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Monday, January 2, 2017

Voice Recording Highlights- Jan 2 - part 1

Let’s see… The date today is Friday, I think it’s the 31st, or the 30th today.  Yep,  Friday December 30th, 7:45 am.   I just made myself the standard breakfast – two eggs, cinnamon raisin bagel, put together for a wonderful healthy snack, well, breakfast.  Ummm, I’m trying to be healthier. (laughs)  It’s going okay, but the problem is that this time of year we get so many snacks, and they’re so tasty.  Or treats.  I mean, I have a birthday cake in the fridge… we literally have a whole part of the counter just dedicated to the treats we’ve gotten.  It’s kind of funny.

My studies are going pretty dang good.  It’s hit me lately the importance of Preach My Gospel.  I’ve been studying it, especially the lessons, well I wasn’t even really studying the lessons yet, like I have been obviously on my mission, but the other day I was studying in like chapter four, it’s like right before the lessons, I actually think it’s in like chapter three, that it talks about like what to teach, why to teach this, and what do I study and teach? And it pretty much made this awesome promise that as we study the lessons and the doctrine and the principles and commitments on there, that we will just be more prepared for those that we teach.  And, I remember…. I don’t remember where I was going with that.  But it was super good and I really enjoyed reading that.   Or like I think that I’ve read first Nephi 30 or 40 times on my mission because I keep accidentally giving away the Book of Mormon I’m marking.  Or lose it…  But it’s been super good, I’ve learned a lot of stuff about,  oooh, my legs are getting cold, I’ve learned a lot of stuff about Christ.  Just from like 1st Nephi.   I never thought about it, but he resembles Christ, like a ton. I mean even in just the very first verse of the Book of Mormon, him talking about his life, it’s like Jesus Christ’s life to a T.  Obviously a lot less intense and suffering, but it’s really similar and I found that really cool.

Sorry about that, ummm,  things are still going really good here.  Right now I’m going down to our second basement, getting my shirt out of the dryer.  It’s my really, really lazy way of ironing.  It’s kind of bad.  That’s not a habit that I can have post-mission because that’s a bit of an expensive habit, having a dryer run for like 10 minutes every morning.  Yeah, nope! I guess I actually need to like hang up all my shirts after they come out of the dryer and I won’t have to worry about it. 

We had a fantastic lesson the other night.  So there’s this investigator family that we’ve been working with.  His name’s Mark, he’s got a son, Danny, and a daughter Sam.  And uh Mark and Danny are both super ready to be baptized. Danny is like 14 or 15 and Sam is 10 or 11. I think 11, no she’s 10, most definitely 10.  Anyways, she’s 10, but she’s heard a lot of bad stuff from the ex wife, who we’ve kinda figured out is that she’s doing this to spite Mark and this church that he’s fallen in love with, but Mark and Danny don’t want to get baptized until Sam is on board with it.  A while ago she had reached the decision that if “Oh, if you get baptized then I’m not coming over here any more.” So he doesn’t want to drive that wedge between the family.  So we’re working on teaching them, and they are over at his house every other week, but they’ve been here the last week,  all the kids, and so it’s really awesome. We were this close to getting her to come to church this last week.  But she got too scared.  But, this week we’ve committed her, they’ve purposely set aside some time so that they can go to church this Sunday.  We’ve been teaching about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon testifies of Him, we taught her about Jesus Christ out of the New Testament, and it’s been amazing.   The lesson we had last night, we basically taught them how to have a family home evening.  That was kind of fun.  We shared a short message about why we ask them basically, to have commitments, why we keep committing them to do stuff, so that they can grow and learn.  And then after that we had some treats and played Uno with them.  It wasn’t obviously your typical missionary lesson, but it was really good for her and for them as a family.  We pretty much committed them to do that every week.  So, I’m super super excited to see that.  I really do think they are starting to progress.  I just can’t wait to see them all united as a family.   It’s going to be wonderful.

Other than that, I immediately can’t think of much more to say.  I took a bite of the sandwich and it was super good, like A++.  Cinnamon raisin I’m telling you.  Like even if you don’t like raisins, best bagel for a sandwich  or an egg sandwich,  maybe an everything bagel, but I feel that those are a little too salty for me.  I also could be completely crazy.

Yeah, we hopefully should have our truck back in a couple of days, that will be nice.  I really do kinda miss the truck.  I was really spoiled with it. Our phone connected to it,  I had music controls on the steering wheel.  I was spoiled.

Well I should really finish my sandwich.  My companion’s back so I should stop talking crap about him. (laughs)

Love you! I hope you have a great day! 

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