Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Voice Recording June 26 part 2

Well good morning again, I’m standing in the kitchen, this morning we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  It was actually, we warmed them up from last night. We made biscuits and gravy for dinner since we didn’t have one.  The ward here has been really good at feeding us, but something happened to our meal calendar last week I think?  We had it in the Relief Society room, it was all ready for the next week, and then somehow it disappeared.  No one knew where it went.  We’re like, “This is not good.  We kinda need that. Where’d it go?”  And then it just reappeared again this Sunday.  But we didn’t have a dinner last night so we made biscuits and gravy.  They turned out pretty good.  I mean it was just instant gravy mix, we didn’t have the time to make real gravy.  But I mean, it worked out.  It tasted decent.  They were the biscuits that you get out of the container thing.  Pop open and throw them on a cookie sheet and throw them in the oven for like 15 minutes.  With like the Pillsbury Dough Boy on them.  So we made those.  It was decent.  Bachelor meal.

Oh, so Saturday, it was basically that whole day was just service.  We didn’t put on a white shirt and tie until 7:30 pm.  We woke up at the normal time, and at 8:00 we were at the Daly mansion in Hamilton, cleaning up the grounds and doing a giant stake wide service project there.  At noon we went over to an investigator, we have Chris, helped him more with irrigation, and doing some other things around his orchard there that he’s trying to start for the community.  We talked to him some more.  He’s grown really really close to Elder Hand, and Elder Hand is like, “You know what? I’m just going to ask him straight out to take the missionary discussions.  I really feel like we should.”  And he feels like he’s close enough to do it, and I’m like, “Perfect.”  We’ve tried to broach the subject before, and he has some doctrinal concerns, he’s only been talking about the gospel funny enough when he’s mildly intoxicated, like when he drinks Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  And then he’s like “So is it true that you boys….”  And we’re like, “no, we don’t do that.” Or other things like that.  He has a couple of questions that probably need to be addressed.  His wife isn’t too interested and I think that’s a big thing keeping him back.  She’s like, “I respect you boys, but don’t start teaching me.”  And he has these two young kids.  One however is like, when he turned 11 missionaries invited him to go to the scout program, and the dad loved it.  He’s like “Heck yeah!  Scouts is great!” And so he’s been with the scouts.  He’s 12 now.  And he’s with all the scouts there, he’s allowing scouting things to be held at his house, and so, we talked to ward council and I think they are going to extend a calling and have him be a scout master. Or not a scout master, but an assistant scout master or something like that in the scouting program.  So that’s going to be really, really cool.  He really respects us missionaries a lot and the church a lot, what we do, we’re family oriented, and he loves that.  I really think that his wife is going to be a bit of a hang up.  But I’m excited to see where this is going to go.  Anyways, did service for him and had a lot of fun.

