Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall is a Thing!

My dearest darlingest momsy and popsicle, 
My Dear Father (and mom/friends)
There's been some confusion concerning weather here in Great Falls
But of course I'll care for Elder (Hendricks)
But of course I'll RIIIIIIIIIse above it
For I know that's how you'd want me to respond, yes
There's been some confusion for you see the weather is
unusually and extremely peculiar, and altogether quite impossible to describe
What are these colors so sudden and new?

(Opening paragraph adapted from the song "Loathing" from the musical Wicked)

So if you can't tell, I'm a little taken aback by how colorful everything is here. Unfortunately I had pictures but due to an unfortunate accident involving me forgetting my ipad password, then incorrectly entering in 12 times and then having my Ipad then decide that the best course of action is to completely wipe itself of all information so as to protect all of our investigators information. On the bright side though, I now have a clean (data wise) ipad before me now ready to fill with all sorts of things again!

This week has been full of all sorts of crazy things. This week both my companion and I were able to give blessings to struggling less actives, and even dedicate a house! I didn't even know that was a thing! So cool. It's been kind of weird to think that I have the priesthood and that I can give blessings and help others. That was only something that all the cool older people did. I'm just an 18 yr. old missionary. I think the coolest part though is that it doesn't matter. 18 or 88 the priesthood is still the same. It is still the same spirit that puts words into our minds and helps us to know what to say/do. I love this work and this gospel.

This week my companion and I also tried some new amazing foods! We tried making our own chow mein (ok but left a bad after taste) chili cheese dogs (AMAZING!!!) and we even baked some yummy goods to give out to investigators and less actives. mainly chocolate covered pretzels and raspberries. (looks like I may have actually learned a thing or two from watching my mom) it was funny trying to melt the chocolate without one of those fancy double pot things we just sorta hung a smaller pot over a larger one full of water and jury rigged it that way. I would have pictures but apparently remembering passwords is actually a thing. 

This week was also fantastic because apple released IOS 9 which includes a really cool new notes app thingy which my companion and I may or may not have spent quite a while drawing on it and making funny pictures with it during our breakfast/lunch times.

We have also had quite a few funny moments happen this week. because our area book (which is digital now and so cool!)  is so full of new and potential investigators that haven't been contacted in 200+ days (and none of them have been dropped) that my companion this week set about recontacting some of these people to clean up the area book and help us to focus on the people who actually are interested (and try to make weekly planning less than 4 hours). One of the potentials that we contacted shall be called Jack (name changed). In the area book we saw that missionaries tried to re contact him about 90 days ago so we thought this would be easy. Knock, ask if he would like to listen to our unique message of the restored gospel, get the door slammed in our face, and walk away and drop him. easy right? Well apparently the missionaries failed to mention that he was basically never home. As in hadn't been home in over 100 days and hadn't been contacted because no one knows where he is. In fact when we walked up to the door we found cobwebs and a copy of the book of Mormon sitting there from the last time that they tried to visit him. After we realized this we couldn't stop laughing and just left a pamphlet on top of the book, knocked, and walked away.

Another cool thing about recontacting people is when you find someone who is really excited about the gospel and even wants to come to church! we found a few families like that and were able to set up solid appointments with them for later this week :) cant wait!

Sorry that this email is a little shorter than the others, we have a ton of stuff to do today and we have to go pick up the other elders that we are in a car share with. I love getting all of your emails and will continue to respond to them today (since apparently I'm allowed to write emails anytime today from 10 to 6 thanks to ipads. I love you all and hope that you all have a Fantastic week! 

Never Give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett   

Elder Berrett - OH MY HECK!! I loved the Wicked intro!!  I’m sorry about you wiping your ipad, that sucks.  But remember than snazzy camera I gave you???  Keep it in your bag, and then you can take pictures with it, and send them to me when you are in wifi J  and then if you wipe your ipad again, it won’t be that big of a deal J Glad you are loving fall.  That’s one thing I really miss because of living in Arizona- no seasons.  It’s still summer here.  High of 102 today.  Blue skies.  Repeat every day this week.

I’m so happy you learned a thing or two about cooking J  

You’re awesome.  I live for your emails.  

♥♥♥ Mom    

Thanks :) I loved it too. It was really fun to write :) yes I remember, I just need to actually remember to take it out of my bag. Half of the time we only take our iPads since our cases for them hold a Book of Mormon and about 6 pamphlets but I will DEFINITELY remember it from now on. 

