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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bonus Snail Mail :) - Dear Family

Good Morning!  It's time to wake up and Be Happy!

Sorry, that's just how I feel a good letter should start off.  I mean, in all honesty, it's a lot easier to write that than to write- Hello mom, hello father, hello Zachary, hello Mad, and hello Squishtopher!   I hope at this point you are reading this in a Fantastic British accent :)

So you will be happy to know that on my mission I have already been fed pasties twice!  Once by an old English lady (yes, homemade), and once from a pasty shop that we have here in Butte.  Sorry about the other letters that I tried to send, but apparently stamps are a thing, and also dogs who eat letters.

So yes, I am indeed writing this letter from Butte.  It's a very.....interesting town.  I don't think I've ever lived in a ghetto before, it's quite different.  Thankfully we finally have a car all to ourselves so there's that, plus I've been told that as long as you avoid Main Street at night, you should be able to avoid most everything.

Sorry it's 10:28, finding the time to write in my journal, let alone write letters is insane!  I'll continue tomorrow, Love you!

Good Evening!  It's now my preparation day, also at night.  Seriously these days are all so crazy busy, If we aren't planning, we're studying, training, contacting, tracting, teaching, or sleeping.  So far every missionary I've asked when they have had time to journal just laughs.  Thankfully I've managed to write every day these past few weeks and plan to continue on!

So kind of a cool miracle tonight, because preparation day ends at 6:00, we are required to obviously stay busy after then.  The problem that occurs however is that we are not allowed to contact active members past 6:00 on Mondays because FHE.  Normally we try to plan to have an active member host a less active during those times but they all fell through.  (plus we forgot to contact members earlier today :/ )  Thankfully we had a backup of contacting and had a list of people that might be interested in us teaching them.  So we prayed then visited those that we felt inspired to visit.  The first was a less active family who was formerly unresponsive and they totally welcomed us in!  They were so pumped to have us over next Sunday and were willing to receive our Daily Scripture texts!  Amazing.  The next was an investigator who told us that she was so excited to be baptized soon!  Crazy! She has met with us for 2 weeks and is already most of the way through the Book of Mormon!  She's almost done with 3rd Nephi!  Plus when asked she quit drinking cold turkey and has never looked back!

So today we also deep cleaned our apartment.  We've been spraying Febreeze so it doesn't smell like drugs anymore and it's totally working!  You would be proud to know that I have been amazing at laundry and dishes.  Oh the joy that comes from being in a clean place.  I love it!  Sorry for not learning that lesson earlier.  My hamper is even always used and there never is anything on the floor.  Seriously.

Ugh.  Tomorrow I have to get a flu shot.  Mission Policy.  I've been putting it off and during my interview with the President on Saturday, he told me that his wife is seriously worried about the few of us who still haven't had it.  And apparently my knee issues were stressing her out last transfer too so I need to remember to give them positive updates in my weekly emails to them as well :)

I love you!  Never Give Up, Never Surrender!
- Elder Nicholas John Berrett I

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