Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's a brand new day!

Hello everyone!

This week was absolutely wonderful! Absolutely full of great miracles!

To start off, elder Burch is doing great! While he is starting to get a little tired of having to train every day, he is really loving the mission! It's been a wonderful opportunity to be with him :)

But ya! We have seen some amazing miracles this week! One of the biggest miracles that we had was Bertie. Bertie is someone that we met at church a week ago, she is best Friends with a member and asked to come to church and learn more about it. She is amazing! Elder Burch and I have been really trying to find someone that we could teach and behold she came right to us! We had a lesson with her this Friday and taught her the Restoration and she loved it! At the end of the lesson we committed her to be Baptized when she knew that it was true and she accepted! It was absolutely wonderful to feel that spirit and have that experience! I am so thankful for the lord and his constant help in our area.

Also we had a miracle with Greg this week! To all of you who have been praying for him thank you! He is finally starting to have some hope!  We were also able to teach him the Restoration as well this week! He is still struggling with depression but he's really looking to God! He comes to church every week and always makes sure to read his scriptures! It's truly wonderful!

Another miracle that we had this week was that a less active Vicky, came to church! While we didn't see her (because we were in Tensleep) several members, like sister Cheatham, saw her and reached out to her!  It was wonderful!

Finally this week we went out to Tensleep! It was, of course, wonderful! While we weren't able to visit too many people, we were able to find a family out there! He dad is less-active and so is his son, but he has a girl friend and another child I believe, who are interested! I am so excited! Finally we might be able to have some work going on out there!

So real quick funny story. We had interviews with president the other day, and before hand he had asked USA all to bring our IPads so that he could check them and then plug them in to something to see how we have been using them. (Side note. I think they are getting rid of the IPads, apparently the church is having some copyright issues with them and are trying to switch over to Samsung Galaxy tablets. They have really been pushing for everyone to buy their IPads by the end of August. That's just a rumor going around, however I know that in the last Area book update they did make mention in the notes about the update section that it fixed some bugs in the Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Ya. I don't know how I feel about that. However if I get one, I'm totally naming it GLaDOS. :) ) anyways, I Then FREAKIN lost my IPad literally the night before. Thankfully we found it as we stopped by a house that we had visited the night before on our way to the interview so ya. That was an adventure. 

OH! Speaking of stuff did I tell you that My companion and I found a bunch of old tapes and Vinyl Records in a storage shed that we get to keep!? So freakin cool! I'll have to send you a picture with me holding them :) so ya, that was kind of a crazy experience!

Wyoming here is absolutely amazing! We were in Tensleep yesterday and spent Saturday night there and we had the best thunderstorm! It was seriously A bunch of these giant flashes all over the sky. As if Ten Sleep weren't already beautiful enough. It is freakin gorgeous! I am seriously going to have to take you all on a tour of this area because I love it so much. I think I'm over the whole moving here thing. It's starting to get a little cold a nights, and also with no Walmart or real store for 2 hours. Also with no jobs here besides farming, Working at the Bentonite plant, or trucking. I might come down for a summer or two and do some summer jobs on ranches so that I can take bro. Cheatham up on his offer of learning how to fly and shoot guns all summer long but ya Arizona is the place for me :)

Well my driving has improved way considerably! In Tensleep most of the roads, especially if you go out to the farms and ranches, are all gravel or dirt. That Corolla is seriously impressing me. While it still breaks down far too easily for my taste, It's handling is pretty good! There were quite a few times where we were fish tailing from the rain storm or gravel and I was able to recover it quite easily! I think all of those races that I totally didn't have with other elders in Butte helped me a ton! Sadly the Corolla isn't a sports car, it only has 4 cylinders. My companion. Just made the comment that He doesn't think that I have quite figured out that It isn't a sports car yet :) I have a favourite spot coming out of Basin where you are immediately dumped on the freeway between cities where the speed limit is 70. While I'm not immature about it, I'll admit that I do have fun with it. Maybe this is why I've been driving a 2013 Corolla my whole mission. The lord knows that I would have way too much fun with anything else. I got to drive a Frontier once. That was fun, that thing can really get up and go, and you can just plow through snow with its 4 wheel drive. So the thought just came to mind that BJ is probably laughing his face off at me trying to talk about cars. Uhhh Cumins! Horse power! V8! Torque! Ya, That's about all I hear being out in Small town Greybull. If there is a truck, there is probably a 50 % chance that it will have a Cumins turbo charge sticker on it somewhere. 

I just want to testify real quick of the Atonement. I know that we can truly change and I am so thankful for Jesus Christ, who truly changes us.

I love you all this week!

Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

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