Oh my goodness. So hot.  It's 58 right now and I'm sweating.  How funny is that!? 58.  Perfect for me is like 40-45.
Just took this picture. 

I love it here. 

I love all of your emails by the way! And all of Christopher's. Sorry but his are my favorite. He sends me all sorts of things like Star Wars airplanes and salad. If you could pass that on that would be fantastic! I love you mom! 

Sorry got to go again. Shopping and stuff.
Never Give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Month!

Family, friends, country men, lend me your ears!

This week has been an amazing week. Definitely full of excitement and adventure and spiritual moments.

I think I'm going to start off talking about food since I know I'm going to end up doing it later anyway. Wow. I've had some pretty amazing food this week. Some of the more fantastic things included some fantastic Albanian meat balls (from a couple who met in Albania while the husband was on his mission there) a supreme pizza WITH cheese sticks, baked potatoes and chili. Lots of glorious chili. Oh and elder Hendricks and I may or may not have experimented with some Hawaiian sweet rolls. We cut them in half then fried them a bit, spread some Nutella on top, then added a bit of syrup. Definitely one of the sweetest things that I have ever had, and I'm pretty sure that I gained 10 pounds just looking at it...but it was Glorious. Also the sweet rolls lead us perfectly into what was the most..."interesting" thing that I have now had to date. We wouldn't have even thought of this unless we hadn't run out of hot dog buns for the brats. Because we ran out, and we really wanted some brats, we decided to use the Hawaiian sweet rolls. The only thing was, we also sort of had the idea to put Tapatio sauce on it. Wow. It was terrible. But in an amazing way. It was like a car wreck that you just can't take your eyes off of. Or stop eating.

This week we also rediscovered the joys of biking. Especially with my brand new bike that just got here! It was so amazing! Everything worked perfectly. Even the brakes which were out through extensive crash dummy testing. A pair of elders may or may not have been the crash test dummies but that is beside the point.

So this week my companion and I were really humbled and taught the importance of daily and weekly planning. While we have been planning and trying to make sure that we have things scheduled for every day, we sort of have been forgetting to set back up plans. Which is really unfortunate for those late times of the day like 8:00, when you have lessons that fall through and it's too dark to try daily contact or Tracting. While we were productive this week and got a few new miracle investigators, there were a few times this week where we were humbled and realized that not everything works out the way that we might hope that it will.

So while there were a few rough spots this week it was still an absolutely amazing week! In fact this Wednesday we had an assistant, elder McGrath, come down and join us for 24 hours. At first we were really nervous but it was absolutely fantastic! We only had one appointment fall through but during that time we were able to get two miracle contacts! The coolest part however is that one of them is a whole family and we met them by going door to door, singing! It's really amazing all of the miracles that happen through song. 

The other one we saw across the street right outside his apartment. While we thought that he was going to be a little crazy because he was holding his cat like a babe and just looking at the stars. Turns out that he is actually a really cool guy, unfortunately he is having issues in believing that there is a god but after talking to him for a bit and showing him a really cool Mormon message he really opened up to us and said that he did want to believe but just didn't think that he could.

He is totally willing to take lessons and is really excited to meet with us! I think the coolest part though is that his first name is Nick. :)

Also this week we had our district musical number in zone training. Wow. That was intense. We sang something called come unto Christ and it was fantastic. The spirit was so strong and it was fun to see the audience "revived" after sitting down and just listening to people talk for an hour or two.

Also my knee is doing better! Well at least I'm able to now walk up the stairs from our basement house without using the railing! Biking is still a little tough at times especially with all the hills but i think that I may be getting better. I did also get to talk to the mission home about my brace and they said that they were going to find a way to get it back to me along with my cool magnetic name tag that I also left. Also the miracle horse guys muscle regrowth paste (M.H.G.M.R.P. For short) is fantastic! I was only able to use it once because someone else in the district right over needed it for their shoulder but I think we will be sharing it week on week off with our car that we are also sharing with them.

Sorry for the long email but one last thing real quick. Fall is real.
The stories are true. LEAVES CHANGE COLOR! It's insane! Also the leaves get everywhere! It's really amazing to see though that as it gets colder it just seems to get more beautiful.

