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Monday, November 2, 2015

This is Halloween!

Good Morning!

How does one describe Halloween as a missionary? Fun? Splendid? Candy filled? D all of the above?
Honestly it was quite fun! But that, is a story for another paragraph.

Lets see this week. This week has actually been a ton of fun! Kind of a cool thing is that we were able to really realize that we were directed by the Holy ghost several times! one time was actually a few nights ago, we were driving back from an appointment and basically both of us had the feeling that we should pull over real quick. we hurry and did then basically felt the impression that we really need to listen to the spirit while driving home. Something didn't feel right and we both knew that the spirit was telling us to really pay attention and be careful. After talking it out a bit we decided to go our normal route home but listen for any impressions that might come.

And come they did, we still aren't sure what, or if anything would have happened, but i'm glad that we were able to listen and act on promptings that we received even if they were weird. There wee several times that we almost went down one street but then felt an immensely strong impression that we should go the other way, or keep going straight. there was even one time where right after we turned down a street we had to quickly stop and turn around because it just didn't feel right.

Another cool time was just yesterday, we were trying to decide what street to tract on and after praying we decided that we should tract on one street that is just barely in our area. We now have 5 new really strong potential investigators! The only reason that they are counted as potentials is because we don't have an exact return date scheduled with them. What was really cool however was that at first one of them DEFINITELY was interested, but while talking I felt prompted to share my testimony on how God truly does know and love all of us, his children. After hearing that he got a huge smile and really opened up and said that we would love it if we could come back again.

So it's official, Linda, our extremely amazing investigator, is getting Baptized this Saturday! She is so excited for it, it has been so amazing to see how the Gospel of Christ really helps people. She has completely given up a few word of Wisdom Things that she was really struggling with before. what is really cool, is that she said after she started reading her scriptures and praying, she had no desire what so ever to continue some of those things :) I really love this gospel :)

Lets see, what else has been going on, OH HALLOWEEN!

Halloween was fantastic! It was a little weird because the Assistants called everyone and told us that we HAD to be inside our house, a member/investigators house, or the church, BY 6. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Apparently it gets dangerous for missionaries to be outside on Halloween night. It was really funny though, tracting earlier that day, because everyone kept calling us Jehovas Witnesses, and kept telling us how we were wrong for not believing in Halloween :) Halloween night was a ton of fun though! We started by having dinner at our bishop's house at 5 with a ton of his extended family. It was a little weird at first because we didn't know anyone but it got fun real fast when they brought out the menus.

Basically, we were given 9 total options and had to pick three for each course (there were three courses) Im including a picture of the menu. Each of the food items had a really fun name and it was really hilarious as you could get dessert first or just get a cup of carrots and a juice box. Needless to say much laughing and eating of very delicious food ensued. It was also funny because for our costume Elder Wessendorf and I switched nametags :)

After dinner we joined up with the Zone leaders, the other elders in our ward, and watched a movie it was either 27, 37, or 17 miracles.  I can't remember what it was called but it was really amazing!

Well we need to go now, I love you all! Have a wonderful Week!

Never Give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

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