Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 2 (part 2) - Last day at the MTC

Family and Friends,
Wow, this is my last day at the MTC. tomorrow night I'll be in my mission doing the lords work. 

     It's truly amazing how the lord works, Already I feel like the Lord has put challenges in my way just to bring me to my knees so that I may be more humble and realize that I always need his help and guidance. 
     I love it here. While The MTC requires a lot of hard work, patience,humility, and prayer, it is still one of the greatest things that I have ever done. Already my companion and I have been able to help someone commit to praying and to going to church! Also we got to give one of our amazing volunteer investigators here at the MTC a blessing!

     So just to answer a few of the questions that my mom has been asking ;) ...
   Yes my knee is doing much better, I am, for the most part, able to keep up with the elders in my district and even play a bit of ball at the gym! The best way to describe the food is to quote corporal O'riley from MASH unit 4077, "The food is alright, as long as you don't think about what you're eating" but really, the food is alright, there are somethings that you learn to avoid like the orange juice and the tater tot casserole, but other than that its been wonderful. I got to go to the temple today! It was so nice and really helped me to get rid of all the stress that i had been having. The temple truly is A house of God and is a place where we can feel lose to him. 

     OH! I saw dani today :) I was heading into the computer lab when i saw her walking down the sidewalk with a friend. I was only allowed to wave but it was fantastic :)

     Also! turns out that one of the guys in my district lives in Gilbert/Mesa and will be serving in my Mission! we were going to exchange our mum's phone numbers but forgot :/ I guess that will just have to wait until next week.

     We finally got released as zone leaders last night. I know I shouldn't say finally but there was a ton of paperwork and I was really glad to pass on that responsibility. 

     So i don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm about 200% certain that I have the greatest district in the universe. While we don't always get along, we still have our fantastic moments. For example we all decided to volunteer for a musical number in front of our whole branch during sacrament meeting. Me and another sister had a solo and while it was extremely nerve wracking it was Fantastic. Best sacrament meeting ever!  

     So ya, last day, Its been nice, ending it on a p-day, at least we have all day to pack unlike some of the other elders who have P-days on different days. But seriously we need it. Somehow in the 2 weeks that we have been here, us six guys have managed to DESTROY our room. Between all the amazing packages, and no place for all of the hampers its like maneuvering a minefield, make one wrong step and BAM! you've stepped on a twinky. 

     Elder Allen is feeling better :) it was funny actually, just about our entire district got sick but elder hulk and I, I got a little cough for a day but nothing like the other elders had. Thanks for all of the prayers. 

     Sorry i can't send pictures from here but as soon as i get to a wifi that my camera can access ill bombard you all with pictures.  

     Well my companion is ready to go and we need to go pack. I love you all and remember, through the Lord all things are possible :)\

     OH! also some great news, So I will have an Ipad that i can use on my mission, and apparently we are allowed to use it to view emails whenever we want but not send until P-day. so please encourage others to write letters and emails! I WILL read them all.
love you! 
 Love you all! Never give up, never Surrender!

Elder Berrett

Week 2 (part one)

I think my child thinks he's funny.  This email arrived nearly 30 minutes before the real one. 
- Kirsten 

Missions great. foods great. miss you. love you. bye



Friday, August 28, 2015

In the MTC

We found this fun picture in our inbox this morning, sent to us by the awesome Elder Hendrix. Nick is having trouble sending pictures at the moment, so right now anything we get is gold!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week one- (Part 2)

     Sorry i didn't mean to press send there. still figuring all of this out.
So the MTC, It has been absolutely Fantastic, don't get me wrong it's really hard, and insane, but so full of the spirit! Ok so i'm going to start of talking about my district, amazing! there are six of us who are going to Billings, Montana and three that are going somewhere in Texas. six elders, and three sisters. It's so much fun to be in a district, its like having a designated group of friends, we are all constantly laughing and helping each other out I already love them all so much!
     Next, my companion, The one, The only, Ellllldeeeeeeeer Allen! This guy is so fantastic and insane! get this, He's a model. seriously, he was showing us some of his pics and stuff that he's gotten from modeling and its awesome. He's so hilarious though, he's already taught me a few new hair styles and helped me look better. The best part though is his heart though. he just loves everyone and while he can get a little stingy with the rules sometimes (which is great) he is always looking for ways to help people out. 
      Oh! also First day here elder Allen and I got called to be the new Zone leaders. I was really stressed out at first thinking that it would be a ton of responsibility but thankfully so far it hasn't been like that. Honestly it's just about checking in with the district leaders (who do ALL the work) and make sure everything is going fine :) really the only thing that iv'e had to do is authorize a few blessings and sign some papers saying that elders have passed room inspection and that they are allowed to leave the MTC and head on to their missions. 

      Also, my knee is doing ok. I actually just went to the Orthopedic doctor today and, Thankfully, he did not recommend surgery. Apparently when I fell I tore part of the inside ligament and dislocated my knee only for a second until it popped itself back in place. The thing that is causing me the pain is all of the fluid build up apparently. They just gave me a new fancy brace and told me to wear that for the next week so that they can go in and release the pressure in my knee next Monday.

      But ya, other than knee stuff the MTC is so Fantastic, I am learning so much here (ill send some of my notes home via letter, i only have so much time on email) and am working really hard. The food here is funny, it's either really good or really bad. you sort of learn to figure it out and then go for the wrap/salad bar if its the nasty kind. Also the gym here is really nice! we have scheduled gym time here to help us get in the habit of exercising. I haven't been able to do many of the sports because of the knee but there is a guy in my district who is this insane body builder so he's been helping me on my upper body muscles. Wow i'm so sore but it feels so amazing! maybe ill be big and buff before even getting to Montana :) Thankfully I haven't caught the bug thats been going around but poor elder Allen has, Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you so much for teaching me and helping to send me on a mission! Already this has been so fantastic and I cant wait for this week! stay strong and I love you all! Sorry no pictures right now, I forgot to bring my camera but I can most likely get on and send them over around 1:30-2:00ish

     The church is still true! Never give up, Never surrender!

-Elder Berrett

Week One

Nick's first email- in it's entirety 

Hey family! how is it all going? I have absolutely loved getting your letters! You guys are seriously the best and that is such a great part of my day :) 


LLAP- (live long and prosper)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And he's off!

Bright and early this morning, we sent Elder Berrett off on his epic two year adventure to serve in the Montana Billings mission, with a quick stopover at the Provo MTC.

We bid him a somewhat teary eyed goodbye this morning, even though we tried to keep it cheerful and upbeat.

He was fortunate to be able to fly out with a friend of his, Elder Logan Hendrix.

And then he was doubly fortunate enough to bump into our Stake President in the Salt Lake airport.  (Not a total coincidence, President Layton had a layover and promised to look for them)

After they got their luggage, they were met by Elder Berrett's grandma who was kind enough to buy them lunch and drive them to the MTC.  (and then she called me to thank me for the privilege of doing so, and had to choke back some tears in the process)

And that's all we know so far.  We are anxiously awaiting emails and pictures from our favorite missionary.