So get this, there are bunnies everywhere! Hundreds of them all over the place. It's the weirdest thing. What's really funny is that they aren't even like crazy wild bunnies, but just your normal fluffy pet
bunny.  Weirdest thing.

Also another cool thing about living here is all of the convoys that go by. Because apparently it's also one of the biggest missile bases the U.S. has they have tons of convoys that just go about transporting things. They are so insane to watch, helicopters, sirens, large transport vehicles. Really cool.

But yea. That's been our week so far. Thankfully I've been adjusting really well and it hasn't been too hard. The only thing that I need to work on (funny enough) is communicating with others. In THE FIRST 12 weeks booklet they have evaluations that I have to do every week and that is the area that I am struggling with the most apparently. My only problem in there isn't that I don't talk with others or with my companion, but that apparently I have troubles communicating when I need help or when my knee is bothering me as my trainer put it :/ other than that however it's been fantastic.

I sincerely love you all and love hearing about all of your lives. You all really are the best and I thank you all so much with all of your support. Sorry this email wasn't the greatest but I forgot to bring my journal with me. I love you all!

Never Give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Crazy Week

Good Morning America! and Welcome to the weekly Berrett email! we're your co hosts, Elder Berrett and Elder Hendricks, and lets get started!

This week has been insane. So much has happened that I feel like it's been a month since my last email but also it went by really fast. 

To start off, the work is really hastening. This week he have found at least 8 new potential investigators, a new insane Golden Investigator, 3 less active families to come back to church, and an atheist to really open up about what it would mean to him if there was a God. While we have had a ton of lessons cancel, we almost always run into someone else who is willing to hear about the Gospel. It's crazy. 

Also this week we had our first District meeting. It was really amazing, and the spirit was so strong. That was such a relief to my companion especially considering that he has only been out 6 weeks, is already a district leader, oh and that our MISSION PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE STOPPED BY. they wanted to do some interviews and see how the meeting was going. I think he almost fainted when they just surprised us and walked in half way through. It was amazing though, one of the most spiritual experiences of this week. 

Oh! also this was the first week that I got to make grown up decisions! After emailing last week we went to the store to buy groceries (since apparently a diet of peanut butter jumbles, beef jerky, and some left over salad wasn't good enough for this week ;)) At the store I got to make decisions such as, what kind of toilet paper to buy? Do I want to spend wisely and act like I spent time budgeting (even though I had forgetting until that point) or just buy what sounds good at the moment. In the end however I sorta did the responsible thing and only splurged on raspberries and brats. I love brats. By the way, if anyone has any fun meal ideas let me know. We've been experimenting with sauces such as soy in cooking. it's been....interesting. 

Oh! We got a car this week! Both me and my knee have been very grateful for that wonderful opportunity. Unfortunately it ends this Wednesday because they need   
it up in someplace called Haver. However we get to go on an exchange with one of the Assistants so that should be interesting. Especially since he is living with us for 24 hours so we might need to prepare a bit. 

So my companion and I got a really cool opportunity to perform a song with a few other members of our district at Zone Conference this upcoming Saturday I think. It should be interesting especially since apparently it's from some big popular music video that *all* Mormons seem to know about. We are singing Come unto Christ and ya. It should be interesting.  More on that to follow.

Ok so I have fallen in love with Honey Bunches of Oats. Well I'm buying an off brand version of it but its the same and AMAZING! It's so sweet and delicious and works really well with raspberries. It's Glorious (as Flo would say. I honestly can't say that word or read it without hearing Flo say it in the back of my head). 

I'm getting better at remembering names thankfully. My companion has been quizzing me and now thankfully I can remember the Bishop's name. It's been an interesting adventure not remembering names. Especially when you are eating dinner at someones house, and EVERYONE asks you to pray because you're new so you start praying but forget their names so you just refer to them as Gods children. ya. I'm getting better though. 

Oh! almost forgot about the coolest teaching experience! So the sisters in the area right next to ours have been struggling with finding people to teach so we all went and blitzed their area for them and, while we did find them a new investigator, found one for ourselves too that was just visiting a friend. He is the coolest guy ever! We knocked on our door and he just invited us right in! He has always been close to God but has never really been to church. When we explained a bit about the book of Mormon and of Christ he got so excited that he readily accepted the invitation to read and pray about it. Amazing. The only problem has been finding a member to fellowship him. We have to do that because he lives on base and we can't get in without a member of the airforce with us. 

