Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Voice Recording June 5 part 2

Howdy mom, this is Elder Berrett again!  I had time earlier, but we were playing sports and so this is my reply to your email. Sorry.  It’s been a long preparation day.

(Elder Hand) Hey, don’t lie.  It’s been a good preparation day.

It’s been a preparation day.

(E. H.) If you’re not hurtin’ at the end of the day, the day wasn’t worth it.

I’m hurtin’.

(E. H.)  It’s good.

We played basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee and I didn’t take enough breaks.  But it’s been good though.

(E. H.) You can blame it all on me if you want.

No, I won’t blame you, those were all mine.  It was good though. So, in reply to your email “So, how’ve you been?”  I’ve been wonderful. It has been great.  I think I told you a little bit about Elder Hand earlier…

(E. H.) Shut up.

He’s a southern redneck, best stud in the world. (Crash)  Something in our sink just crashed.  Funny story, you will appreciate this mom,

(E. H.) I swear if it’s about me, you’re gonna die.

Well I guess technically you’re in it, but it’s not about you.  (starts singing)  ♫♪ Not about you. (laughs)

(E. H.) If your mom could see my face right now…

(laughs) He’s been trying to get me to stop singing.  So we have an investigator who gave up drinking.  He gave us the rest of his alcohol, it was a giant box of wine.  It was like equivalent to what, two and a half bottles?  Of some sweet red wine or whatever.  Long story short, he gave us that on a Saturday night.  We accidentally left it in our car, and went to church with a huge box of wine in the back of our truck.  We covered it up, thankfully, because my companion remembered, but we just dumped it out today.  And now our backyard smells like wine.  Or our front yard I guess.  So that’s kind of funny.

Christopher, I love him to death.  It sounds like he did have a fun birthday party though.  How did it go?  It doesn’t quite say in your email.  I’m glad to hear all those people showed up, that is actually really wonderful.

Let’s see, I read this all earlier, I just can’t remember the parts I wanted to talk about.  Oh my goodness.  Brother Tidwell!  I have heard so much about him, I really want to meet him!  The fact that he’s been so helpful and loving, just warms my heart to know that the Lord has blessed you guys and there is someone out there to take care of you. Man, honestly, he brings a lot of peace to my heart, and you can let him know that.  He is a real answer to my prayers.  He’s become a bit of a hero to me too. (I was telling him how Bro. Tidwell is like a hero to Christopher)

(E. H.) I got a question real quick…

I’ve got an answer, let’s see if they match.

(E. H.) How many ibuprofen pills can you take before you overdose?

(Discussion on milligrams/dosage of ibuprofen and Tylenol.)

(back to responding to my email) “We had a Darth Vader piƱata at his birthday, Zach let me borrow his light saber to hit it with…”  That’s awesome.  My companion is a Star Wars fan.

(E. H.) A little bit.

A little bit.  He was telling me about Rogue One.

(E. H.) They all die in the end.

The End.  Sorry I’m also eating ice-cream.  Multi tasking.  We got a little bit just before dinner.  I probably shouldn’t be eating ice-cream before dinner, but I had a little bit left and I wanted to finish it and I just got caramel sauce today, don’t judge.  

“Hope all is going well and that you and your companion are getting along famously.”  We are. “How is everything else, still great?”  I am still great.  The area is going up, things are improving, knees were doing really great.  (laughs)  Horse liniment gel is a wonderful thing and I will be buying lots of that when I get home, as my companion and I are both applying it.  (A lot of laughing) I’m pretty sure I’ve told you like twenty times, it’s extreme icy hot.  It’s wonderful.  “Bonus conversation with Christopher” That is fantastic.  I love Christopher so much. 

That’s about it, my week honestly was wonderful, it was great.

(E. H.) My week was horrible.  I drove from Billings  to Helena, MT. (discussion about actual route)

He drove from Sheridan to Billings, slept on a couch for three hours, then drove from Billings to Helena.  And he was driven to here in the back of a Frontier and he a big man and that back seat is really small.  So he got a good night’s rest that night. 

Saw Elder Johnson off, most of my district got changed up.  Me and Sister Wood, which I don’t think you know, she was with me in Helena, we are the only two people left in the district that are the same.  I’m still a Relief Society president (meaning he’s in charge of a bunch of sister missionaries)  And I need to actually plan district meeting.  I gave out one assignment today, but I need to figure out how that’s going to work in all of district meeting.  Oh! My companion also volunteered to do the hard, hard role of opening prayer.

(E. H.) I’ll even do recitations.

Oh, and he’ll do recitations. Ok.  Man, that means I can’t ask you to give a discussion.

(E. H.) That’s right.

That’s two assignments, gosh darnit!

(E. H.) I’ll even explain my story if you want.

You don’t need to do that.

(E. H.) Okay.

Yeah, that’s about it!  Hope you have a wonderful day, I do love you a ton mom.  Thank you so much for all you do for me.  Thank you for your prayers, know that I pray for you a lot.  Love you!  Bye! 

Voice Recording June 5 part 1

Alright, well good mornin’.  My companion, I love him to death.  He’s a great guy. Hard worker, um, yeah.  Things around here have been going great, we’ve been already seeing some miracles happen lately.  We’ve been teaching the Bowman family, they are a recent convert family.  They are starting to slack a little bit on reading, which is, I mean, we all do that.  One of them is starting to drink iced tea again.  And we’re like, “Hey guys, come on!”  So we had this great like spiritual pow wow lesson.  Read the book of Mormon, and taught the word of wisdom, and they’re like “You’re right!” and re-committed.  It was great.  We had that last night.

So far we’ve had another lesson with Jacob, he’s our progressing investigator right now. He’s the grandson of an active member, he’s from Salt Lake City, Utah.  He goes back in about a month, month and a half.  And we asked him yesterday, we were “So, you’ve been taught the gospel of Jesus Christ,” and the grandfather was very clear in the beginning that we were not to push him to be baptized. And we’re like, “Okay.  Yeah.”  We don’t try to push anyone but, yeah, we made sure to be extra careful. He’s like “If you two won’t do what I want, I’ll find some other missionaries who will.”  We’re like “okay.” (laughs) So we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ yesterday- Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  And when we got to baptism, we’re like “So, this is the purpose of it, these are the blessings of it, this is why we need it.” We shared the scripture about “Except a man be born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” And you know, talked about it and we’re like “So, our goal here is to help others come closer to Christ.  This is something that WILL do that. So when you know that all this is true, will you be baptized?” And he’s like “I’m already one step ahead of you, I’m hoping to get my answer…” He’s hoping to really know that this is all true, at the very least by the last week, before he leaves, and then get baptized on that Saturday, get the Gift of the Holy Ghost on that Sunday. We’re like, “That’s awesome! Okay!” I had a great lesson with him though, he’s funny.  Love him to death, he’s 18 and we might be going to the YSA FHE (Young Single Adult Family Home Evening) with him tonight.  So that will be an adventure.   It’s over in Lolo and one of the guys here might be giving a ride.

