we were finally able to find some new people to teach! My companion and I were at the pre-release (prison half-way house) trying to contact a less active, well after he ditched us we talked to some guys having a bible study and they totally invited us to come and teach them! It was amazing! While we obviously can't put them on date, they are total boss investigators! It's been really super nice to get to teach real lessons. It's been a while since we have been able to have a real lesson like that. 

Also this week has been interesting because we have been coordinating with the other elders because elder Wessendorf is leaving and it's crazy to coordinate the schedule of two areas. I am so thankful for the time that I've gotten to spend with him. He really has taught me a lot. :) 

Other than that , honestly not too much has happened. Sorry love you all! 
Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett 

Some responses to an email I sent him.  My comments, explanations, etc are italicized as usual.

LONG TIME NO SEE :) (We just got to talk to him via skype the day before.)

It was amazing to see you yesterday! And ya. Second Ward, the other Ward, is kind of notorious for using devices and taking up all the wifi in sacrament meeting and the other hours. (We kept losing the connection, and had to call each other back at least a dozen times due to the less-than-optimal wifi in the church building ) Normally during that time we have Ward council and usually if the computer is being slow or something the executive secretary will yell out "Dang Second Ward!" :) 

Don't worry, it's only 7 months. :) (Until we get to skype with him at Christmas) besides I'm already 1/3 through my mission :/ it's crazy. I'm rushing to accept it! It just can't be! Also apparently the First Presidency has been denying a ton of people extensions. My companion just got denied. They basically want people to serve 2 years, then get on with their lives and do other things. At least that's the gist of what president said. 

Oh my. That is such a good song. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. :) It's, as the Great Flo says "Glorious".  (I told him that someone posted a video of the song "Entreat Me Not to Leave You" from his last choir concert. And it was beautiful, and it made me cry, partly because it was so beautiful and partly because I was missing Nick, and I could pick him out of the group even though you totally couldn't make out faces, and I swear I could even pick out his voice. And coincidentally, he sent me a voice recording that he recorded Sunday night, which I am working on transcribing, where he mentioned that exact song.)

Awesome! I love the temple so much, it's just amazing. Seriously I've only been once on my mission and I just can't wait to go again. The rule is once every other transfer I found out, unless you have a special reason to go. I hope I get transferred to Billings so I can go. :) 

Haha I actually was pretty surprised. (I mentioned he seemed a little surprised that Maddie was so sassy. She can be quite the spit fire.  I think her red hair suits her.) I also remembered that she was sassy but dang. Either my memory sucks (which it does) or she's gotten a TON (literal sense of the word) sassier. 

And ya. Being in an area for a while, you kinda accumulate things. I'll try packing and see, but I might need to send home some things. :) 

(A sister missionary wrote me from Nick's mission, and asked for advice on cooking easy and affordable meals since Nick was so good at it, so I asked him for advice to send her since I'm not the missionary in Montana. )  I feel like I used to be good, But then with my current companion, he convinced me to break my rule of "no ramen". It's been bad. I really need to get back in the habit of making food again. As far as ideas go. I love soup. While it is getting to be summer, the great thing about Montana is that it can be 80 degrees summer one day (Yesterday) and 30 degrees blizzard the next (right now.) So soup is always an option. While you might want a slow cooker, it's like $20 at Walmart or you could find a really nice member. You can ask around and see if anyone has extra meat from huntin' season. I can't tell you how many wild game burgers I've made recently. :) Really good stuff. I'm thinking of making some stroganoff sometime. But ya. That and pasta. Also ask members around you. Also sandwiches. Lots of sandwiches :) but that's all I've got. 

Love you mom! Oh and totally forgot my brace back home. And I'm about to go play basketball. Ya. Last time I promise! Well at least this week. Preach my gospel talks about setting REASONABLE goals and I think that's a good one. One week. Starting tomorrow. :) 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In which Elder Berrett loses to a girl in arm wrestling.

How are you all doing? I'm doing amazing!

So this week. Let me recap real quick.


Tuesday: We got to go do some service for a Sister Andersen in our Ward. She has been struggling for a while so we went and raked all of the leaves in her yard. Probably a few years worth, the poor lady can't exactly get around too much so she was VERY excited when she saw that she could actually see her yard again. :) Also on Tuesday we had another BOSS lesson with Britton, in that lesson we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the church with a member present, and... We put him on date for Baptism! May 28! I am so pumped!!!

Wednesday: we had District Meeting and then a baptism in Anaconda! It was amazing! Unfortunately I left the baptism forms (Imagine that, me forgetting something extremely important) and we had to drive back on Sunday and skip ward council so that we could get their bishop to sign it :/

Despite, or actually probably because of the fact that Nick is blurry, I included this picture because it made me laugh.  In so many of Nick's pictures when he was little, he was the lone blurry kid because he literally couldn't stand still.  But I think he's just blurry in this picture because it looks like he's jumping.  He saw a camera pointed at a bunch of pretty girls, and he couldn't help himself. That's my take on the picture anyway- Kirsten

Thursday we had weekly planning then a lot of tracting so that happened.

Friday: I had another appointment with my doctor who told me that my knee is improving and that he doesn't need to see me any more! I'll only have 2 more sessions of physical therapy so that's awesome! My knee is feeling so much better and I'm so pumped! Also on Friday we did did a ton of service. Literally both food bank and more raking leaves :)

Saturday we had another boss lesson with Britton! He is literally the most fantastic person of all time! In the prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for the restoration and for the Prophet Joseph Smith! He is so pumped for his Baptism and has tons of great questions!

On Sunday we had a great day at church, 2 investigators showed up!  Britton and Bro. Bleken! Also. We found out that Britton lives on second Ward. :/ We just gave him over to the other elders. But it's totally ok! We are going to do so much finding! I'm pumped!

Sorry I would write more but we need to go. Here is a quick photo of me totally losing arm wrestling to sister Granados.

 Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett