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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Crazy Week

Good Morning America! and Welcome to the weekly Berrett email! we're your co hosts, Elder Berrett and Elder Hendricks, and lets get started!

This week has been insane. So much has happened that I feel like it's been a month since my last email but also it went by really fast. 

To start off, the work is really hastening. This week he have found at least 8 new potential investigators, a new insane Golden Investigator, 3 less active families to come back to church, and an atheist to really open up about what it would mean to him if there was a God. While we have had a ton of lessons cancel, we almost always run into someone else who is willing to hear about the Gospel. It's crazy. 

Also this week we had our first District meeting. It was really amazing, and the spirit was so strong. That was such a relief to my companion especially considering that he has only been out 6 weeks, is already a district leader, oh and that our MISSION PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE STOPPED BY. they wanted to do some interviews and see how the meeting was going. I think he almost fainted when they just surprised us and walked in half way through. It was amazing though, one of the most spiritual experiences of this week. 

Oh! also this was the first week that I got to make grown up decisions! After emailing last week we went to the store to buy groceries (since apparently a diet of peanut butter jumbles, beef jerky, and some left over salad wasn't good enough for this week ;)) At the store I got to make decisions such as, what kind of toilet paper to buy? Do I want to spend wisely and act like I spent time budgeting (even though I had forgetting until that point) or just buy what sounds good at the moment. In the end however I sorta did the responsible thing and only splurged on raspberries and brats. I love brats. By the way, if anyone has any fun meal ideas let me know. We've been experimenting with sauces such as soy in cooking. it's been....interesting. 

Oh! We got a car this week! Both me and my knee have been very grateful for that wonderful opportunity. Unfortunately it ends this Wednesday because they need   
it up in someplace called Haver. However we get to go on an exchange with one of the Assistants so that should be interesting. Especially since he is living with us for 24 hours so we might need to prepare a bit. 

So my companion and I got a really cool opportunity to perform a song with a few other members of our district at Zone Conference this upcoming Saturday I think. It should be interesting especially since apparently it's from some big popular music video that *all* Mormons seem to know about. We are singing Come unto Christ and ya. It should be interesting.  More on that to follow.

Ok so I have fallen in love with Honey Bunches of Oats. Well I'm buying an off brand version of it but its the same and AMAZING! It's so sweet and delicious and works really well with raspberries. It's Glorious (as Flo would say. I honestly can't say that word or read it without hearing Flo say it in the back of my head). 

I'm getting better at remembering names thankfully. My companion has been quizzing me and now thankfully I can remember the Bishop's name. It's been an interesting adventure not remembering names. Especially when you are eating dinner at someones house, and EVERYONE asks you to pray because you're new so you start praying but forget their names so you just refer to them as Gods children. ya. I'm getting better though. 

Oh! almost forgot about the coolest teaching experience! So the sisters in the area right next to ours have been struggling with finding people to teach so we all went and blitzed their area for them and, while we did find them a new investigator, found one for ourselves too that was just visiting a friend. He is the coolest guy ever! We knocked on our door and he just invited us right in! He has always been close to God but has never really been to church. When we explained a bit about the book of Mormon and of Christ he got so excited that he readily accepted the invitation to read and pray about it. Amazing. The only problem has been finding a member to fellowship him. We have to do that because he lives on base and we can't get in without a member of the airforce with us. 

It has been a struggle teaching with most of our area being military and living on the base. Apparently they used to let missionaries in but because of a recent raised terror threat level, they are at red now if that means anything, we have to have our ID's be accompanied by military, can only visit with a purpose (so no tracting) and can only stay so long. However I can respect them and understand their reasons behind all of the security. 

Other than that though this week has been amazing. The members here are all still teasing me about the Winter that is coming and how I'm an Arizona boy.

The food here is FANTASTIC. They even have a Cafe Rio here! We have two free meal cards but have been unable as of yet to use them because apparently missionary mommas like to sneakily help pay. 

I have been loving all of the emails and I'm sorry if I haven't been able to respond to all of them. I'm working on it but sometimes they don't send from my Ipad right or I just run out of time. I hope that you all have a truly Fantastic week and remember that The Lord truly loves you. 

Never Give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett



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