Funny story, there’s a guy here, Lane, his mother and sister are less active and we’ve been teaching.  Super, super awesome lady, and by the time I got here she was pretty much active again.  But to see the progress she’s made and it’s gotten to the point where almost every lesson we have with her, she like puts in her testimony of the gospel.  And she’s like “Oh it just brings me so much peace with these little rascals I got.”  She’s a mom trying to balance a job, and two really young kids, like 7 and 2.  And she has a husband, but he’s gone a lot, well working and… she’s just super hilarious.  Loving working with her.  Kinda reminds me a bit of you actually. Personality wise. (laughs) Yeah.  She loves to sew except hates working with certain fabrics, she calls them her “S.H.I.T. fabrics.” She spells it out too. That’s written on the box, in her garage. She refuses to work with tulle or anything with tons of glitter on it.  She has this one that she just HATES that she had to use for a dress one time.  It’s this super glittery tulle actually.  She was saying, she’s like, “Yeah the mom asked me to make this dress for her daughter, it was a Christmas present, they had just done a lot for me, so of course I was going to do it.”  But she’s like, “Man, at least I can sleep well knowing that that dress is still pooping glitter all over their house.”  (laughs) She’s like, “I hated that thing.” She’s great.  And anyways, Lane is, he reactivated himself, or with some missionaries when he was in college.  He’s just a little older than me, I think he’s 21.  Or about that age. 20, 21. Went to college over in Missoula, and basically got in with the missionaries and they reactivated him as well with a couple of other people. And he was attending a YSA ward over there.  Now he’s preparing to go on a mission.  Like as in his papers are almost in, and he’s getting stuff taken care of that he needs to do, and come to find out, he has two unpaid traffic tickets.  One he didn’t even know he had, and one that he had completely forgotten about, and they are both in Great Falls so he went to court this weekend to pay them off, but its been so long that they classified him as evading the law.  And here in Montana the only way to pay that off is with you pay a fine, pay the tickets, and then also you have to do two nights in jail, but because the judge’s secretary or something is Mormon, you know, he goes up, and he’s pleading his case, and he’s like “I’m just trying to get this taken care of, I’m trying to go on an LDS mission…” And the judge kinda smiles at the guy and goes, “Okay, actually we are going to put you last.  Come back in in an hour.”  And he goes “What? Okay.  Crap.”  Thinking that they are going to wreck him.  They got through everyone else that they needed to get through that day, and then apparently talked, and the judge asked exactly what a mission was, what the requirements were, what kind of a person you have to be like, he talked to the secretary and then he came back in and he’s like “So we decided to drop one of your tickets, and basically drop that extra fine, but because of the law we can’t drop those two days in jail on that other ticket.”  And he’s like “Crap, okay.  So, what do I do?”  And they are like, “Well, there is a way around it.  We can do two days in house arrest, but you have to be here in this county.”  And so he has an aunt there, so he just spent the weekend up there with an ankle bracelet.  And he’s like, he’s a sweet, funny guy, would never really do anything wrong, but he’s forgetful.  Kinda reminds me a bit of myself in a way.  Probably not as forgetful as I am though.   I’m just picturing him, trying to do everything right, preparing to go on a mission, just got his mother reactivated and now he’s under house arrest for a couple of days.  I’m like, “Oh, I hope I learn that lesson from him and never have to do that…”  So yeah, that was that.

Oh!  There was something I was going to tell you about, I wrote it down… lets see… utilities, google keep…. Things to tell family about.  Oh yes!  So there’s this member here, Brother Augusto, love Brother Augusto, he’s a hoot.  He’s about 60-65, he’s retired, but he’s the main fellowshipper for one of our investigators, and in fact we’ve never met, because Elder Johnson always saw him on exchanges.  But we went over to his house the other day to talk to him, get to know Brother Augusto and see what we could do about Jess, because neither of us have met him.  And we’re talking about missions and such and we found out that he served in the Gilbert Arizona mission. Well, not the Gilbert Arizona mission, the Arizona Mission back when he was my age.  It covered Arizona and part of New Mexico, a bit of Nevada, and some of California, and I’m like “Holy Cow!”   And he was telling me, he was like “You know, you’re from Gilbert, I remember back then, it’s a small town.”  And I’m like, “Uhhh, sure?”  And he’s like, “Yeah, you had some Mormons there, there was a nice branch when I was there.”  And I’m like “There was a branch?!?! You served in Gilbert when there was just a branch?”  And I’m sitting there, “Well we just made another new Stake…I don’t know if it’s 5 or 6 stakes, but about that.”  (Nick was wrong, current count is 11 stakes) And I mean, he would just not believe me. Like, “No Way!” And I’m also like, “We have a temple.” I showed him pictures of it and he was just about to go into tears.  It was really a touching moment as he was seeing how this valley had grown. And to think that the area he had served in was just a small branch.  I’m like trying to think of it compared to Boulder.  A small, small farming community, explodes into this amazing place with the gospel.  And we got just talking about the importance of missions and I just couldn’t help but think that I’m certain that the work he did there, because he spent a bit there, definitely helped to prepare the valley for the gospel. The Lord always has a plan for us even if we don’t see it.  He never knew that Gilbert was going to explode and turn into this whole giant valley with a temple and Stakes and…  He was telling his wife, and he told us this when I took Elder Hand over, and he’s like “Yeah, I told her that Gilbert had like 5 stakes and she thought that you were mistaken and that you meant 5 wards. She could see that, but she’s like ‘Stakes??’ and I’m like ‘yeah…’”  So that was kinda cool to see.

Let’s see also ‘Cleaning’…. I don’t know what that is.  I guess while Elder Johnson was packing, that’s right I deep cleaned the house.   You can’t tell now because I discovered tons of clutter that had just been like thrown… We absorbed another, Stevensville used to be two areas, and they closed down one of the areas and the apartment, and we absorbed all of that apartment’s stuff.  And so we have tons of stuff, including like a futon with a mattress and a box spring on top of it, and apparently they had thrown just tons of stuff underneath this futon. You know, trash and all this stuff, and so I was cleaning, and I lifted it up to sweep or something and I discovered all this stuff. Supplies, a radio, a CD player… And I’m like okay, well let’s take all this stuff out and organize it, throw away a bunch of trash… piles of clothes… get rid of this… that’s kinda that.  I don’t know why… Yeah, so I wrote that.  It was a bit of an adventure this week.

Pretty much packed all day Tuesday, that was a bit, I don’t know, yeah. That happened.

