Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Voice Recording May 22 pt 1

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts♫♪  Good morning!  How are you doing?  I’m doing pretty good out here. Let me think, the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, the tank is clean… I think I’ve made that joke before on this (?) (laughs)  Actually I need to do some cleaning up a little bit.  We have some dirty dishes that we need to do.  On my bed I have clothes half put away… All my clothes-clothes are folded, but they’re still on my bed.  And then I just have a basket full of socks that I need to put together and fold up or roll up or whatever and put in my drawer.  Yeah.  Then as soon as I do that, I’ll make my bed.  That’s my excuse for not making my bed yet.

Let me think, we had some really good days.  Man, I had stuff I was gonna talk about, but I don’t remember anything.  We have some really, really fun preparation day plans today.  We were planning on going to the stake center and I think just doing another “Zone Prep day” yay.  Every week.  But instead, us, the zone leaders and the Corvalis elders, which actually live with the zone leaders right now since their apartment flooded with raw sewage, where have you heard that one before?  They’ll be coming with us.  So last night, some members offered to drive us and some other members up to Missoula to go play laser tag and eat lunch.  I think it’s because they will really miss Elder Johnson, they heard he’s leaving.  But they are really really great members, and I’m really excited.  I haven’t been laser tagging in ages.  I’m going to have to take some ibuprofen first, but that’s what pain meds are for.  So you can do fun stuff.  I’m just kidding.  I know that’s not what pain meds are for.

So awesome.  So Mission Tour was amazing. Elder Dyches of the Seventy was just so great. He was a mission president I want to say twice, but I’m thinking more once.  We just had a really really great experience with him.  At one point he even had President and Sister Wadsworth leave the room and on a white board he listed one by one, first he started with sister Wadsworth and then president Wadsworth, all the great qualities we could think about them.  For Sister Wadsworth it was all “She loves us, she cares about us, she’s motherly, she cares about our health…”  All these great things, and then someone shouted out “Opinionated” (laughs) which is fair, she definitely has her opinions and she’ll stick to them and make sure that you do them.  And he laughed, and said “just for that one, I’m putting it on the board.”  For President Wadsworth it was like “hilarious, loving, has a great testimony and shares it.  Great knowledge of the scriptures. Cares about us and our lives back home.  Wants the best for us.” You know, all these great things.  I took a picture of them, but I can’t remember.  And so then he invited them back in and that was just tons of fun to see their reactions.  Love them to death.  Love President and Sister Wadsworth.  They really are your parents away from home. The longer and longer I’ve been on a mission, the longer and longer I’m really like feeling that.  Yeah, he was amazing, gave us some great advice.  Talked to us a lot.  We were promised that as we prepared for it, we would get a lot out of it.  Kind of like Sacrament meeting.  You know, how big of a cup are you going to bring today to be filled up type of deal.  Where we prepare ourselves to be spiritually uplifted, and it was just amazing.  I really tried to pray and read the scriptures.  At one point, while we were waiting for him to come, because they were having some car problems and were late a bit, the assistants were going around, and they were promising us that if we were reverent we would get more and oh my goodness, I got so much out of it. It was great.  I’m not trying to brag, I hope you know that, but it was just like, I was really spiritually uplifted. I loved it!  He gave us a lot of promises about obedience.  Made a lot of comments I love like “Companionship study is the LIFEBLOOD of a companionship. If you are having a wonderful companionship study every day, you don’t need to have companionship inventories.”  I’m like, “Awesome!” And we’ve already seen that.  We’ve had a couple of great companionship studies, and its just like the spirit that is felt is amazing.

Things here are going great.  Also, I got to see Elder Burch and Elder Hendricks.  That was amazing.  I love those two guys so much.  We got to see Elder Tucker. I got my journal back.  Well, my journal 2.0.  I told you that, right?  That like after I left Powell, the journal that I’ve had that long on my mission, it went poof!  I had the Elders there looking for it,  I was really looking for it, and I was just like, “ I don’t know where it went, so I guess I don’t have that journal anymore.  I’m hoping it really turns up.  I have my contact information in there so.   Granted, I wasn’t the most diligent, but there’s still good stuff in there.  This journal, actually I think it was a bit of a wakeup call for me too, it turned out at least for me better because with this new journal I’ve gotten I’ve been… I still miss days and weeks, well, I missed weeks this time because it was with Elder Tucker.  I gave it to him at transfers, I’m like, “okay.”  He’s like, “ Can I have just a little bit more time to write a note for you in it.”  And I’m like “Sure! Go for it!” And he’s a zone leader, so he’s like “I’ll give it to your zone leaders at MLC.” He says he had an “Elder Berrett moment” and forgot.  So I got it at mission tour now.  So I have my journal and its been great writing in that every night again.

Anyways, Elder Hendricks and I exchanged name tags.  So now I have one of his and he has one of mine. We don’t obviously wear them, but, yeah.  Ooh, speaking of which, yeah I can do that today.  I’ve got to call the office and order a bunch of name tags, since you can’t order any your last transfer.  They said that if you want to wear home any shiny extra new name tags on the plane ride home, order them basically now.  I’m like “Oh, ok.”  You can order a max of four per month, I found that out awhile back and so I’m thinking that if I order some like now, and then order some in like a month before my last transfer, that will be like 6-7 nametags that I will have that I can give out to my kids when they go on a mission, or something like that, you know?  I feel like it’s good to have extra nametags.  The church may not like me doing it, but to be fair, I do pay for them, its like 2 bucks a nametag. 2-3 bucks that they just kinda take out of my allotment for the next month.

(Whistling the Nutcracker Suite)  Again, I love that new book you sent me.  I just recently went through them all again.  They’re great.   Just finished laundry.  It’s been a pretty good Monday so far. ( yawns)  I’m tired.  I’ve been less tired recently, so that’s been good. Been getting some good sleep.
Oh yeah, another thing Elder Dyches kinda like, he didn’t quite chas… he never really chastised us, there was kinda one point where he was like, “We’re in the chapel where you take the sacrament.  Be more reverent.” He talked about the sacrament and the importance of it, and we’re like, “You’re right, we’re sorry.”  It was during President Wadsworths when we were shouting out things and getting all rowdy, and he’s like “Guys, this is still a very sacred place we’re in.”  Anyways, I don’t even remember what I was going to talk about.  It was just a great experience with Elder Dyches.  Mission tours are the best thing ever.  I’m a little sad I missed Elder Christofferson, a couple months ago because I was in Wyoming, but hey, he gave some blessings to the mission, like an Apostolic Blessing that I DEFINITELY felt.  It was really cool.  I wasn’t even there.  I didn’t even hear about it, until like from President and sister Wadsworth a couple weeks later, and I still felt it. It was amazing.  Those are definitely real.

Umm. Yeah, I really don’t have too much to report.  Laundry’s going good. (laughs)

Just wrote Christopher a birthday letter.  Bless that wonderful kid. Love him to death.

Um, yeah, I’m going to pause this recording, how long has it been going on?  12 minutes.  Yeah, I’m going to pause this recording, gather my thoughts, and probably going to make another one in a little bit.  Love ya to death and hope you have a wonderful day.  Bye! 

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