Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dear Zach

Good Afternoon / Morning Zach!

Sorry, I say morning because that's when I'm writing this, but it's probably going to be afternoon when you get this.

How are you doing?  How is the quorum?  Any fun plans for Halloween?  My companion and I decided that we are going to dress up as each other, even switch name tags!

Oh! Guess what? It's finally here, eggnog!  I found the most delicious eggnog at our grocery store of choice, Wal-Mart.  It's this amazing caramel eggnog.  Holy cow, it's fantastic!  Also holy cow, I never realized just how powerful fire extinguishers are.  I'm looking at the mess from our fire now (it still hasn't been cleaned up) and wow, seriously though, if you ever have to use one, expect to clean up a mess, it gets everywhere!

You want to know what's one of the saddest things ever?  When you go and contact less-active members of the ward and they just have no testimony of the church whatsoever :/ it sucks.

Zach I love you so much! seriously I think about you guys all the time :)

I hope you have a Fantastic week!

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!
 - Elder Berrett

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