Our pilot lights keep going out on our stove.  We’re going to buy a lighter today.  So, all the windows have been open around our kitchen, thankfully it’s like, the kitchen is a small space and it like… In our house… I mean, it’s a small kitchen, but it’s kind of a box and on two sides of this box there’s windows that open and there’s a big opening into the living room/kitchen table and chairs where we have other windows that can open, so we’ve been kind of ventilating it, but when you walk by the stove you smell gas.  That’s a thing.  The small little pilot light isn’t as bad as the other one though, the main one underneath the stove for the oven went out, and that was oh you could just always smell it.  It was bad.  We just got to go buy a lighter and wave it over the thing and light it.
I’m trying to think, so we haven’t met with Amanda again, she was busy this week, but we have a lesson with her next week.

Oh yeah, I never responded to your email of your hypothetical situation.  So in that hypothetical situation, I would totally be fine speaking the next day.  So, yeah.  I got an email from Bishop Hixon this week.  That was really nice to get.  It’s kinda weird to picture him as my bishop, but at the same time, it totally feels right.  I can just see him as the most loving bishop ever.  People are like, “What is your ward and stake like back home?”  And I’m like, “I don’t know! I’ve never been!” I guess I have been in the Spectrum ward, I’m assuming it’s about the same.  But I’m like, “I really don’t even know my Stake President. I’ve heard he’s a really great guy.” But, yeah. 

The wards here are super small, like the overflow never gets opened.  I’ve seen it happen like once at a stake conference, or another time when a general authority came. It just ain’t the valley.

My companion is from Northern Florida, right on the border, kinda right by Georgia.  He’s a redneck, as we established last night.  I called him a Southern Hick, and he went “No. I ain’t no trailer trash, I’m a redneck.”  I’m like, “okay.” A back woods redneck.  He’s got a giant Confederate flag that he hangs up.  He’s just awesome.  He’s hilarious.  I love him to death.

How long has this been going on?  15 minutes.  I’m probably going to pause it here, I don’t have too much to say right now, I don’t want to just ramble on, especially since I know that you get really busy.  I hope you have a wonderful day, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and have a great day at work.   I wonder, does Madison get these too? I might send one to her and see how she’s doing.  Cause I feel bad.  I just don’t want to type emails.  I really don’t anymore.  I type an email to president, I try to respond to you, and then like all my energy is just gone as far as writing emails go.  But I sent a weekly out last week, I’ll try to do that again this week.

Did you read Elder Basham’s email last week?  It was super good.  It was kind of a kick to the gut for me, I’m like, “You’re right.  I need to write weeklies.”  So I related a bit to that email, and I’m just like, “okay, Elder Basham.  I love you.  You are just a great freaking example and a stud.”  How amazing is it just to think of Liam, or Elder Basham and his, just where he is now and the kind of person he is.  I love reading his emails. You probably don’t ever read them, I don’t even know if you get them.  But this last transfer he was saying how he has a hard companion right now, and he’s like “You know, I’ve kind of fallen in a trap where I’ve been just like doing things that are more, or just like given in.”  His companion would like, I don’t know that this is exactly what it is, but he wrote “things that are more entertaining than doing missionary work.”  From experience here, there are missionaries that would like set up a movie with a less active something and go watch it.  And he’s like “Now I’m learning the joys of standing up for what I know is right, even if it means standing alone.”  I thought of Gordon B Hinkley’s talk, and Elder Basham, Such A Stud.  I mean, he even gave up his thing over at ASU, he’s going to BYU, doesn’t want to be around that influence.  I’m just like, “I have so much respect for you.  You’re awesome.”  He’s grown so much, and I… He’s awesome.

Umm, oh! I freaking lost my copy of the Book of Mormon.  That one that I was marking in.  The Doctrine of Christ read through.  I got up to Alma, and I lost it.  I’m still continuing to go through, except this time in just my quad, just marking stuff that sticks out to me that day, and studying for my investigators.  Not starting over, I still want to go through, at least finish it another time on my mission, but I’m hoping it will turn up.  Cause I was really proud of that so far.  All the tabs, and all the markings, and like, that sucks.  I think it’s at the church somewhere.  The last time I saw it was, let’s see we had Amanda, then dinner, then we had basketball at the church, and then we went to a brief active member lesson with the Vrues (sp?).  We’ve checked with the Vrue’s and dinner, I guess I haven’t checked with Amanda.  We sorta checked the church, I want to check there again just in case.  So like we didn’t go too many places that day.  At least that evening.  I KNOW I had it before. So yeah, I’m sure it will turn up.  I doubt I have evil goblins following me around “Ha ha, I have his book of Mormon.”  If worse comes to worst and someone finds it, they’ll be blessed by it I’m sure.   We were just told of a story of a guy in our ward, he served a mission in… he was our ward mission leader, he served in Germany.  He had his quad and everything, really nice, that he had lost, like right before he went home.  So at that point when they had discussions, he had his quad all marked up and perfect for all the discussions and color coded, so he could just flip to any scripture he felt prompted to, he could see tabs on the side.  It was all marked up with two years of annotations and notes, he loved it and lost it. Their car got broken into. No, it wasn’t our ward mission leader because it was in California. Their car got broken into.  That’s right, because he said they were in the city and everything was always getting broken into.  So I don’t know who it was then, but it was in our ward.  But, some time goes by, he’d been home about like 18 months, when he gets this picture in the mail, with a  letter, of this family of a kid who’d been walking.  Basically this guy broke into the car and stole everything including this bag that he had with his scriptures and everything in it, and so he lost that.  Well this kid was walking by a dumpster and found this set of scriptures. In Spanish. Picked it up, and since it was a Spanish speaking mission in California, they were Spanish Scriptures.  And so he read it. Or started reading it.  He took it home and his whole family were like “woah!”  They read it a bit, but just kinda forgot about it, but they knew it was special and later missionaries knocked on their door, and they let the missionaries in and they started teaching and asked them “Can we give you some scriptures to read?”  And upon seeing these missionaries with these nice quads they have, they’re like, “Oh, well we already have one of those.”  And the missionaries are like, “No, these are kinda special, you probably wouldn’t have some like this.” “Well yes we do.”  And went to the back room and grabbed them with this other Elder’s name on it. And they are like “Oh.  You do.”  And the family ended up getting baptized.  And they contacted the mission president and got this old missionary’s contact information, and mailed the picture and a letter to him.

Yeah.  There’s that random side story.  I should probably finish this so I can still send it off. Twenty- Two minutes, yeah. Love you.  Hope you have a wonderful day, bye! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to send out a quick email to say hey! I'm alive! Stevensville hasn't killed me yet :) 

Things here have been pretty good, the Lord has really taught me a lot in the last 6 weeks. I really feel like this is where I was needed. When I first came here, things were a little rough, but I've been able to find a ton of peace through Christ's atonement. 

