Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, October 24, 2016

SickWars V: The Sickness Strikes Back

Good Morning! 

So funny story, not even a couple of hours after I sent out my last weekly email, My companion and I were stricken with the same sickness as before. Thankfully at least I have since gotten better and have been able to go out on some exchanges and do work :) So if you could all please keep Elder Hatch in your prayers!

Anyways this week has been wonderfully spiritually uplifting! 

Like I said earlier, I've gotten to go on a couple of exchanges this week, most notably with Elder Stone our district leader. Elder Stone is such a boss! Being with him this last week was absolutely great! One of the things that he impressed upon me is the importance of prayer. While ive always known how wonderful it is, I saw how he truly turned to the lord about everything. My testimony in the power of prayer has truly grown! 

Also this last week we had a wonderful district meeting! It was all about Christlike attributes and on how by focusing on these things we truly can come closer to Jesus Christ and become better disciples of him :)

In my studies this week I have been reviewing conference talks (since we now have tons of time to study) and I would like to share a though from a talk that stood out to me. The talk is titled "Joy and Spiritual Survival" by President Russel M. Nelson. One of the biggest things that stood out to me is that no matter the situation or the trial that we are going through, we can find and experience TRUE JOY! We do this as we turn to Christ. For those that are struggling he gave a couple of ideas to get us started on turning to Christ. We can start by including our thanks for Christ in our prayers to our Heavenly Father, and also by striving to learn about him constantly. This last week I have strongly felt impressions from the spirit that I need to learn more about Christ and Increase my testimony of him. 

Brothers and Sisters, as I finish this email, I want you all to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he died for us and that through him we can change! We can become better people, we can feel love for truly everyone, and We can accomplish all things through Christ. 

I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week! 

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett

P.S. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week, My ipad sorta broke. Its been stuck on the Apple logo.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Procrastination at its finest

Good morning everyone! My companion told me to put that as the subject line seeing as it's now 5:13. :)

Anyways wow. These last two weeks have been insane. Real quick we had a zone training two weeks ago and it was amazing! I got to see so many great people! (#President_Wadsworth

After that we had quick exchanges with the elders in Cowley. Great learning experience!

That Wednesday however was when it all started. We went on an exchange with the Cody elders. Now these poor elders have been stuck inside their house for the last 7 weeks prior to this. We have been trying to go on exchanges with them about once a week so that at least one of them can still work. The other has been sick as a dog. Anyways that was great! The sad part is that about Friday night, after we found two awesome new investigators, #Joshuaandhisdaughter We got a call saying that we needed to rush to Cody because they were in the hospital. So we spent the next three days with them helping them and then ultimately driving the sick missionary to billings so that he could go home. but wait there's more! Fast forward to Monday, apparently Sister Wadsworth got a call from the sick elders doctor saying that he tested positive for salmonella poisoning (among many other things). And because me and his companion were starting to get sick she quarantined us in Cody till Saturday evening. Needless to say, I took a lot of wonderful naps. :) I have since gained a glorious testimony of the power of napping and how it can truly help us grow :)

Anyways, I'm feeling much better! I'm so excited to get to work again! I've been down since Monday. Today is pretty much my first day back. I've been able to visit a couple of people but ya. I'm feeling way better today. /)

Holy cow. Did you know that Elder Hatch came out with me? 

So get this. In the last 15 days we have driven 1200 miles. We get about 2000 approved a month so it's been something :) lots of driving snacks.

Also fun fact, since I'm feeling better I just ate some amazing sweet pork and I'm going to get some ice cream out of the freezer since I've been on the brat diet for the last week. :) #I_Don't_Think_I'll_Regret_This 

Even with all of that going on though, the lords work has still moved forward! I am so thankful to be a missionary in his church and now more than before I am ready to work! I love you all!

Tell the kids I said hi! 

1. Hospital Adventures! (They had free apple Juice!) 

2. #Sick_Buddies!

3. First snow!

4. Our front yard (in Cody- my view for 6 days)

5. Reunited at last

6. Monday morning form time!!!

7. Our varying joys in life

8. Quick selfie filling out paperwork.

Hey so we need to get going! I love you guys!

Never give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

email exchanges, questions answered, and salmonella.

