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Monday, October 26, 2015

Quick, where's the fire extinguisher!?

Good morning everyone!
So real quick, I may or may not have just bought a GALIFREYAN CTR RING!!! (thanks Dani) Anyways, this week has been Glorious*! We got a new investigator, who after two days is also a new progressing investigator! Her name is Jean and she is so excited about the gospel! What's really cool is that everything that we teach she usually replies back with "that makes so much sense!" She's going to be a fantastic member!  And seriously! She is totally being baptized :)  So one of the cool things about this area is that we already have someone else on date! I meant to mention that, her baptism is going to be on Nov. 7th!  I can't wait to see it!  So we have one person on date, and 3 progressing. however our new progressing one is about to be put on date, we are going to ask her after the restoration lesson (it's where the spirit is the strongest) but we pretty much already know that she will be baptized, the only thing that will probably keep her from being baptized in a week is that you have to attend church 3 times :) 

Earlier this week we also found a new less active family who said that they would like to get back into the gospel, just don't have any time but they said that they would love for us to come by sometime :)

So funny story, we had transfers with our zone leaders, well actually one of them just joined us for 24 hours and I'm not sure what that's called but oh well. Anyways, after he joined us it got really crazy.
We didn't do much that night because it was splits with the ward then we had a coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. Anyways, that night was so crazy, our downstairs neighbors dogs got out and started chasing us when we got out of the car, then because we had already planned we had a quick companionship inventory then decided to make some food.  Unfortunately the stove had other ideas...........and sorta caught fire.  Thankfully we had a fire extinguisher near by, unfortunately it took several min. and all three of us to realize that in order for it to work you have to pull the pin, THEN squeeze the handle. So if you ever wondered how many elders it takes to put out a fire, its three, as long as they have several min. :)  So, we sorta have a stove, only one of the burners work right now, but it meets our needs :)

(After asking for a bit of clarification)-

So the stove, that's a funny story. 

Literally all that we were doing were trying to boil a pot of water.  Unfortunately apparently our stove over heated, and something (we can't tell what it is now but its black and sticky)  that fell underneath the burner caught fire and spread all over the stove. However the funny part was that even though literally our entire house was full of smoke no smoke alarm went off.  Apparently it, and most of the things in the house, is broken.  Literally this house is so ghetto its hilarious.  We have exposed wires all over the place, lights randomly decide to work sometimes and then other times don't. Our fridge makes strange noises and apparently black mold is a thing. Honestly though I wouldn't trade this place for the world. I love being a missionary here. not only have we had so many opportunities to serve (including the food bank because we also get a free box of food for serving so that helps to cut down on the costs, they only offer that to missionaries :)) and I love all of the people here, even our downstairs neighbors, even if they hate each other and are always yelling and swearing, we love them and try to help out as much as we can :) It's actually really funny, because we have had other missionaries take one look at our situation and then say "we are so sorry" but I dont hate it at all. This is where I need to be and I LOVE IT! this mission is the greatest thing that I have ever done. Without a doubt. 

But anyways, other than that it was an absolutely fantastic week!

Sorry its a short email this week, its been crazy, apparently fire stuff is hard to clean up. :/

*see Flo pronunciation guide pg 7

Never Give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

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