I don't have too much time today, but again, I want you all to know that I love you. Thank you for all of your love and kindness. Thank you all for inspiring me to be better :) 

And great scripture that I have been ponderizing lately is 3rd Nephi 13:32-34

I would strongly encourage you all to read it, it's helped me a lot this last week. Basically, we just need to focus on bringing ourselves closer to Christ. As we put our trust in him, things WILL work out. There's more in the scripture, but that's one of the biggest parts of it to me. I hope you all have a wonderful day! I pray that the Lord may bless and keep you all! 

Love you all!

Never Give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

Voice Recording May 29 part 4

Well good morning again!  So, just finishing my burrito, my laundry is done, at least the whites, and to make it a little less monotonous and boring, I figured I’d make a voice mail while doing it.  Oh.  I also need to make my bed today.  Ok!  Good to know.  I’ll remember that.  And pick up some stuff in my room.  Like, for the most part its fairly clean. Most of the stuff is off the floor.  Except there’s a couple corners that I’m like eh…. I should probably clean up, and it wouldn’t hurt to vacuum.  Anyways!  Yeah.  That’s life. I need to do that.

I wonder… If I’m going to be over here, I can probably set this down right here.  There we go.  Okay!  Folding time.  Slash hanging time.  I’m trying to think of eventful stuff that has happened this week.  Or other eventful stuff…  Well lets check the area book.

(whistling) Signing in… Going through the 9000 hoops to access the records…. Cause you know, privacy laws.  Lots of peoples personal information is on here.  Splits this week.  I went and taught the Bowmans with one of our ward mission leaders. Super awesome guy.  Brother Hall.  He served a mission in Germany.  Really fun to talk to. He was telling me about one time that he had a companion that was from like southern/central Utah, had a bit of a drawl, and had this giant purple bike.  Just Purple, light purple bike.  He’s like “You have a pink bike”.  “No I don’t.  It’s pank.”  But he was saying it was just a really worn down bike, the poor kid had to hold the light that’s normally supposed to be attached to the bike, he was holding it in his hand while riding and somehow didn’t see…  In Germany, the street signs weren’t on the street, the bike path is attached to the sidewalk in a sense, there’s a small gap between the bike path and the sidewalk where they put the street signs.  And he said it was late at night and they were kind of rushing to an appointment, and they weren’t paying attention too much to whether or not they were staying in the bike lane, or the sidewalk, they were just kind of weaving back and forth, no one is there, it’s night time, and they’re rushing to an appointment.  And his companion somehow didn’t see the street sign and biked just right into this thing.  Just “Boom!” He ended up actually denting the sign, and like bent the whole sign at a 45 degree angle. Pole and everything.  He was a big kid.  Brother Hall was telling us “ I never really saw exactly what he hit, I knew he hit a sign.  But I was like ‘Get up! Get up! Get up!’”  And he got back on his bike, his bike was okay, and they continued to run down to the appointment and make it in time, and he was telling me, “The whole lesson we kept asking if he was okay, like he was really, really pale and he wasn’t saying much.” They offered him food or water, but he just did not feel like taking any. Once they got home, he took off his shirt and there were giant, giant welts, like waist up to his neck, his whole face was turning purple.  He said he was totally fine and ended up recovering well, he just was… yeah.  We were laughing at that with him.  

We had a great lesson with the Bowmans, taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as part of their new member lessons.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is in essence just the 4th Article of Faith, it’s just Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  For them we made sure to talk a lot about the Sacrament and the importance of it, and enduring to the end, like really focusing on that, because they’ve had this lesson before and it’s simple. We basically just try to get them to open up about how they’ve grown lately, like say for faith, how they’ve exercised faith recently.  We pointed out how being baptized for them was an exercise in faith, and how they’ve kept the commandments of the Lord.  It was a really good lesson.  So it’s a single mom, and her two kids that were baptized.  The mom, 18 year old daughter, and a boy who is nine? I want to say? And they were baptized like half a week before I got here.  Super great family.  But Collin, he’s a nine year old boy.  He’s like not always paying attention, or at least it looks like it.  And he’s kinda like lying down on the couch, they’re trying to get him to sit up, and I’m just like “I was a nine year old boy once, I know what it’s like.  I ain’t gonna judge.”  And at one point we asked the family a question, like “What’s enduring to the end?”  Or something like that.  And while laying down, or no I think he kinda sat up a bit, he gives this answer, he’s like “Well, we have to endure to the end, we have to increase our testimonies every day in Christ and strive to do that otherwise we’re gonna fail” or something like that, and I’m just like “What?!?! That came out of your mouth?!? You’ve been paying attention?!?”  And everyone was shocked, I mean like, Brother Hall… He’s just like “What?!?” And he’s like “Well I paid attention.  I don’t look like it, but I know everything you guys say.”  I’m like “Oh my goodness Collin!”  So he’s not getting off the hook now.  Like we’d ask him questions the rest of the time and he’d pretend not to hear us.  And we’re like “Collin we know you’re listening to us.”  And he’s like “You’re right…”  And he’d answer and give these amazing, amazing answers. 

Like I’ve had this experience time and time again.  Primary kids – the Lord uses them.  Their faith is just so pure and so strong.  They know things.  Like I’m fairly certain I told you when I was in Butte about the family, the Blakens, that their youngest daughter wanted to get baptized, she was I think 8.  Seven or Eight when her grandmother started taking her to go to church. Like, the family would go to church every now and then, or the kids would at least.  Mom wasn’t active, and dad wasn’t a member.  And this little daughter wanted to get baptized, so she made sure she would go to church every week.  Including when her grandmother couldn’t take her.  The days that her grandmother couldn’t take her, she’d go and wake up her mom and say “Hey mom, can you take me to church?” And she’s 8!  And her mom would say “Okay, well go get yourself showered and dressed and then come wake me up.” You know thinking, that she’s 8 so she’ll get distracted and forget about it and stuff.  And she’d immediately reply to her mom, “I already am.”  She already got herself up, dressed, changed, showered, and then woke her mom up in time to take her to church.  Over time through baring testimony to her family, and getting them to take her to church every week, she got her siblings and her mom all active again, and we’d be sitting down in lessons with her dad and she pretty much got her dad to be “Hey. You need to listen to these guys.”  And of course her mom coming back, and feeling the spirit, and they worked on the dad, and he’s awesome.  I don’t think he’s baptized yet, but I know he’s getting close.  He knows it’s true, he’s just struggling to give up stuff.  You know, having a cold beer at the end of the day, or …  It’s hard.  I get it.  But this 8 year old girl got her whole family reactivated.  And to the point where… Her testimony is just fantastic.  We’d be sitting down to the lesson, and we’d ask a question, and she’d just raise her hand, and just give the most profound doctrinal answer, just so pure and so faithful.  I’m like “Oh my goodness.”  The spirit would be so strong every time she spoke, because she KNEW the gospel was true. She had no doubts.  And so I have a testimony of kids and Collin was just an amazing example of that this week.  