After that we then ran over to our dinner appointment, so it would have been 4:30 where we helped her install a hood fan thingy above her stove.  The thing that sucks up all the smoke and so we installed that.  She called us up and said “I put it together, if you could just come over to dinner early, and install it.  Wire it in and everything.”  And we’re like “okay.” We show up and it’s the thing assembled together and its sitting on the table with this whole giant booklet of instructions and I flipped over to a page in the middle, and she’s like “I have the instructions right there for you.” She said that comment a couple of times.  Like she’s like “There’s the instructions.”  And we’re like, “okay.” And neither of us looked at them, we just like take a look at the things, it would fit above the stove, figure it out, and she’s like “Are you sure you don’t want these?”  She’s like, “I tried to read the instructions but I just can’t understand them.”  And we’re like, “Yeah.  Makes sense.”  And at one point I’m like, “It looks like we need to take out this bit of metal here…”  It looks like they’ve created a serrated (he probably means perforated) edge, so you can just hammer it out or something like that to install it where the hood goes, or where the pipe for the smoke to travel up goes, and I’m like “Do you have a hammer?”  And Elder Hand is like “I got this.”  And just punched it real hard and the thing popped out. And I’m like “Woah.  Okay.” That was fun to be able to help install that and wire it in and get that going and screw it in.  And you know, feel like, “Yeah, we did this.”  She made the comment, she’s like, “I think I know how guys always manage to get their stuff done all the time.  I couldn’t figure it out. And you boys managed to do it, and I think I know why. ” And we’re like “Why?”  And she’s like “Because guys don’t ever read instructions.  They just figure things out and learn it and do it.”  She was a character.  She was going to be a nun for the Catholic church.  And nuns, I didn’t know this, they are married to Jesus Christ.  I think I heard that once.  But it didn’t really like stick in until now.  She had a picture of the day before she was going to be a nun, where she’s in the full wedding white and everything. She was going to go take her vows the next day.  And she said that as she laid in bed, she distinctively heard the spirit speak to her, “This is an abomination before my eyes.  You know this is wrong.”  She said that the spirit just testified to her that she should not do this, and she immediately went and stopped becoming a nun, so they put her on a flight back to the US, and gave her $10.  That’s all she had to her name.  Her family disowned her.  And she started her life.  I’m like, “Holy cow.”  She ended up being a doctor over in Mesa, or a nurse, that’s right because she met a doctor there who kept telling her “You’re basically Mormon, you just don’t know it.  You live the same way.”  He convinced her to take the missionary lessons and she did, and at the first lesson the spirit spoke to her and said, “This is true.”  It was kinda cool, she shared part of her patriarchal blessing with us that says she has faith like the Brother of Jared.  And it’s true.  You can just feel the spirit around this lady. She’s older, super sweet, and just loving.  Loves the missionaries, to the point where she’s like, “Yeah, like 30 years ago the missionaries used to come over all the time, and I remember when the new Lord of the Rings came out, we sat down and had a giant marathon and they watched Lord of the Rings with me.”  And I’m like, “Uh… okay.”  And then she’s like “But I think President Monson is a little stricter, because apparently you’re not allowed to do that anymore.”  And she had us sitting down waiting for dinner, while she cooked, and she’s like, “Are you sure you boys don’t want me to put on the news or something?”  And we’re like, “We’re good.” She’s like “You can’t watch anything?” We’re like, “Nope.”  She’s a huge nerd, loves all the Marvel movies, Doctor Who and everything. 

Oh!  I got my Doctor Who blanket back, I left that in Helena.  I realized that at transfers.  I’m like “Elder Shumway, I left that back at the house!” And he’s like “Ok, I’ll get that to you when I see you in a week.” Well they forgot. But I finally got it back.  I mean it was my fault for leaving it there in the first place. I was so devastated, but I got it back.  And it’s great.  Nina’s the best. Oh yeah, I heard from her the other day.  She’s doing pretty good.  She says that life’s still hectic and crazy but it’s good.  Super sweet of her.  She says that she’s been going to the temple about every other week, just to get the strength and spiritual upliftment and she says its been amazing.  She says that every time she goes in she puts my name and our family’s names.  She says she doesn’t know all of our names so she puts Kirsten Berrett’s Family.  But I’m like, “Holy Cow.” I’ve definitely felt those prayers.  I don’t know if you have.  But it’s (crash!) Oh crap.  That wasn’t quite empty. Elder Hand loves drinking Sprite, and has decided to stack up all of his Sprite cans on our wood burning stove, well he just started a couple of days ago, or it’s probably only a week’s worth of cans, but it’s a, let’s see (starts counting) 17 cans.  I do have two Squirt cans on there.  I love Squirt. Squirt’s the best.  I will admit, part of it is it still gives like, there’s no Caffeine in it, but as I drink it, it does give a bit of a burn.   I’m like “I miss Coke.”  Yeah, so that’s that.  I love Nina.  

Oh yes, so we were at someone’s house for dinner, we’re sitting down to dinner, and she’s like, “So I love hearing romance stories, do either of you have girlfriends back home?”  Elder Hand does and so he’s telling her his story and I’m like “Elder Hand go for it.”  And she’s like “Oh, I’m coming to you Elder Berrett.  Do you have one?”  And I’m like “Well there was a girl I dated back before my mission…”  And I guess the funny story I am trying to get to is, she turns to Elder Hand as he is speaking, and she’s like “Yup. You’re going to marry her.” And he’s like, “What??” And she’s like, “ And you’re going to have 5 kids – 3 boys and 2 girls.”  She’s like, I just know this sort of stuff. I’ve predicted several of the people in the ward.” And we’re like “oh, okay.” (said sarcastically)  And then she turns to me, and she didn’t say anything specific, but she said that it was within 6-8 months of me going home I’m going to be married.  And I’m like, “Oh, let’s not.  Holy crap.” But yeah, that was kinda funny.

