Elder Nicholas Berrett is currently serving in the Billings Montana mission (serving most of Montana and a good portion of Wyoming) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is excited to serve the Lord and the people of Montana and Wyoming for the next two years!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No email this week

While it's true he didn't actually send out an "official email", I did get a bit of a back and forth exchange in the morning, and he sent me a few random pictures, and I found a picture of him on facebook, so I'm including that. As usual, my part is italicized.  

Elder Berrett-
How are you this fine Monday Morning?

So, we still haven’t gotten your promised letter from a couple weeks ago, and it just occurred to me that I never heard the story behind using the fire extinguisher for the second time. 

Speaking of stuff I’m anxiously waiting for, have any pictures for me? I stole that fish one off your fb page, but the quality isn’t as good as if you were to email it to me. 

Good morning mom! This week has been interesting to say the least. 

Sorry about that letter. I've been writing, and editing, and adding more. I really should send it off but more stuff keeps coming up that I want to include. It's already like 4 pages front and back. 

Things are alright. So remember how my companion did something to his ankle? Well we got an urgent call from the medical coordinator the other day telling us that he needs more X-Rays ASAP. Apparently he REALLY did something to his ankle. They are sending him home for surgery and recovery. Poor guy :/. I am driving his down to Billings tomorrow. Spending the night. Then driving up with my new companion on Wednesday who is actually returning, funny enough, from an ankle surgery. Ya. I'm going to practice a song right now with elder Hendricks, more to follow on that in my letter. Love you!

How are things?  How is Butte treating you?  Do you have your car back?

Let me think, Butte is treating us pretty good. We have been on bikes all week. Thankfully we get to borrow someone else's car tomorrow for the drive, then get our car back on Wednesday! So tonight is our last night on bikes! (Which is really nice since my knee gave out last night and I wasn't really able to move with it at all. :/. )

Have you been able to go to physical therapy, and if so, how’s that going?

Physical therapy, I have not been able to get in with the doctor yet. They are still waiting on my X-Rays from the MTC. I think it might need a little more than Physical therapy. Hopefully not, but I could have sworn I felt stuff moving around in my knee before it gave out. I'll find out what's going on soon hopefully. :) 

How are your investigators?  In particular Elder Guthrie’s cousin, and Joshua, and Lloyd?  I think those are the only ones you’ve mentioned in the past few weeks?  Any others you want to share?

Our investigators are doing alright, let's see in order, Rachel (Elder Guthries cousin) is doing alright. She said that she would come to church, she didn't, but she still wants to be baptized, so we will see where that goes. Joshua is alright, we referred him over to the other elders since he apparently lives right on the border, unfortunately in the wrong side, so he's actually in second Ward. Lloyd is doing pretty good though, he finally found a job at Walmart! He is so excited! It's amazing to see him slowly turn his life around :) honestly we don't have too much others. We have a few others that we are teaching but will probably be dropping soon. :/ 

Maddie did the lights for “Campo Idol” this weekend.  She got “A special thanks”  and a huge applause (cause most of the audience was choir and drama kids.)

 Wow. Go Mad! She seriously is Berrett2.0. Definitely better :). Also can I just point out the irony in her doing lights then getting applauded. :P  (lights are her least favorite part of tech theatre)

(I think the following was his way of telling me there wouldn't be his regular email this week)

I love you! Sorry the other elders have been running us around like crazy, I guess I'll be sending you like a 10 page letter. I promise I WILL send it off by Wednesday. That way you will hopefully get it by Saturday. Oh! I just found out I'm going to the temple tomorrow!! Bye!

Never give up, Never Surrender!
-Elder Berrett

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