How long has this been?  Only 10 minutes, ok.  Immediately I can’t think of anything else. Did some service this week. Got to help out a guy named Chris.  We’ve been doing service for him about every other week and helping him out.  This week we laid down some irrigation pipe again, he fed us lunch.  He always does amazing, amazing food. Oh yeah, we de-weeded a lot of his green house.  Which considering how hot it was here, like I thought about getting a greenhouse back home so I could grow some fun trees, like banana trees, and I’m like, “No.” I don’t want to be de-weeding in a greenhouse, if it’s this hot here,  I don’t even want to know how hot it would be in Arizona.  But yeah.  Had a great time helping him out. 

That’s about it I think for this week.  I committed myself.  I’m going to make an email, even if it’s short.  So expect one from me. Follow up with me.  We’ll be busy most of the day so it will probably be in the morning while we’re driving or something. Or as we’re driving back. I’ll type out something.  But I won’t have a lot of time to be in wifi today, so that’s probably what I will be doing.  
Love you, have a wonderful day.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. Bye. 

Voice Recording May 29 part 3

Good morning again!  So funny story real quick, ‘Daemon’ has been stuck in my head, I don’t know why.  I always thought that was the funniest thing.  Flo was like “Guys, I promise you, this song about the heart of Jesus overcoming the devil.”  And I’m like, “WHERE in the song does it say that?”  The whole song we’re literally just chanting “Daemon!”, with a couple of things, I think Jesus Christ is mentioned once.  It was just a running joke, I know that’s what the message is about, but I think the song might have been abridged or something because, I remember as we were singing the song, if you flip it over, (to read the translation)  it hardly ever says the word ‘demon’ and it’s all like “The heart of Jesus” and all these things, and “the power of the devil, the power of the devil”, but mostly all this stuff about Jesus, and I’m like, “There’s no way that’s the accurate translation of exactly what we are singing.”

Anyways, that was not what I meant to share, but that was just what was in my head.  Having a great day, we just talked to our ward mission leader actually, Brother Wilton, he won’t be taking us out to the Ghost town today, because they just got back in town and they’re really busy, he’s trying to catch up on some work.  We’re like “Don’t worry about it! Totally.  We’re going for a hike today.”  That probably will be enough for my knees, in all honesty.  I know, how sad is it when I can’t do a three mile round trip hike?  Well, I can do it, I just think I’m going to be on some pain killers afterwards.

Oh, let me think, what was I going to… Oh yeah!  So on the 17th, I keep meaning to tell you about this, but I keep forgetting, we’re doing a float!  I’m going to be in a parade.  We’re doing a whole Family History giant parade thing, and ward council is like “Let’s get all our missionaries in our zone on it!” And I’m like, “Oh, okay!” So we’re going to be doing that apparently.  It’s going to be tons of fun, and be offering help with family history, and church tours, and we have two parades, this one, and one in like a month and a half that we’re going to try and do.  So, I’m like, “Alright! This will be fun!” Still gotta get President’s official permission for it, but at least for the whole zone to be there, we will still be there at the very least.  It’ll be good.  I’m really excited and pumped about that.

Other than that, the days going to be going fairly well, still just like we had planned.  I’m going to be going having Family home evening with the family we have dinner with for tonight.  That will be good, it’s the Eyre family.  Elder Johnson really loves them.  I’ve only met them once, but they are really great people.  I guess apart from at church, but that doesn’t really count.  Like when I meet people in their home for the first time, I say “Nice to meet you” because just shaking someone’s hand in the hallway at church doesn’t really count as meeting them. 

Yeah!  That’s about it. All I really have to share.  Thought there was more, but there’s not really.  This will be short.  Love you!  Bye!

Voice Recording May 29 part 2

Good morning, mom!  Let’s see, just finished washing the pan and the spatula.  We ran out of Pam spray which is the saddest day ever.  We ran out like a week ago. Nine days ago.  And I forgot to buy some last Monday.  So, thankfully, in the cupboards I found a thing of sesame oil, so I’ve been using that.  And it’s been an adventure. Since, I’m never too sure if I put in enough until I spread it around, and then I’m like, “Oh crap.  I’m freaking deep frying my eggs right now.”  Today it looks like I put in just enough.  So, kinda the dilemma, I kinda like the taste of using sesame oil more than Pam definitely.  But, I don’t like my eggs to be oily at all.  So I use less oil, but then they stick to the pan.  So that is kinda the dilemma I’m in.  What are some of your cooking thoughts on that?  I mean the taste isn’t that much of a difference, I can deal with it, I mean this morning I’m probably going to go buy Pam and I’m going to deal with it, and use it, because it’s so much easier and faster.  And I don’t end up with oily eggs.  I don’t know.  Yeah.  That’s that.

So, How have you been?  Things have been going well.  Things here have been well.  It has been a tough couple of weeks. My companion’s in the shower now, but it has been a tough couple of weeks. Elder Johnson’s kind of like checking out.  Definitely.  But the Lord has been really good in helping me honestly.  And teaching me a lot more.  Like even in my studies today, I’m going to grab my… I was… oh crap…I don’t even remember where it was.  Gosh darn it.  This is why you write stuff down.  Oh, yes.  Now I remember.  It was last night, I was kinda feeling a little frustrated, and I ended up turning to Alma, Chapter…. It was near the end… sorry, turning to it, if you’ll forgive me… wow I could have sworn like… okay maybe it was a little later… Yeah I think it was a little later.  So I’m in like about the 50’s? Long story short, it’s that one chapter where… Oh! Got it! Alma 56.  Nope. Nope. Gosh Freaking Darnit. Well, I thought I had it. Got it.  Alma 60. So this is the chapter where Moroni basically writes a letter to Pahoran, just chastising him.  Just being like, “Hey, Because of your sin and your ignorance, and forgetting us, men are dying. We don’t have supplies.  All these children, these families are being slaughtered by the Lamanites out here and we can’t protect them adequately enough.”  And then come to find out Pahoran is like “Dude, I’m trying!  My heart sorrows because of this, however I am rejoicing because of your faithfulness.  These men have risen up and basically a civil war has started as well, in the middle of this war.”  And there were a couple of verses that stuck out to me as I was reading, It was kinda like, Alma as he was “Or is it that ye have neglected us because ye are in the heart of the country and ye are surrounded by our security that ye do not cause food to be sent to us, also men to strengthen our armies? Have ye forgotten the commandments of the Lord your God?  Yea, have ye forgotten the captivity of our fathers? Have ye forgotten the many times we have been delivered out of the hands of our enemies? Do ye suppose that the Lord will still deliver us as we sit upon our thrones and do not make use of the means which the Lord has provided for us?”  Especially that verse, 21, really stuck out to me, and I am just like “Am I making use of all the means the Lord has given me to receive strength?  To help others. To love, have charity, patience, forgiveness, and all these things.”  The Lord has taught me a lot about forgiveness recently. I don’t know, it kind of hit me really hard there just kinda taking those verses, not out of the context of the story, but the principles they were saying. I was like “Oh! You’re right!” That was pretty cool for me this morning to read that and to see.  And also I was watching Life of Jesus Christ Bible videos, back in Helena I found a way to basically just download them all, because we don’t have access to the app or anything, so I went on LDS.org on my tablet, and since it’s a Samsung I can just download videos off the internet, or off of the internet we get access to, so LDS.org. I can download and save them to my device to view later.  So I downloaded ALL the Bible videos, and have them all in order, in chronological, so I’ve been watching those and got to the… Oh which one was it? There was a couple that hit me.  I don’t even remember immediately.  I’m trying to look at the list.  Let’s see… My Files… SD card… videos… Bible videos… (whistling Ode to Joy) Yes! Um, so there’s a couple ones, like “Go and Sin No More”, you know the woman who was caught in adultery, that was huge, “Go and sin no more, neither do I condemn thee.” And then the “Forgive Seventy times seven” is big.  And there was a lot of these like, In order for us to receive forgiveness, do we not realize we have to treat others with forgiveness and love them, and cherish them, and help them out?  Even with Alma and Amulek, or Alma initially in the city, he strove to, even has they were rejecting him, to love them, and cherish them.  And that was cool.  However, we’ve been getting along pretty well.  So it’s not that bad, it’s been good.