Usually on Mondays, Nick and I can have a bit of a back and forth email session.  Not much, I ask questions, and if he can get back to me, he can,  and then later in the afternoon he will send pictures and his group email.  I usually compile all (most) of this into one blog post, as the stuff he usually shares with just me are more anecdotal and more about how he is personally doing.  I do use my discretion, and edit as to not post anything too personal, for him or someone he may be talking about.  At any rate, on Monday, the group email never got sent.  I've been waiting for two days, as sometimes if he has to leave wifi before pday is officially over (5pm) he will continue to write as he can, (until 5 pm) and then when his ipad is in wifi it will automatically send anything he intended to send.  I've concluded that either the email never got written, or he is still under quarantine and hasn't been near a wifi signal in 48 hours...  At any rate- here is all I have- Our email exchanges from Monday.   (I'm in italics, as usual, and this is way more than usual. He usually has very busy pdays.  He must not have been feeling up to doing much.) 

Good morning!

How’s Wyoming??  Getting cold yet?  Are you in a mountainy area, or flat farm land kind of area?  When do they think it will snow?  Got any pictures for me??  It’s supposed to hit 95 or something like that today here.  Starting to get sick of the heat.  It’s expected May through August, and I deal with September, but I would really like to just pretend it’s actually autumn before Christmas hits.

Speaking of which – Is there anything you’d need/want/like for your birthday/Christmas???  It’s not every day you turn 20. Holy moley, I can’t wrap my head around that.  Two Decades. Twenty.  You were such a tiny little peanut.  And I was utterly clueless.  Now you’re giant, and I only feel clueless half the time.  

It’s fall break so the kids are excited to be out of school.  Grandma and Grandpa are in town helping out, so that's awesome. 

So fall break… Zach’s marching band is doing pretty awesome.  They had another competition on Saturday and took first place again, (for 3A division) and swept all the other awards.  I made  Maddie go hang out with some friends this weekend.  She had a lot of fun, and thanked me later for making her go be social.  

Maddie had her choir concert-  Flo wanted me to tell you hi.  He apologizes for not being such a fantastic writer, he’s a pretty busy guy.  I think Maddie is learning to like the new auditorium manager.  Since she isn’t actively involved in anything currently this lady wouldn’t listen to Maddie when Maddie tried to tell her how to do the shell for the upcoming band concert.  She acted like Maddie was just a know it all who doesn’t actually know anything since she wasn’t actively involved in teching this semester.  So the lady dismissed Maddie until the band director flipped out that it was all wrong, and then the lady was like, “oh wait, you want it the exact way that annoying red headed girl tried to tell me?”  Needless to say the lady apologized and then asked for Maddie’s help. 

So Halloween is in 3 weeks.  The only kid who knows what they want to dress up as is Christopher – and he wants to be a missionary.  We’ll see.  He may change his mind between now and then.  He’s a funny kid.   I’m debating organizing some kind of block party on Halloween.  Get to know our neighbors and all that.  We kind of live in a good area for that.  It’s the very back of gemini, we actually back to the apartments, and our street is not a through street, so there’s not tons of traffic.  We’ll see. 

So that’s about all I’ve got for today. 

I love you!!!


Don and Cosmo: So say Good Morning! 
Kathy: Good Morning!

Wyoming is absolutely fantastic as always :) Seriously if I could come back to any part of mission, if I had to pick a state, it would be Wyoming hands down. :) 

I'm not really sure, I asked my companion whether it was more mountainey or flat farm 
And and he just said it was the "butt ugly type". He doesn't really like desert. The land here reminds me a ton of home, but with a ton more green. Some mountains, also Ton of flat farm land. However I'm serving in a big college town now. :) we even have a McDonalds and a subway so you could say we're pretty big :) maybe someday I'll get a Walmart :) 

Actually it's supposed to snow for the first time tomorrow :/ I really like the perfect sweater weather. Plus all of the colours :) granted things are starting to die, but still I'd like to put off winter as long as I can :) 

I do have some pictures :) 

Holy cow. I'm going to be so dead when I get back. I'm just going to never go outside. Find a job that's inside. Go to college inside. And do outside stuff in the "Winter". 

You know, honestly just some money would be nice. I need to repair my iPad screen (apparently I trip a lot or something :)) and ice cream money is always nice :) and holy cow 20. I honestly still can't believe it. 