It has been a struggle teaching with most of our area being military and living on the base. Apparently they used to let missionaries in but because of a recent raised terror threat level, they are at red now if that means anything, we have to have our ID's be accompanied by military, can only visit with a purpose (so no tracting) and can only stay so long. However I can respect them and understand their reasons behind all of the security. 

Other than that though this week has been amazing. The members here are all still teasing me about the Winter that is coming and how I'm an Arizona boy.

The food here is FANTASTIC. They even have a Cafe Rio here! We have two free meal cards but have been unable as of yet to use them because apparently missionary mommas like to sneakily help pay. 

I have been loving all of the emails and I'm sorry if I haven't been able to respond to all of them. I'm working on it but sometimes they don't send from my Ipad right or I just run out of time. I hope that you all have a truly Fantastic week and remember that The Lord truly loves you. 

Never Give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett



Monday, September 14, 2015

Basically, Run!

A couple of extra emails today-  (The first bit are excerpts from one of my emails to him, which I only include because he referenced them in his letter.)

Elder Berrett- :)
I think it’s actually been a couple of days since I wrote last.  Weird.  I can’t even think of what we did yesterday.  I mopped.  Woo-hoo. I think that’s it.

Maddie had her friend over and they wanted to go to Bahama Bucks for the orchestra fundraiser, and we had one of those punch cards you kindly left for us, so I had your dad take Christopher.  (Zach was at a birthday party all day.  He probably told you about it.)   Anyways, your dad took them to Bahama Bucks, and they redeemed one of your punch cards.  And your dad got Christopher an Avalanche (the biggest one they make, since the free shaved ice can be "any size") with ice-cream in it thinking he might share.  Sure he shared.  Like 3 whole bites.  Or however the story goes.  “I was eating for a long time!” Apparently he had to take a break because he was shivering violently, but he finished it. 

The baseball game was good, the kids had fun.   It even came with like $10 in free food for each person.  One of the treats we got was their version of a dessert hot dog.  Which was basically one of those bar donuts (frosted in chocolate) cut in half like a hot dog bun, then a churro (as the hotdog) in it, then topped with icecream, chocolate, nuts, caramel, and whipped cream.  Which was tasty, but really only good in theory.  They give you a spoon to eat it, but the icecream makes the donut soggy, and since they cut it in half, the chocolate frosted side is face down, and it kinda glues itself to the bottom of the container, so you can’t pick it up and eat it like a hotdog.  The churro itself is way too tough to cut with the plastic spoon they give you, so it’s quite the challenge to eat, and you end up all sticky when all is said and done.   Maddie still thought it was the greatest thing in the history of the universe, (until she got sick afterwards.  Although we all shared just the one, it was still dessert overload) I just wish I had a steak knife to cut the churro.

 Anyway…. I can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow.  Monday is seriously my favorite day of the week, and you are my favorite thing to talk about.  I was an extra 10 minutes late to RS because I talked to a couple of people in the hallway about you J   

And that’s about all the exciting news from Gilbert…

Need anything?  Want anything? Let me know how we can help you and support you.

Love you.  Miss you.  Keep up the good work.  LLAP


Hey Mom! 
I love you so much, just starting with that.
I love all of the pictures! especially the one with Christopher and the empty Avalanche. crazy.
Sorry that I haven't had too much time to respond lately. P-days are crazy. 

That dessert hot dog sounds like the most Glorious thing ever. thank you for sharing that image with me. 

I am sending some pictures from my camera now so expect quite a few emails. :) (still haven't gotten them- he must be having technical issues) 

This mission is insane I love it! It's been spiritually hard at times, especially when you are praying about a decision and you feel like you just aren't getting answers but its been an amazing growing experience. 

It really makes me happy to hear that you guys got to go out as a family and do several fun things! I've been saving all of the pictures on my Ipad so that's been fun. 

I hope that you guys enjoy my email this week. I know it's a little jumbled but it was an amazing week.
Also sorry I don't have too much time today, apparently there is this miracle Horse guy who owns a ranch and has been able to medically take care of missionaries with his knowledge of horses and how to medically take care of them. Anyways he has offered to take our district Spelunking!!!! and take a look at my knee and see what he can do for it. I'm pretty excited considering:
1.its free
2.other missionaries have sworn by him
3. we wont have a car in 3 days and I may or may not have left my cool MTC fancy brace back in Billings at the mission home with one of my nametags (the cool magnetic one :/) 
4. apparently he also has some miracle horse hair shampoo that is beautiful (as my companion put it)

Anyways I love all of your emails. seriously, even the mundane things, I literally spent a few min. laughing when I read "I mopped.  Woo-hoo." You are seriously the best. the only thing that I could ask for is love, emails, and peanut butter jumbles. I love you! I need to run bye!