As far as other things go this week, like I said, we had some great lessons.  Mary is still struggling to come to church.  She was doing super good. And now it’s just been that Satan has been working really hard against them lately.  It’s been things like “Clearly Satan doesn’t want you guys to come to church.” So the last three weeks it’s been, I don’t remember what it was two weeks ago, I really don’t remember.  This last week her son had taken her car and pretty much ran it out of gas, and took all her money and bought cigarettes.  So she was stuck and we found out a little too late to give her a ride.  This week she slept in and woke up right as church was starting and she’s like, “no,no,no,no!” And so she texted us, “Guys, I’m so sorry, is there another session that I can come?” And we’re like, “Yeah!  Don’t worry.  There’s one at 12:30”  Well, apparently she didn’t get the text.  And we texted her at like 12:15, and asked her if she was still coming, and it didn’t work out.  She’s been so looking forward to coming.  She’s an investigator we’ve been teaching.  Super awesome lady.  Used to be Jehovah’s Witness, but never really found a lot of fellowship or love there. She found like care but, in her words, “I had a lot of great experiences with Jehovah’s Witnesses”, but it was always like the attitude of “You should be thankful I’m doing this to you”, she really needed help and they weren’t there for her, but Mormons were, and so that helped a lot.  She’s recently loved the Book of Mormon, although she hasn’t been reading it so  I’m worried about her.  I know she struggles a lot.  Works RIDICULOUS hours at the hospital, and is just always exhausted.  So we’re trying to help her find ways to do that.

Mary, Jacob, Amanda, Hurless family… I didn’t get to meet with them this week.  Another investigator family we are teaching.  It’s this older couple.  Brother Hurless has a terminal brain injury. He’ll be dying soon. I don’t know how soon, but pretty dang soon.  He’s been feeling it more and more affect him, but he’s found a lot of peace in God recently.  The missionaries used to meet with him, and we recontacted him, and they let us in.  Don’t know how interested they are in learning, they love it when we come over and share a message of Christ, of peace and hope.  We went over a couple of times, we challenged him last time to read the Book of Mormon and to pray if families can be eternal.  And this next time, the spirit was kinda telling us, “Yeah, that was great that you taught that, that’s really a principle that they need to hear, but you should teach them HOW families can be eternal, not just that they are, but HOW.” And we’re like, “Oh. Okay.” So that’s our plan for the next lesson. We still need to pray about it obviously, but that’s the thought we had last time.  We’re planning on visiting him this week, or on splits this Thursday.  We have a couple fellowshippers in the ward that they like.  (Sigh)  I love the people here so much.  There’s so many struggles here.  They just break my heart. But, there’s this one guy that we went and did service for, I think I told you about this last week.  Maybe. Maybe not.  We went to help move hay, like I got scratched up ridiculously, and I was kinda like “This is a long service project… I don’t know how effective it is…I’m still doing it… I don’t feel bad about it, but… ”  Those were kinda some of the thoughts going through my head. And then the next day in ward council, literally the next day, the Bishop tells us that he has a terminal disease as well, like it’s getting to the point where he just approached Bishop to make arrangements, finalize his will and everything.  It’s going to be soon.  So it really was good that we, at least that’s what kept hitting me, and even the spirit was like telling me, “No, you’re doing a good thing, shut up.” And so I went and did it. But yeah.  

The Lord knows what he is doing.  That has been the theme of this transfer.  I swear that a lot of these transfers have themes. Like Powell, when I was with Elder Tucker, we joked that our theme was “There can be miracles when you believe.”  And we played that song all the time from Prince of Egypt.  Here it’s “I am the Lord, I know what I am doing. Just listen to me. Listen to my spirit please.  TRUST ME. I know I’m doing.”  I’m like “You’re right.”  I feel like I listen to the Lord, I just doubt sometimes.  Doubting Thomas.  That’s what I am at times.”  And now I’m out of tortillas, good thing today is Monday.

Let’s see, what else has been going on?  As far as eventful stuff goes…  See, the eggs, well I guess you can’t see, but the eggs are good, but oily. Like I only put enough in to just kind of coat the bottom enough that it won’t stick.  I had a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this week.  Kinda off topic, but holy cow. I’m just like, kinda done with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  There was one day when I had one for lunch, I had a bunch of toast that morning , oh yeah, I discovered an old jar of Nutella in the pantry that no one’s touched.  Long story short, that jar of Nutella is now gone.  I was like “Oooh!” and so every day I would have one or two pieces of toast with Nutella on it.  It was glorious.  But that jar of Nutella is gone.  And I don’t get money for another couple of days so I won’t be buying any this week, which is probably best for my health, since it’s not good for you.  It was such an easy breakfast. I could get up and I was lazy and I’m like “I don’t want to make eggs. I’ve had them every day for awhile.  Oh yay! Nutella!” And so I’d just have toast with Nutella and a bunch of water and lemonade, and that was my breakfast.

How long has this been going? 18 minutes.  Good, I just finished eggs, they are in my tortilla, I need to bless it, so I’m going to stop this recording anyway since it’s getting long, bless my food, and maybe come up with a list of other things I’d like to tell you this week.  I feel so bad about the last couple of weeks, like literally I will be sitting down with my ipad for like an hour, chatting to other people, and like trying to start writing a weekly email, or something. And, I just have no desire to.  I’m like, THIS is just so much easier.  It’s HARD to sit down and write an email.  I’m going to try to force myself to sit down and write something, because it’s the end of a transfer and I haven’t sent one out.  So I’m going to send out SOMETHING even if it’s a “Hey, I’m alive.  Don’t have too much time today.  Love you all.”  With pictures.