Hahahaha you are just so amazing :) 

Go Zach and Mad. 

Hahahahaha :) I love that she still has her awesome red hair :) honestly though, that shell is freakin confusing. I don't even remember how to set it up. 

I'm going as my companion for Halloween :) go Squistopher! You guys do have that brother Berrett name tag if you want to use it. :) 

And that sounds like an awesome idea! 

Love you! 
Never give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett 

Hey just FYI. I won't be in Powell the next day or so hopefully. Me and another Elder (Elder Grissom) got pretty sick, so they are sending me to Cody (hahaha I get a Walmart :)) to be sick with him. We think it's just a 48 hour bug, but I'll be with him for a couple of days!

What?!?!? Like flu sick? :(  nothing serious, I hope?  Do you need any emergen-C ?? 

(and what's with your newfound obsession with walmarts??)

We think so, it shouldn't be anything serious, mission medical said that the missionary that was sent home wasn't too contagious. I just bought a box :) I'm a child of your making  :) The only reason they are putting us together under quarantine is because the missionary that went home did also test positive for salmonella. Just in case we have it they don't want it to spread. I personally think it's just a bug, since the only symptom I have is an upset stomach.

Salmonella?  Isn't that just food poisoning?  I hope you get better soon ♥♥♥♥

It is :) so worse comes to worse, I'm out for 4-7 days. And I'm already on day 2 so yay!

Way to be positive!!

Oh ya! Did you know that it was international smile day the other day :) that was so awesome :) I just spent the whole day smiling and whistling:)

I love you :)  I miss your smiling face and your whistling, but if it brightened someone else's day, it's worth it.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Joy to the World!

Good morning!

Hello everyone! Friends and family!

Sorry I don't have too much time today, it's been a really crazy week!

Things are going really well! It's....well interesting to say the least. :) As far as valuable skills go, thankfully we don't have any actual PAPERWORK to do, but tons of online forms and such. But actually I'm learning not necessarily how to be more organized, hut more how to get work done if that makes sense. I've learned about myself that I literally can't put anything off. If something needs to get done, I need to do it then, or else I will forget. The only exception is if I set an alarm, then I have to do it the moment the alarm goes off.  No delay. 

My knee is doing pretty good! The tape is helping a ton! I have the brand of it, if you could get some more for me within the next month or so that would be great! I just opened up my last roll of it and we aren't allowed to go on amazon anymore............... apparently some missionaries learned a pretty expensive lesson on free trials or something like that. Thankfully it wasn't all me, there were several as Sister Wadsworth said in MLC, there actually were a couple missionaries that had their accounts closed on them. :/ But ya. I can get you that info on the tape next week. We are currently on an exchange in Cowley with the elders there. We should be back in our area after a ZONE CONFERENCE with President freakin Wadsworth tomorrow! It's all the way in Worland, and our car is in the shop for some maintenance, so we decided to do an exchange and car pool! #Wasn't_there-some_how_ I_met_your_mother_quote_like_"you_haven't_ had_fun_until_someone_has_made_a_rule_because_of_something_you_did".

Thankfully we do get to teach a lot. :) There definitely are losses of time that we have, but we still get to do a ton of teaching. Thankfully for the most part, most of the stuff was just start of the transfer/end of the month paperwork stuff and also meetings, but now that all of that is done, it should be just about missionary work from here. :) 

This week so far, I have really gotten to see what Powell is like and meet most of the investigators that we have. It's been amazing! We have one investigator named Talena who is progressing so well! We got to teach her the restoration this week right before we watched general Conference! It was a power house of a lesson, so amazing!

So that brings me to General Conference! I freakin loved Conference, it was so amazing!!

I am so thankful to have modern prophets hat speak to us! One of the things that I got most out of Conference is an increased testimony of our savior Jesus Christ! I know that he lives! He is so amazing and is truly able to help us in all aspects of our lives!

I love you all!

We are taking a lot of pictures! I'm still not as good taking pictures of things I see, but I have some of me this week :)


A recreation of an old photo at MLC

The old photo

The best pork on earth!

Before my haircut

After my haircut

A selfie I found on my iPad :)

 Zone conference!