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Monday, March 20, 2017

Voice Recording 3/20 pt 3

Hey so, Hey mom! Umm, so I was just reading the recipe and I literally answered my own question, so you can feel free to ignore the email I just sent you. Like, I sent off the email and then I go back to the directions, and I… it says “whisk together the egg whites and the buttermilk in a small bowl and in another bowl whisk together the egg yolks with the melted butter.”   Wow. There is lots of cleanup to this recipe.  Well, we got time for it. Better than just sitting around and not doing anything.  Egg whites and buttermilk, so I’m going to need a bit of a larger bowl. Oh, hello.  Was this the one with the crack in the bottom?  No this was that one.  So one of these measuring thingymabobbers for liquids has a hole in the bottom that I found out about on my first or second, I think second pancake Monday with you.  (whistling and singing unknown song) 2 cups buttermilk, okay!

Anyways, lets see, Andy and Ralph, oh I love Andy and Ralph.  They’re doing… They’re struggling. Andy moved back in with Ralph.  Cause she was gonna be baptized a week ago in Great Falls, but decided that she needed to come here. She read the Family Proclamation and the spirit told her that she needed to try being a family, came back and they’ve been struggling. Hard core. We had a lesson set with them this week, we went over and Ralph was pretty much “Let’s just make it short this week, guys.  I’m pretty tired.”  We could tell they’ve been arguing pretty bad.  They both looked like they were just about to burst into tears, and he is not a very emotional guy, he’s this tough farmer.  But, long story short, we went to start giving the lesson we had planned, and the spirit was just like, “No,no,no,no, Stop. You just walked into this situation, do you really think that you need to still give this lesson?”  And we’re like, “No, you’re right, Spirit. What shall we teach?” And he’s like, “Just offer them a blessing to start off.  I’m pretty good with these things.”  And we’re like, “okay, we’ll do that.”  And so we offer them a blessing and it was super powerful, we’re both in tears.  It was really good, and we’ll be seeing how that goes.

Crap, yeah, how do I even separate an egg first?  I just poured the milk in that and I don’t even know how to separate an egg.  (whistling)  I need eggs first.  Crap.  I’m gonna pause this recording.  I’m going to figure out my life.  See you! So after some brief consulting with my companion and grabbing the eggs, we determined that the best thing to do was to crack the egg and try to put the yolk in one thing and all the rest of the whites in another.  Let’s see… ok whisk the egg whites and the buttermilk, and the egg yolks and the, oh wait, MELTED butter, How much butter? Four tablespoons melted butter. Oh, I did not see that.  You! You look like a bowl.  That’s because you are a bowl.  Is there a microwave?  Yes there is.  Oh my goodness, so much cleanup. (whistling unknown song) 4 tablespoons.  Thank goodness these things come pre-measured in sticks of butter.  So 4 tablespoons, that’s got to be what, 4 sticks? No just kidding I know it says it on the paper.  Put that in the bowl, and I’ll melt that down.  (more whistling while waiting for microwave) Almost. Done. Most of the butter is melted. 

Ah, let’s see.  Boulder.  Boulder is doing great.  We just had an amazing meeting with our stake president the other day, we meet with him every other week as zone leaders and sister training leaders.  We’re not sister training leaders, but the sister training leaders come.  Oh my goodness, we were talking about it the other day and I am so thankful there’s no chance of me ever being a sister training leader, cause that is such a hard assignment.  I’d say it’s up there with Assistant, to be honest.  You’re a sister, over another group of sisters, for instance the sister training leaders in our mission are each over three to four zones.  We have sister training leaders here in Helena in our zone, and they’re over the Butte, Bozeman, both Great Falls zones, and they are required to go on exchanges with every sister in their area, and then also deal with all the problems and drama, and counsel sisters and like that’s our job as zone leaders, but we don’t go on exchanges with all the elders.  Yeah, its… ah bless their hearts. I don’t know how they stay sane.  They both looked pretty stressed.  There’s some struggling sisters in our zone right now, both great sisters, both hard working… crap, which one is which, before I start cracking?  Ummm, Egg whites and buttermilk in a small bowl.  Egg yolks with the melted butter.  So Im going to put both of these right next to each other, whichever start to comes out first is whatever container I try and throw the egg over.  I feel like egg whites would come out first.  So I’m just going to naturally aim for, what would that be? The buttermilk.  Oh crap!! Oh, I can just spoon out the yolk now.  If I can find it.  The whole thing just like dropped in there.  Crap.  I mean, I have to put these both together eventually so it shouldn’t be too big of a difference, right?  Where did the yolk go?! Where did the yolk go?!  Where’d it go?  I can’t see it in the buttermilk.  Oh! I found it!  Oh crap, I think I broke it.  Oh yeah.  So I’m just going to pour the butter in the buttermilk now, just cry, and give up.  Sorry Alton Brown, I know there’s most likely a reason, a very logical reason, but I suck.  I’ll try again next week.  Hopefully with some tips from you, mom.  Just start putting stuff in the sink now.  (whistling star wars) Gosh darnit! I just found the yolk and it’s not broken! After I poured in the butter.  Awesome.  Well, I broke the yolk now.   And now I think I need… Oh yeah, one more egg. “Whisk together egg whites and buttermilk and the egg yolks in melted butter.” Hey so good thing from now on the only thing we’ll have to worry about putting the pancake mix together is the egg thing because the rest is already done. I have all this mix now!  And now that I’ve done it before, it shouldn’t be too hard.  I shouldn’t make (unintelligible) again, this was just a disaster.  But fun! And surely a story for the memories, and journal, and you.

It’s been… wow.  I also need to clean up here.  I feel like a little kid.  “I just helped my mom bake!” And I made the kitchen into a war zone.   There we go, mixing it all thoroughly.  So I have this… How much… Two cups of the pancake mix recipe.  Okay so this is good for three uses it looks like.  I’ve been kind of looking forward to this all week.  I would call this “thoroughly whisked” even though it’s the most lazy whisking and it’s with a spoon.  I just don’t want to go through the bother of cleaning the whisk, not gonna lie.  Oh, this is probably going to make a lot more sense, there’s stuff sticking to the sides.  I think it’s the milk?  No, that’s butter. It’s definitely the butter. Oh!  I get it, the milk is cold, so the butter is starting to solidify.  Oh… oh. I’m going to warm it up a little more.  That’s probably going to do something catastrophic to it. So maybe I will just hurry and combine it with the mix before anything else happens.  You’re probably wincing and have a lot of comments, but hey, better learn now than never? (whistling Star Wars)

Ok, that’s one cup, three-thirds of a cup now, 2, one and two thirds… Two.  Directions – pour the liquid ingredients on top of the dry ingredients mix the batter just enough to bring it together, don’t try to get all the lumps out, Perfect! Because lumps are good, I know that from Brother Cheatham.  Lumps are your friends.  Lumps are friends and food.  This is a lot of mix.  I’m probably going to shorten this down next week I’m probably going to use one cup of buttermilk, one egg, two tablespoons of butter, Just divide the liquid part in half, that way I only use one cup of mix.  Cause already this is looking like a lot.  I’ll make my companion feast with me.  Because I’m sure this will be really tasty, cause this is looking like the perfect consistency, I just about have all the ingredients together, still nice and lumpy… I enjoy using spoons just because I feel like they get all the ingredients out.  Ok, oh yeah, crap, griddle.  I’m supposed to be like buttering it and getting it warmed up.  How long is this recording?

Probably going to pause it… Yeah!  All right, I hope you have a wonderful day, I love you so much and I’m going to make pancakes right after this.  Love you mom! Bye!  Did it save?  I don’t think it did? Save! 

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