Anyways, I’m going to pause this. Love you to death. Have a wonderful day. Bye. 

Voice Recording May 29 part 1

Well, good morning! It’s me, your son, Elder Berrett. It’s a beautiful day.  Just finished personal study, it’s 8:22 am.   Loving life. Still have to make breakfast.  But yeah, it’s just wonderful.  The horses are out today.  Our next door neighbors on both sides have horses and pastures of grass.  Oh and of course like to my left there’s a pasture of grass and horses, and to my right, the same, and trees every where and straight ahead there’s the mountains with white caps of snow and rolling green hills with trees and flowers of all kinds and summer is wonderful.  I love summer. After the winter especially.  This is definitely some place that I’d love to come visit in the summer. 

But I don’t know, I was talking to a family yesterday and they were telling me their kids don’t know but they kept asking me what Gilbert and the area is like, and they’re like, “We’re moving. To Gilbert.” And I’m like, “What?!?” So a family from one of our wards is moving to Gilbert. In like a month.  A month or two. And their kids don’t know yet.  Their oldest is a junior, they have a 14 year old boy.  They have a junior, and a 14 year old boy, an 8 year old boy, and then like a 3 year old I think?  Super, super amazing family.  Love them to death.  Really they showed me, they are moving out to San Tan valley, so I’m like “Okay, that’s not quite in Gilbert, but it’s still in the Gilbert mission.”  I’m like “That’s so cool” but we were talking and kind of comparing and they’re asking me a lot of what it’s like, what it’s like growing up there, and it just kind of further set it in me that I don’t want to live anywhere else right now.  But you know the valley and even Arizona is a wonderful place to live.  As much as I love the beauty and everything out here, I really don’t want to live out here.  I’d love to come and visit, to be around, to have fun, but I just wouldn’t want to live here.  The LDS community isn’t that big.  She was saying that people don’t like to do lots of socializing with people.  They have friends that move to North Dakota because “in the last 10 years 10 people have moved in around us and its just getting way too big here” and so they move.  And I’m like, “What?!?” This place is like so… the houses are so spread apart.  But yeah.  I love home.  But I love it here, so yeah.  That’s my thoughts on that.

For right now, like I’m hungry, well how many eggs do I have? Two.  Uh, yeah, I can just make some eggs.  And like some toast. That’ll be good.  Oh! Duh.  I got transfer news.  Uh, you’re probably wondering about that.  Sorry. (laughs) I am staying here in Stevensville.  Elder Johnson is leaving and going to Cody, Wyoming.   I’m like “Oh!”  This will be his third time in Wyoming.  He was in Thermopolis, same zone that I was in, and then Buffalo.  Which is in the other Wyoming zone.  So he’ll be going to Cody.  He’ll be companions with his trainer.  And I’m like “That is super cool!” And they’re like, “Elder Berrett, do you know who your companion is?” And I’m like, “No!”  And he’s like “Okay, well it’s Elder Haa…”  And I’m like “No way it’s Elder Hendricks, I get my trainer too?” And then they said “Elder Hand.”  And I’m like “Oh.” Okay, so it’s not Elder Hendricks.  It was just kinda funny.  I had to pause, and they way they were saying it at first I totally thought they were going to say Elder Hendricks.  Especially since he… the way his family, they are going to come pick him up and everything and tour the mission, and he gets to extend his mission like two weeks.  And he’s been asking President, he’s like “So the last two weeks, the last transfer or something, can I please be with Elder Berrett?”  But the Lord has a plan.  And I am really excited to meet Elder Hand.  He’s been out six weeks, er six months.  Everything I’ve heard about him has been great.  He seems like a stud.  I’m going to be sad to see Elder Johnson go,  but I’m excited.

Let me think…. So yeah, that’s that.  I’m staying. I’ve got at least another 6 weeks here in Stevensville.  Most likely I will finish here.  I mean, the Lord has a plan, I may be needed somewhere else my last six weeks, but for right now the second to last transfer I will be here in Stevensville.  That’s really crazy to think about.  In six weeks, at the end of this transfer, I will only have one transfer left, I will be starting ‘My Plan’.  I’ll know where I will be the rest of my mission. Like yeah, that blows my mind.  But that’s three months away, I don’t need to think about that.

Things here have been going well.  My desk is a mess.  It’s like somewhat organized, sort of.  On my left I have all my envelopes and stamps and letters and things.  In the very middle is my Preach My Gospel, one of my copies of the Book of Mormon, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness, and that’s where I keep my quad.  To the right I have a bunch of papers, my journal, Altoids, pens, a couple of random stuff.  Tylenol, glorious Tylenol.   And Veterinary Liniment Gel.  It’s like extreme icy hot.  And then strewn around I have various marking things, Patriarchal Blessing, the front cover of one of my Preach My Gospels that fell off from use, phone, The Living Christ, lots of pens, flash drive, gospel study journal.  At least I didn’t lose that one.  I still got that one.

I’m excited for today, we have a fun preparation day planned.  We’re going on a hike up Blodgett Mountain or Blodgett Overlook, yes that’s it’s called.  Blodgett Overlook.  And then we’re going to come… so at first we’re going to go to Hamilton, we’re going to be there by… the plan is to be there by 12, or 11:50. Drive off as a zone, to go do service for someone who is making us all lunch, and then go to Blodgett Overlook. Do that, it’s a short hike, apparently beautiful and fun, and then Elder Johnson and I after that will come back here, and one of our ward mission leaders, Brother Wilton is going to take us out to a ghost town around here, so it’ll be kind of fun.  Busy, but fun.

The sunsets here have been gorgeous lately. They’ve been reminding me a bit more of Arizona sunsets.  I’m like, “Oh, I remember what those look like!” It’s kinda cool with the mountains though, living so close to them.  Cause you have this really really dark red that near the end of the sunset will just like come up shooting past the mountains, and if you take a picture of it, with my camera I put it in Sunset mode, or make the brightness go down, then I take a picture and it just looks like red shooting up from behind the mountains. And I’m like “Oh my goodness the world is ending!” It looks so cool. 