And then a few hours later, I got this email....

Hey mom,
I really love you. Seriously. You are the best. 
So I'm currently writing this coming back from caving and I have a "funny" story to tell. I'm safe. I'll start off with that. I'm safe. In fact we are all safe. 

Now I know what you're thinking, that something happened in the cave. Funny enough it was actually hiking back down the mountain. The cave was fantastic. Amazing. Wonderful. We had all come out feeling amazing! We took pictures, stood around the entrance a bit, laughed, then looked down at our watches and realized that we had to start heading back if we wanted to be exactly obedient to the rules. 

About 1/2 of the way back down one of our guides (brother Bailey the miracle horse guy, who funny enough did actually have some horse muscle regrowth paste for me) stopped and got real silent. He was in the back with me and my companion (who had never been caving before!). A little curious I decided to walk over at which point he turns to me, his face white as ever, and whispers "run". 
So of course I did the only rational thing I could think of......... I stood there and tried to see what he saw. It wasn't until I saw something move in the bushes that I started to actually to walk away. It was at that time that our other guide, an investigator, came over asking if he saw a bear or something  meanwhile brother Bailey this whole time is telling us to run and just get away. Suddenly he jumps up and starts yelling "Get! Shoo!" And turns to us and yells cougar! Run! 

At that point thankfully I finally decided to start running down the mountain. Unfortunately because of my knee and the cave I had been using a huge walking stick to hobble down and was trying to get down as fast as I could with my knee constantly giving out. Faster. Come on faster. Was the only thing I was thinking when I fell. The huge walking stick slipped out of my hands and started rolling down the mountain. Not only was that my means of running/hobbling but that was my only means of protection if it came after me. Thankfully my companion was ahead of me and safe and that I had the investigator guide by my side who reached down and pulled me up right as we hear it stalking us behind us and to the left. This great man pulled me up and told me to keep on going and that he would be right behind me. Thankfully I was able to hop on one leg as fast as I could down the mountain and made it to the cars with my companion helping me along the way. Also thankfully bro. Bailey and our other guide (named Dereck) had been yelling at the cougar while running down and basically distracting it till we could all jump in the cars then they ran for their lives. 

Sorry it's 6 and I have to end. I love you. The work is continuing now. 

-Elder Berrett

Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm a Missionary!!

Hi! for those of you who don't know me, my name is Elder Berrett and I have been called to serve as a missionary in the Great Falls area of Montana!

     This week has been absolutely insane, in an absolutely great way, but totally insane. Quick recap on what happened before I arrived in great falls is as follows: really short plane ride, "OHMYGOODNESSIMINMONTANA!!!!!!", "ISTHATMYPRESIDENT?"  "Nope that's a disgruntled non-member." "WOW! THERE"S MY PRESIDENT!"   Big hugs from all of the AP's, great food, even more hugs, intense testimony meetings, and LOTS of rule and safety classes for the next two days. Actually though arriving was really amazing.  All 30 of us new missionaries were met with big open arms and tons of love.  I wasn't kidding about the great food and hugs though. Also there were hours upon hours of going over rules and car /Ipad safety and how to "use that brain of ours and not be stupid teenage boys" apparently none of the sisters needed any of that lecturing ;) 

Thankfully after two days we got to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFERS! to "find out where we were heading" even though it was already decided. :) after that we were put in a few vans and shipped off to a transfer point where we would then get in more specific cars heading to different areas. we would arrive there by 10 and then be in our areas within a time range of 11-3.  That was the plan.

Unfortunately things to always happen that way.  20 min into the drive the back tire on the trailer that we were pulling with all of our gear decided that it didn't want to be round any more, or even resemble a tire.

Also apparently our rear fender covering the tire and holding our rear lights decided that it too wanted to secede and join the tire.  Pictures containing that fun adventure will follow as soon as I actually remember to bring my camera to this church.  Thankfully we were only stopped there for about an hour as we repaired the car and then continued on.

