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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bonus emails

Nick had a little extra time waiting for a ride while he was at a church (in wifi on p-day) so I was able to email back and forth a bit.  A rare treat indeed.

30 minutes! What a treat!  What to ask?  Do you like your blanket?  And what about the picture books I send? What's the best part about being a missionary?  What's the hardest?  Eaten any weird foods lately?

I absolutely love my blanket! Seriously it is one of the greatest things since crunchy Peanut Butter! And the picture books, Oh my goodness they are absolutely fantastic, I obviously don't pour over them, but they are hilarious to look through now and then, funny enough though, my companions seem to love them even more than me! They have all said that they are so cool and wish that their parents would do something like that. (I make him little "chat books" from my instagram pictures.  They fairly cheap and a light and easy way to carry around pictures of home.)

The best part about being a missionary is the look in someones eyes when they accept something that you teach as true, because even if they aren't baptized, I still fulfilled my purpose which is to bring others closer to Christ.

The hardest is probably planning. I hate planning but I have become pretty good at it already. Believe it or not I'm actually getting pretty organized. I even keep my room clean and always do dishes.  There is never an article of clothing that isn't in the hamper. Seriously. Honestly I haven't had any emotional problems since the MTC but that wasn't even that bad. 

Honestly not really, the weirdest thing that I have had, I have made.

Our latest creation, which isn't that weird, is BBQ Brats. Its just a brat with spicy Stubbs BBQ sauce. AMAZING! We eat it almost every day for lunch! Also it's fast so then we get about 30 min to nap/relax.

Did you ever get your extinguisher mess cleaned up? Speaking of baking, I saw some maple bacon frosting at Wal-Mart the other day, and I was thinking I should buy some and send it to you, because of all people you might appreciate trying something like that, but then I was wondering if I want to encourage you to bake in that fire hazard you are living in.  Thoughts? 
Yes we did! Our house in fact looks almost fantastic! We still have some sketchy wiring but I'm buying some rubber stuff today to see if we can't cover up that main. It's outside and with all of the snow/ice I figured that might be best to at least cover up.  Our oven is great! We manage to cook pizza and a few other things in it all the time, it's just 3 out of the 4 burners that don't work, well they work just a little too well :)

So, I’m a little sore.  I had a painful reminder last night about why you don’t leave crap on stairs.  I’m okay, (a few bumps and bruises and sore joints) but I probably can’t say the same for some of the leftover Halloween candy in the bowl I stepped in as I made my way down the stairs in the dark last night.  

I'm So sorry! I hope that the candy gets better soon! ;) But really though, I do hope that you get better soon! Speaking of which my knee is totally doing better with the car and brace, on occasion I have random muscle cramps that keep me from bending it but after a real (like just a few seconds) of massaging it, it goes away. 

Christopher has been on a bit of a kick sending you letters.  So far in the last couple days he has sent you three :) .  I won’t spoil too much, but there’s one letter where he says something like “I hope you have fun”  but the “have” looks more like “hate” so I just thought I’d make that clarification.  Also he ends that letter with an “amen”.  I asked him about it and he said “amen is for Jesus.”  (Zach thinks it’s something he saw on YouTube.- some little kid is writing to Santa and said amen at the end, and said “amen is for Jesus.” )

Christopher is fantastic :) I've been trying to write more letters as well its just takes forever and with so little time I swear it almost takes two days to write. I almost have everyone in the family written too though so its coming. My companion and I just laughed at that wonderful Christopherism. :) 

I'd love more details about your day, what you do, what you eat, where  you go, etc.  Just so I can picture you in my head :)  What your companion is like, where he's from, etc.  

OK! So our day is pretty amazing!

We wake up at 6:23 shower eat breakfast, study, companion study, then train (ugh so many videos and HW mainly memorization but still) then we usually go tracting for an hour until lunch. Our lunches are usually just at our house, unless it's preparation day, then we get a free lunch at this fancy sit down restaurant with a reserved table and everything, it's hilarious. They even have tiny portions and like 7 different silverware (thanks to drama I actually know what all of them are used for :)) After lunch, we have lessons/tracting till 5 then we almost always have dinner at a members house here. It's pretty amazing. dinner has to end at 6. We used to go tracting till 7 but its getting too dark to do that now so we mostly just contact members or investigators/less actives and try to schedule lessons for that time to.  At 9 we are back in the house planning till 9:30, then it's rest :) My companion is from Payson Utah, He used to work a ton of construction so he is actually fairly "Jacked". He's hilarious, and extremely nerdy so we get along really well. The only thing is that he hasn't ever seen Doctor WHO and I can't exactly convert him to that out here :)  I need to go but I will reply to other things on the way and you will probably get them next time I connect to WIFI love you!

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