This week has been really fun.  So we had an amazing lesson with Jacob.  Oh my goodness that kid is a stud!  So freaking prepared for the gospel.  I’m so excited for our lesson hopefully tomorrow with him.   Jacob is the grandson of an active member in our ward. His grandpa lives here and Jacob is about 18, our age and he lives in Salt Lake City.  His mom is less active or inactive and is coming back.  And while he was here his grandpa was “Well since you’re with me, you’re not missing any church!”  And Jacob is not a member, so we’ve been teaching him.  I know he’s on the prayer list if you even have access to that.  Most likely I will be including that list in my weekly email.  So far it’s only like 4 or 5 people.  We taught him the Restoration and he’s like, “This is awesome!  I mean I already know all this, but this is great!”  Apparently so as he’s been here, his grandpa has been telling him about things and teaching him and he went to church, and apparently all the lessons were focused around the Restoration, and the watched one of the Restoration videos, and then he went home and watched the Restoration movie with his grandpa, and then the next day we came over and taught him about the restoration.  So it was great!  We went a little more in depth on some things and his grandpa went a little more in depth on some other things, so he’s got a solid foundation on the Restoration.  And he knows it’s true.  At least to an extent.  Like he doesn’t doubt it, he’s super excited to just read and find out more and learn everything. So teaching him was really fun this week.

We had a lesson with Amanda this week.  She was an online media referral.  So she went on and requested a copy of the Bible and a missionary from Salt Lake followed up and they’re like “Hey!  Yeah!”  And sister Choo, I think her name is, and she’s like “Hey Amanda, thanks for requesting that, we’ll send some missionaries over your way, where do you live?”  and talked to her and convinced her to take a copy of the Book of Mormon as well.  And like THAT DAY, this was like 3 or 4 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago,  and we get a text and we’re in the middle of Priesthood for the second time that day because we’ve got two wards, and it was a 5th Sunday, I remember that, so that was awhile ago then, but it was a 5th Sunday combined lesson, and it was the Just Serve initiative which was starting up here, and I’m like “Hey, I know what this is.  We did this years ago.”  And so we’re like, “Well we can sit here and go through this thing again, OR! Oh Hey! We just got a referral!  Let’s go!”  And so we did. And she’s like “I just requested this a little bit ago! I didn’t realize you guys would be so fast! This is great!” She’s a mom, with two young kids, the daughter is like 9 and the other one is 3, I think, or 7 and 3 or something.  The dad is not religious.  Not interested.  But she was super, super welcoming and everything.  Anyways, that happened awhile ago, and we were sorta staying in contact, we were trying and trying and trying, and we finally got a lesson set up and she’s super busy with her two kids and two jobs and they also moved out here two years ago and are trying to start a farm.  So, she’s been really busy. We were finally able to set up something and have a lesson.  We explained the Book of Mormon to her because she had some questions about it, she hadn’t started reading it yet.  She read the scripture we sent her by text one time, which I’m like, “Why don’t we do that more?  Gosh darnit!” But she read it, and she liked that, and so that was really fun to be able to sit down with her.  She had a couple of questions, we answered, and committed her… Backing up a bit, every question she’d ask, we’d refer her back to the introduction, where Elder Johnson was really good at just coming out and testifying of something, “Yeah!  Like here’s a part of the Book of Mormon where it explains this…”  And so she was like “So what you are saying is that I should just read it and all my questions will be answered.”  And so we committed her read the Title Page, Introduction, Testimony of the Witnesses, and start the Book of Mormon.  And so she’s like “Okay!  Will do!”  And so we’re going to follow up with that. Keep trying to send her scriptures.  At one point she asked the question, “So if you guys are Christians, how come you are so persecuted by everyone else?”  And Elder Johnson and I are just sitting there, “That’s a really good question.”   We didn’t quite come out and tell her it was because “Well, we’re the true church and Satan doesn’t want people to join us…”  And we’re like, “well, there’s lots of reasons.  People just don’t quite know all the facts about us…” 

I do feel a little bad though because I felt the prompting from the spirit to say like, “Satan has always persecuted any of God’s work. Christianity in all its forms.” And just kind of leave it at that to at least set that foundation. I chickened out, so I didn’t.  I don’t even know why I did.  Like it’s not even that big.  I’ve told people bolder things and committed people to do more things, but for that… Ugh.  Always listen to the spirit. That was like my whole personal study today.  The Lord was like, “Please listen to me.”  I was reading about Alma and Amulek and Alma goes to the city of Amonihah, and just gets COMPLETELY rejected.  And so he keeps on trying and keeps on trying to the point where they have to physically throw him out, and so he’s walking away just feeling awful. An angel comes to him and he’s like, “Hey! Rejoice!  One, you’ve been keeping the commandments of the Lord, you’ve been faithful! And now that you’re rejoicing, go back.”  (laughs) So Alma went back SWIFTLY, and went to another entrance, and I’m like “okay, so he’s obeying, but he’s being smart.”  He meets up with Amulek.  Amulek feeds him and immediately recognizes him as a prophet of God, because an angel came and told him, and basically because they both were faithful and listened to the spirit, they had the power with them, so they were able to teach and do great things there.  I only had a half an hour so I only read that one chapter today.   And I also read a bit in Preach My Gospel 4 about the spirit.  One, it was the promise that like missionaries are told to strive to always have the Spirit, to teach with the power of God and of Heaven, and I’m like… In the margin I wrote, “We can literally have the power of heaven with us to teach.  We should never fear. Anything.”  Like, obviously be smart in situations, but we have the power of God with us when we are striving to have the spirit.  Like, that is amazing.   And then also, I noticed this little scripture study box that I’ve never seen before at the end of chapter four, and I’m like, “Oh! What is this?” And at the top it is like “Why you must listen to the spirit.” Oh! Okay.  And I start reading some of the scriptures and it’s just like, I’m trying to remember the exact wording, but in essence it’s just like if you quiet the spirit and don’t listen to it, the Lord is like “There is no place for these people and they will be thrust down to hell.” And I’m like, “Clearly I need to repent of that.” There are times that I get too scared to say what it wants me to say, and I know I’m probably going to struggle with that the rest of my life.  Something that everybody struggles with, to a point.  Like “Spirit, are you sure I shouldn’t take this road?  Like, I went this way my whole life….”  Or “Do I really need to put on my seatbelt right now?  Like, I’m fine.”  No.  If the spirit tells you something, you need to do it. So that was kind of the point of my studies today.  I loved it.  Really great. Journaling’s been great.  Didn’t do it last night.  I’m averaging at least a couple days a week.  The start of my journal is usually, “Okay, a recap of the last few days…” Boom.  But I definitely feel my nights go better if I manage to journal too.  And I know that journaling is an eternal principle.  So, putting that here because I’m just trying to do better.

How long has this been? 19 minutes and 24 seconds.  Okay.  I should probably stop.  I’m gonna quickly wash the pan for my eggs and I’ll start making another recording.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  God bless.  I hope you have a great day at work!  Oh no, you don’t work today, it’s a holiday!  I hope you have a fun day with the kids.  At least I think you don’t work today.  Maybe. I don’t know if everyone gets it off, I just know the library is closed today.  However we had someone come and unlock the family history center real briefly, so I will have like 15 minutes to get on and email dad real quick.  Anyways, I am going to stop this because I don’t want it to be too big that I can’t email it off.  Love you!  Bye!