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Monday, May 29, 2017

Voice Recording May 29 part 4

Well good morning again!  So, just finishing my burrito, my laundry is done, at least the whites, and to make it a little less monotonous and boring, I figured I’d make a voice mail while doing it.  Oh.  I also need to make my bed today.  Ok!  Good to know.  I’ll remember that.  And pick up some stuff in my room.  Like, for the most part its fairly clean. Most of the stuff is off the floor.  Except there’s a couple corners that I’m like eh…. I should probably clean up, and it wouldn’t hurt to vacuum.  Anyways!  Yeah.  That’s life. I need to do that.

I wonder… If I’m going to be over here, I can probably set this down right here.  There we go.  Okay!  Folding time.  Slash hanging time.  I’m trying to think of eventful stuff that has happened this week.  Or other eventful stuff…  Well lets check the area book.

(whistling) Signing in… Going through the 9000 hoops to access the records…. Cause you know, privacy laws.  Lots of peoples personal information is on here.  Splits this week.  I went and taught the Bowmans with one of our ward mission leaders. Super awesome guy.  Brother Hall.  He served a mission in Germany.  Really fun to talk to. He was telling me about one time that he had a companion that was from like southern/central Utah, had a bit of a drawl, and had this giant purple bike.  Just Purple, light purple bike.  He’s like “You have a pink bike”.  “No I don’t.  It’s pank.”  But he was saying it was just a really worn down bike, the poor kid had to hold the light that’s normally supposed to be attached to the bike, he was holding it in his hand while riding and somehow didn’t see…  In Germany, the street signs weren’t on the street, the bike path is attached to the sidewalk in a sense, there’s a small gap between the bike path and the sidewalk where they put the street signs.  And he said it was late at night and they were kind of rushing to an appointment, and they weren’t paying attention too much to whether or not they were staying in the bike lane, or the sidewalk, they were just kind of weaving back and forth, no one is there, it’s night time, and they’re rushing to an appointment.  And his companion somehow didn’t see the street sign and biked just right into this thing.  Just “Boom!” He ended up actually denting the sign, and like bent the whole sign at a 45 degree angle. Pole and everything.  He was a big kid.  Brother Hall was telling us “ I never really saw exactly what he hit, I knew he hit a sign.  But I was like ‘Get up! Get up! Get up!’”  And he got back on his bike, his bike was okay, and they continued to run down to the appointment and make it in time, and he was telling me, “The whole lesson we kept asking if he was okay, like he was really, really pale and he wasn’t saying much.” They offered him food or water, but he just did not feel like taking any. Once they got home, he took off his shirt and there were giant, giant welts, like waist up to his neck, his whole face was turning purple.  He said he was totally fine and ended up recovering well, he just was… yeah.  We were laughing at that with him.  

We had a great lesson with the Bowmans, taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as part of their new member lessons.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is in essence just the 4th Article of Faith, it’s just Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  For them we made sure to talk a lot about the Sacrament and the importance of it, and enduring to the end, like really focusing on that, because they’ve had this lesson before and it’s simple. We basically just try to get them to open up about how they’ve grown lately, like say for faith, how they’ve exercised faith recently.  We pointed out how being baptized for them was an exercise in faith, and how they’ve kept the commandments of the Lord.  It was a really good lesson.  So it’s a single mom, and her two kids that were baptized.  The mom, 18 year old daughter, and a boy who is nine? I want to say? And they were baptized like half a week before I got here.  Super great family.  But Collin, he’s a nine year old boy.  He’s like not always paying attention, or at least it looks like it.  And he’s kinda like lying down on the couch, they’re trying to get him to sit up, and I’m just like “I was a nine year old boy once, I know what it’s like.  I ain’t gonna judge.”  And at one point we asked the family a question, like “What’s enduring to the end?”  Or something like that.  And while laying down, or no I think he kinda sat up a bit, he gives this answer, he’s like “Well, we have to endure to the end, we have to increase our testimonies every day in Christ and strive to do that otherwise we’re gonna fail” or something like that, and I’m just like “What?!?! That came out of your mouth?!? You’ve been paying attention?!?”  And everyone was shocked, I mean like, Brother Hall… He’s just like “What?!?” And he’s like “Well I paid attention.  I don’t look like it, but I know everything you guys say.”  I’m like “Oh my goodness Collin!”  So he’s not getting off the hook now.  Like we’d ask him questions the rest of the time and he’d pretend not to hear us.  And we’re like “Collin we know you’re listening to us.”  And he’s like “You’re right…”  And he’d answer and give these amazing, amazing answers. 

Like I’ve had this experience time and time again.  Primary kids – the Lord uses them.  Their faith is just so pure and so strong.  They know things.  Like I’m fairly certain I told you when I was in Butte about the family, the Blakens, that their youngest daughter wanted to get baptized, she was I think 8.  Seven or Eight when her grandmother started taking her to go to church. Like, the family would go to church every now and then, or the kids would at least.  Mom wasn’t active, and dad wasn’t a member.  And this little daughter wanted to get baptized, so she made sure she would go to church every week.  Including when her grandmother couldn’t take her.  The days that her grandmother couldn’t take her, she’d go and wake up her mom and say “Hey mom, can you take me to church?” And she’s 8!  And her mom would say “Okay, well go get yourself showered and dressed and then come wake me up.” You know thinking, that she’s 8 so she’ll get distracted and forget about it and stuff.  And she’d immediately reply to her mom, “I already am.”  She already got herself up, dressed, changed, showered, and then woke her mom up in time to take her to church.  Over time through baring testimony to her family, and getting them to take her to church every week, she got her siblings and her mom all active again, and we’d be sitting down in lessons with her dad and she pretty much got her dad to be “Hey. You need to listen to these guys.”  And of course her mom coming back, and feeling the spirit, and they worked on the dad, and he’s awesome.  I don’t think he’s baptized yet, but I know he’s getting close.  He knows it’s true, he’s just struggling to give up stuff.  You know, having a cold beer at the end of the day, or …  It’s hard.  I get it.  But this 8 year old girl got her whole family reactivated.  And to the point where… Her testimony is just fantastic.  We’d be sitting down to the lesson, and we’d ask a question, and she’d just raise her hand, and just give the most profound doctrinal answer, just so pure and so faithful.  I’m like “Oh my goodness.”  The spirit would be so strong every time she spoke, because she KNEW the gospel was true. She had no doubts.  And so I have a testimony of kids and Collin was just an amazing example of that this week.  

How long has this been?  Only 10 minutes, ok.  Immediately I can’t think of anything else. Did some service this week. Got to help out a guy named Chris.  We’ve been doing service for him about every other week and helping him out.  This week we laid down some irrigation pipe again, he fed us lunch.  He always does amazing, amazing food. Oh yeah, we de-weeded a lot of his green house.  Which considering how hot it was here, like I thought about getting a greenhouse back home so I could grow some fun trees, like banana trees, and I’m like, “No.” I don’t want to be de-weeding in a greenhouse, if it’s this hot here,  I don’t even want to know how hot it would be in Arizona.  But yeah.  Had a great time helping him out. 

That’s about it I think for this week.  I committed myself.  I’m going to make an email, even if it’s short.  So expect one from me. Follow up with me.  We’ll be busy most of the day so it will probably be in the morning while we’re driving or something. Or as we’re driving back. I’ll type out something.  But I won’t have a lot of time to be in wifi today, so that’s probably what I will be doing.  
Love you, have a wonderful day.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. Bye. 

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