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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Voice Recording highlights - Jan 2 - part 3

Good Morning!
 Well, no, actually it’s still 9:55 PM.  Making these things is just like so addicting.  Like, I’m really loving it.  Hoping that’s not saying something about me like I like talking to myself or anything, but… it’s just the idea that I’m sending a little message home, and that’s super cool.

Oooh, sorry, random thought about something I’m sending home, Oh, yes, by the way if you’re still expecting that nametag, which is totally on its way soon.  I literally have it made.  I just haven’t gotten to the freaking post office yet we’ve been so busy.  We should have time to run by tomorrow, we were going to do it two days ago, but long story short stuff happened.  Umm yeah, it’s just been super crazy. 

This one is to no one in particular, sorry but this is probably going to be towards mom as mom is probably going to love it the most.  Since I don’t know how much patience Zach, Mad, and Christopher have just listening to me ramble on.  But moms are just awesome.  They’re like “Oh!  It’s from my kid!!  I love that guy!!”  They’re like that with anything, it’s like the art you make when you were a second grader all over.   

Umm, yeah, I have a lot of different plans for after my mission.  The biggest one that seems to be sticking is staying home and going to Chandler-Gilbert (coughing fit….) At some point returning and living in Greybull for a season and being taught how to fly by brother Cheatham.  Not sure if that will be soon after, or a year, but at some point I’m going to learn how to fly.  I’ve just been feeling like that seems so wonderful to me still and so amazing and I feel like I should.  It’s just, it’s gonna be good.  I don’t think I’ll ever fly commercially in all honesty, I don’t want to be away from my family that much.  But even as just a hobby.  I know that’s an expensive hobby, but… I just want to be able to fly.  That would be wonderful. 

I think I’m gonna break down and have some of this cake.  No, this chocolate cake is not as good as the big one that mom made.  I don’t think anything is going to beat that cake, because honestly that cake was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life.  However, this cake is still wonderful, like it comes close to it, it’s amazing, just amazing.  And I’ll eat some of this cake while I’m talking to you guys.  

Things here are going well.  I think I say that at least three or four times.  It’s just like my standard – “Things are going well.”  It’s true.  Like, they really are. 

Oh, I got the sweetest letter the other day from, uh, I think it’s over on the pool table?  But it was a Sunday School class – 15 and 16 year olds from our ward.  And it was just super super nice.  People like,  Parker Nuzman, is that how you say it?  Nuzman?  The people that live next to the Hixons.  Super awesome people.  Yeah, their kid was one of the people that sent me that letter, or signed it, and it was just super nice of them.  It was really touching.

Oooh! That’s right, I forgot about cake. I’m going to take a bite real quick.

So things are going well.  Mmmmm, yep, worth it.  Worth the calories.  That cake was good. While we’re at it, I think that’s when you know you’ve made a good cake, when you can take a bite of the cake and not feel guilty at all. 

 I really, really hope that you like actually enjoy listening to this, and I hope this isn’t a waste of your time, and you’re like “Do I really have to?  I love my kid, but I really don’t want to listen to this.  This is just him rambling.   It was cute at first, but I don’t want to listen to this.”  If you feel that way let me know, and I will actually write down a plan what I want to say, I might as well just start doing that as well.  You know, there’s like a plot, I’ll have a climax with my stories, there’ll probably be some random stuff, yeah I’ll start planning out some more stuff.

(coughing fit) 

Not sure what else to say, I’m getting a little more tired.  It’s like 10:07.  You know, getting 8 hours of sleep every night has been really really good for me on my mission.  I feel a lot better.  Holy crap, like being on this schedule, when 10 starts to hit, your body KNOWS that it’s going to sleep, it’s like, “Well, I’m gonna start shutting everything down, you all better be in bed before 10:30 when it’s lights out, because I’m shutting down. ”  You just like FEEL it hit.

It’s been super nice, it’s a blessing, we’ve had to do almost zero zone leader work in the last little bit.  We had to collect mile requests from everyone because we get a certain amount of miles a month, so we had to collect those this week, we put them in the system, and in a couple of days on the first, we’ll have to collect the total amount of miles that people went that month and put that in the system, and then all we pretty much have to do is send in supply requests.  I think that’s it.  For at least awhile.  Let’s see, we already have the assignments we were given from President and Sister Wadsworth for zone conference next week assigned.   Ummm, yeah we have no more administrative work to do.  It’s been really really low as far as like administrative stuff this week, it’s been wonderful.   I’ve gotten over the initial, I don’t want to say hatred, like that is honestly way to strong a word. Dislike.  I’ve gotten over the initial dislike, and just kind of accepted it for what it is.  But we didn’t even have to travel, as sad as that was actually, to not go to MLC… We got those couple days in our area, granted we were shut down for a couple days so maybe that makes up for it.  

 I’m going to Greybull this Monday for a zone prep day,  I’m so excited.   I’ll get to see the Cheatham’s hopefully.  If not, I’ll get to see a couple other people.  I stopped by and saw some at the old folk’s home.  Larna.  Bless her heart. She somehow managed to touch my heart, like a lot of people on my mission.  She’s this old, senior lady, kind of lost it a little bit, but to be fair she’s gone through A LOT of stuff.  I think mom might have heard of her, I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Supreme Court cases.  But Larna, back in I think the 70’s or 60’s, I could be totally wrong, it could be the 80’s or 90’s, she had an abusive husband and she ended up shooting him.  And they were going to put her in jail for that, but she took that all the way literally up to the Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court, and there is now a law in place, that says that if you have an abusive husband, you’re allowed to shoot, like kill to defend yourself. And that is because of her. And I met that lady, and I taught her, not necessarily taught her, but I served her, at the Senior Center every week.  I have a friendship with her, that’s so crazy like I met someone that is part of a major US History event!  Anyways, she’s been through a lot.  Kinda funny, like as a missionary we’re warned not to let her grab our ties, cause she’ll pretty much grab that and try to choke us and other things. Crazy, but then she goes from that to, she’s blind, my nickname is Gilbert since I’m from Gilbert, and I was there with Elder Burch, and she called him Mesa.  And there’s someone there, a less active that we’re working with at the senior center in Greybull, so we’re always getting updates from her, she told Larna that I would be stopping by to say hi, and I did, and apparently just made her day, so I’ve been stopping by and seeing her every time I’m there and it’s been good.  She’s a character.

This recording is already 15 minutes long.  I’m gonna stop rambling and I’m gonna go to bed.  I love you guys a lot.  Thank you, you guys really give me the strength that I need.  Thank you for all you do.  I love you guys, bye!

PS-  Hey, so I know I said I’d stop, but I just had like a 6th or 7th bite of cake.  Still totally worth it, not feeling guilty.  Show’s it’s a pretty dang good cake.   Last thing before I go,   you know what’s like the most pleasurable thing to do right after eating cake?   You hear that?  That’s right.  Half a glass of milk!

Love you guys, seriously I love you all so much, bye!

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