We would have then only been an hour late but apparently cars need something called gas.  While we were able to make it, the car containing the sisters ran out about half way to the first stop.  We had traveled about 40 miles before we even realized that they weren't there and that our driver had a ton of missed calls. Thankfully it wasn't hot outside but I still felt bad for those poor sisters and having to sit there for about an hour before anyone could help.  

Thankfully however we managed to make it to the transfer meeting without any further delays and were only 3 hours late.  I arrived in great Falls at about 1 where I met my trainer/companion ELDER HENDRICKS!

     Let me tell you a bit about Elder Hendricks. He is the most amazing companion ever. It was funny while we were getting to know each other over our weekly free dairy queen (yipee!!) We were talking about what some of our hobbies were. 

Elder Hendricks: "Well lets see, some of my hobbies. Well I enjoy running, I love singing, making jokes, love theater, reading, and being a dork. what about you?"

Me: "This is going to be a fantastic companionship"

He's unfortunately not that big into Doctor Who, but not everyone's perfect. 

Elder Hendricks is a fantastic missionary. Apparently he's only been out six weeks and already training but he's doing a fantastic job. He has personally helped to triple my testimony and in my love for the gospel. He already seems like a pro at the whole missionary thing so lets hope that six weeks will help get rid of some of my awkwardness too :)

     This "week" out in the field has been pretty hilariously hectic.  Unfortunately within an hour of picking up our car from the zone leaders the thing just shut off in the middle of an intersection. then again on a bridge a few feet away.  Then finally died in a U-haul parking lot that we hurried and pulled into.  Thankfully the meeting that we were heading to with the rest of our district got canceled so we all pushed the car into a bank parking lot so it wouldn't be towed then.  After that we got a ride from a member back to our place where we had bikes so we've just been using them for now.  We did eventually get our car working long enough to take it into a shop thankfully where apparently they had repaired it a week earlier after hitting a frikin' DEER.  They think that might have something to do with it. but hopefully our car should be fixed soon. 

     The weather here has been crazy.  It was both sunny and pouring my first day here, then it rotated between light rain, pouring, HAIL, and pleasant sunshine.  And that's all in three days. While the hail wasn't too much fun everything else here has been. 

     Apparently I came into what we call a "hot" area. While I wish that meant hot temperature I'm still happy with what it really means. We currently have 6 baptisms lined up, 11 investigators, and a ton of member reactivation.  Everyone here is so nice even if they say no. While tracting  (which we only do an hour a day because we are so busy) we ran into one lady who said that she wasn't interested but offered us some pop and told us that if we ever need anything to come talk to her.  Amazing.  Also the members here are so incredibly nice, while a lot of them are going through struggles or hard times, everyone is so willing to help the work progress.  It's funny just about the only days that we aren't being fed dinner are Preparation days and that's because our schedule is so crazy those days that we have to say sorry.  I'm going to get so fat here.  From free ice cream to everyone offering food and treats.  At least we have been biking a ton. Also the land here isn't flat like Gilbert.  Oh no.  You want to ride your bike down the block?  It's going to be uphill.  Both ways. Soon in the snow :)

     Great Falls is amazing. All of the members keep saying how sorry they are that this has to be my first experience of Montana and how it isn't even green here.  They call it the "armpit of Montana" but wow. EVERYTHING IS GREEN.  I don't understand. So beautiful. 

     Elder Hendricks and I have been getting along really nicely, we try to sing at every dinner appointment and we are both constantly cracking jokes a living with a smile on our faces.  Also teaching with him has been insane. This man knows the scriptures forwards, backwards, and sideways.  He really knows his stuff and has an amazing testimony.  I have already taught 3 lessons, so far only three because we have a few families that keep rescheduling on us but we have a ton more planned for this week. 

     Oh funny story, so both my companion and I are really forgetful.  He's basically a slightly more organized me. It's been really interesting having to knock back on doors because one of us left keys, watches, books.  We even got locked out of the church once because we left our keys inside and had to have the bishop come and unlock it. 

     Thank you all so much for emails.  I love reading them all and will reply soon, probably in the next hour or so.  I sincerely hope that you are all still doing well and that you all know that I really care about you.  Apparently I actually have to go because our ride is here to take us to the store. 

I will reply to more emails soon and send some pictures! 
Never give up, Never surrender!
-Elder Berrett