Let me think… I’ve had a cough lately, that’s kind of annoying.  Allergies are kindof annoying, everybody is freaking cutting their hay.  I figure that that’s a big part of it, that and all the cotton in the air from the cotton trees.  Those two things are… we were driving by the road one day, and the side of the road was just completely white from all this cotton that was falling from the sky and I’m like, “Elder Hand, that, that right there is how you know Satan is real.”  I’ve just taken some Claritin, it was helping a bit, but I’ve got some stuff back home, but it’s awful and I feel bad and I forget how bad it gets and after dinner I only have one more hour of work left, so I ask, “Do you guys have any Benadryl I can have?” And so I take it, and then the rest of the day is a bit of a fight, but then I can get home and just go to bed.

Trying to think?  What else happened this week?  We tried to teach Mary, she’s been super busy and she hasn’t been able to come to church in months because she’s been constantly working on Sundays.  She’s trying to start a band. Bless her heart, she’s like 65, 70, and she’s trying to start this band up. This Christian Rock band, and she’s like “I’ll quit this job when it (the band) becomes big, and then I can go to church.”  And we’re like, “uh… Maybe that’s the answer, but let’s really pray and let’s hope that there’s another way that will allow you to come to church.”  I feel bad about that, but it’s kinda true though.  I think I told you last week I heard from Jacob, he’s doing good. It was really nice to hear.  I’m excited to see where he goes.

That’s about all I think I have for right now actually, I’m probably going to stop this recording, my laundry is going to be finished soon, at least part 1 of my laundry, and then I’ll throw part 2 in the dryer.  Oh crap.  I’m going to die. I’m hearing my voice now, I haven’t taken any allergy medication today.  My eyes are getting itchy.  Yep.  I’m going to die. I’m gonna go up stairs and take some.  Allegra-D or whatever it is.  Love you so much.  Hope you have a wonderful day, I love hearing from you and love you guys a ton.

Oh. I remember. So, My Plan got sent out.  My plan is a thing in the last six weeks of your mission, so when it gets sent out, you’re like, “This is rude. Why are they freaking sending this out?”  I ended up getting it, because there’s a bunch of people in my mission, tons of people in my group going home 30 days early for college, to BYU and such, because that’s just the way their track starts.  And so Salt Lake started our group for My Plan, like, I guess 30 days early.  So I got it a week ago. You know this thing, “Do your My Plan!  Last six weeks of your mission! Start it!”  And then just yesterday I got this other notification, a second reminder to start My Plan, and I’m like, “I’m not on my last six weeks!  You shut up!” Cause I thought it was (unintelligible) and ended the first week, the first section of it, which thankfully that wasn’t so bad, it’s uh, let me see if I can pull it up here…  So My Plan is divided into six weeks, six learning experiences things.  The first one is Remember and Become.  And basically it was all about what My Plan is, all these things… There’s a video they had us watch that was about 4 minutes long, and I finish it, and I’m like, “Did I just watch a trailer for My Plan?” Cause that’s what it looked like.  And it’s all these returned missionaries talking about their mission, how they continue to…  they said they finished their mission and continued to, they said “I just finished my mission, and I just knew it doesn’t end”  or “I have to continue reading every day” and all these things, and “continue becoming more Christlike”  and it’s all these couples and they’re all holding babies and stuff like that, and I’m like, “This is wrong.  This is awful.”  So, the only thing they really had me do other than watch videos and listen to a couple of things, and read some scriptures was just list ways that I’ve… uh, list things that the Lord has taught me, and ways that I’ve become more Christlike.  At least three things for each, and I’m like, “ok.  I can do that.”  The next one is ‘My Vision and Goals’, which you’re supposed to come up with like a year, like where you want to be in a year, and goals on how to get there, then ‘Continuing Discipleship’ I have no idea what that’s like, 4th week – ‘Self-Reliance’, 5th week is ‘Dating and Temple Marriage’, supposedly one of the questions in there is like “list the names of 5 people you will go on a date with when you get home.”  I’m like “Holy crap…” and then the 6th week it says ‘My Plan’.  So that’s that.

(coughing) Oh, my cough drop wore off. I’m going to throw in another one, and this has been 19 minutes, that’s all I have for today. Love you to death.  This week has been good.  It’s stressful near the end, but I’ve learned a lot, and grown a lot, and I’m really excited to help this area grow.  We’ve seen some really cool miracles lately, starting to get some more new investigators going, hopefully have some new potentials, which we haven’t had in awhile, so this will be nice.  Love you, and goodbye.

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