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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Am I dreaming or is someone yelling "Powell Police!"?

So to start off, sorry I've really sucked at emails the last few weeks. The great Elder Hendricks chastised me so here's me trying to be better :)

This week was crazy! To start off transfers went great! We got to be with elder Earl and Bredsguard both for a couple of days so that was super fun. Honestly being in a trio can be a lot of fun, it can be a challenge at times, but it's super fun! 

Oh! At one point on Wednesday while my companion was in Lovell running transfers, I got to teach mutual! It was so awesome! It was a super spiritual experience getting to teach priests the restoration simply then watch as they role play it with me to their leaders. 

Other than that though it has been a really crazy week! We have been teaching this family for about 2 weeks now, the Quintana's. they have been definitely prepared to hear the gospel. While they are struggling to remember things like reading, they have been coming to church for a while now and are super pumped to learn the gospel! It's been really fun to teach them the gospel and hear their crazy stories about how they have come to know that the Lord is with them! 

Also we have been teaching this amazing YSA named Anthony, (by the way, serving in a YSA is the best thing ever, tons of spiritual experiences) who is super prepared! He comes to church and institute every week, reads the scriptures, and already knows it's true! At at one point we were teaching the plan of salvation and as we finished we asked if he had any questions, he responded with "no, I actually already learned all this. I read about it on Mormon.org! He's on date for December 31st so hope all goes well! 

But this has also been a super crazy week, due to some crazy weather, president closed down the mission for a couple of days, and that was around the same time that the heater in our basement went out! Thankfully we got it fixed by Saturday, but then that night, the wind blew a door open and our house alarm went off. The funny thing is being in the basement we couldn't hear it. So instead of waking up to an alarm we woke up to a bunch of police shining flashlights around yelling Powell police! Kind of a fun experience! 

Yes I did survive the cold, it was freezing, but I survived! And I only lost an ear! :) In fact it was actually so cold that both friday and saturday our mission president called the mission and told everyone to stay inside! Of course being the completely obedient missionaries we are we went and helped someone move into the ward friday morning during the blizzard. How we all survived I will never know. My favourite quote was after we had just finished unloading the trailer and they told us that they still had another storage unit, with a piano. :) It was good though. We all laughed about it and we all survived. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive though. I have no clue why the Lord has made me designated driver in both winters. He must be preparing me to live in someplace with snow. I hope not. I'm staying close by family in Gilbert. 

Oh my goodness I loved being in primary. My companion told me that he can't wait to hear from me when I get home and find out that after a couple of weeks I was called as a primary teacher. :) Not going to lie, it would be fun! We got to help out again this week and it was amazing! They just have a serious lack of teachers this time of year, and as long as we don't pick up any of the kids or let them sit on our laps we are totally allowed to! 

We do have some fun plans this Christmas! I get to talk to you guys! :) We also have a bunch of members that we are going to go see :) Oh and I just found out that we may or may not be moving apparently after Christmas. The stake wants other members to have the experience of housing missionaries and apparently the Jeide's have been housing missionaries the last year and a half. The high councilor over missionary work, the father of the family that found my Ipad, Is thinking of having us move in with the Akins. That's the family that we went over to on Thanksgiving and I got to play a viola! I am a little excited about that!

Anyways I just want to quickly finish off with my Savior of Jesus Christ. I was reading in Mosiah 3 this morning and wow. In that chapter a king named King Benjamin gathers all of the people in his nation so that he can speak his final words to them as he knows that he is going to die soon. And to me one of the most powerful parts of his speech is his testimony of Jesus Christ. He proclaims boldly that by no other name can we be saved. And that is something that, brothers and sisters, I know to be true. I know that our Savior lives, and that through Him all mankind may be saved. I love Him and I know that we can all come to know Him! I have truly seen His hand in my life more as I read about His ministry in the Bible and Book of Mormon. 

I love you all! 

Never give up, Never surrender! 

-Elder Berrett

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