Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Voice Recording June 5 part 2

Howdy mom, this is Elder Berrett again!  I had time earlier, but we were playing sports and so this is my reply to your email. Sorry.  It’s been a long preparation day.

(Elder Hand) Hey, don’t lie.  It’s been a good preparation day.

It’s been a preparation day.

(E. H.) If you’re not hurtin’ at the end of the day, the day wasn’t worth it.

I’m hurtin’.

(E. H.)  It’s good.

We played basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee and I didn’t take enough breaks.  But it’s been good though.

(E. H.) You can blame it all on me if you want.

No, I won’t blame you, those were all mine.  It was good though. So, in reply to your email “So, how’ve you been?”  I’ve been wonderful. It has been great.  I think I told you a little bit about Elder Hand earlier…

(E. H.) Shut up.

He’s a southern redneck, best stud in the world. (Crash)  Something in our sink just crashed.  Funny story, you will appreciate this mom,

(E. H.) I swear if it’s about me, you’re gonna die.

Well I guess technically you’re in it, but it’s not about you.  (starts singing)  ♫♪ Not about you. (laughs)

(E. H.) If your mom could see my face right now…

(laughs) He’s been trying to get me to stop singing.  So we have an investigator who gave up drinking.  He gave us the rest of his alcohol, it was a giant box of wine.  It was like equivalent to what, two and a half bottles?  Of some sweet red wine or whatever.  Long story short, he gave us that on a Saturday night.  We accidentally left it in our car, and went to church with a huge box of wine in the back of our truck.  We covered it up, thankfully, because my companion remembered, but we just dumped it out today.  And now our backyard smells like wine.  Or our front yard I guess.  So that’s kind of funny.

Christopher, I love him to death.  It sounds like he did have a fun birthday party though.  How did it go?  It doesn’t quite say in your email.  I’m glad to hear all those people showed up, that is actually really wonderful.

Let’s see, I read this all earlier, I just can’t remember the parts I wanted to talk about.  Oh my goodness.  Brother Tidwell!  I have heard so much about him, I really want to meet him!  The fact that he’s been so helpful and loving, just warms my heart to know that the Lord has blessed you guys and there is someone out there to take care of you. Man, honestly, he brings a lot of peace to my heart, and you can let him know that.  He is a real answer to my prayers.  He’s become a bit of a hero to me too. (I was telling him how Bro. Tidwell is like a hero to Christopher)

(E. H.) I got a question real quick…

I’ve got an answer, let’s see if they match.

(E. H.) How many ibuprofen pills can you take before you overdose?

(Discussion on milligrams/dosage of ibuprofen and Tylenol.)

(back to responding to my email) “We had a Darth Vader piñata at his birthday, Zach let me borrow his light saber to hit it with…”  That’s awesome.  My companion is a Star Wars fan.

(E. H.) A little bit.

A little bit.  He was telling me about Rogue One.

(E. H.) They all die in the end.

The End.  Sorry I’m also eating ice-cream.  Multi tasking.  We got a little bit just before dinner.  I probably shouldn’t be eating ice-cream before dinner, but I had a little bit left and I wanted to finish it and I just got caramel sauce today, don’t judge.  

“Hope all is going well and that you and your companion are getting along famously.”  We are. “How is everything else, still great?”  I am still great.  The area is going up, things are improving, knees were doing really great.  (laughs)  Horse liniment gel is a wonderful thing and I will be buying lots of that when I get home, as my companion and I are both applying it.  (A lot of laughing) I’m pretty sure I’ve told you like twenty times, it’s extreme icy hot.  It’s wonderful.  “Bonus conversation with Christopher” That is fantastic.  I love Christopher so much. 

That’s about it, my week honestly was wonderful, it was great.

(E. H.) My week was horrible.  I drove from Billings  to Helena, MT. (discussion about actual route)

He drove from Sheridan to Billings, slept on a couch for three hours, then drove from Billings to Helena.  And he was driven to here in the back of a Frontier and he a big man and that back seat is really small.  So he got a good night’s rest that night. 

Saw Elder Johnson off, most of my district got changed up.  Me and Sister Wood, which I don’t think you know, she was with me in Helena, we are the only two people left in the district that are the same.  I’m still a Relief Society president (meaning he’s in charge of a bunch of sister missionaries)  And I need to actually plan district meeting.  I gave out one assignment today, but I need to figure out how that’s going to work in all of district meeting.  Oh! My companion also volunteered to do the hard, hard role of opening prayer.

(E. H.) I’ll even do recitations.

Oh, and he’ll do recitations. Ok.  Man, that means I can’t ask you to give a discussion.

(E. H.) That’s right.

That’s two assignments, gosh darnit!

(E. H.) I’ll even explain my story if you want.

You don’t need to do that.

(E. H.) Okay.

Yeah, that’s about it!  Hope you have a wonderful day, I do love you a ton mom.  Thank you so much for all you do for me.  Thank you for your prayers, know that I pray for you a lot.  Love you!  Bye! 

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