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Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!!

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Pi Day!

This week was quite the week, honestly. It's not every week that you loose a companion to surgery and then get a new one returning from a surgery :)

Concerning my knee, I do finally have a doctor appointment for this Wednesday, so more to follow there. :) 

This week I got to meet the wonderful Elder Haskins. Let me tell you about Elder Haskins. What. A. Guy. You know that you are going to have an awesome companion when your first morning with him, you get out of the shower to find that he made you both a giant egg and bacon breakfast. But seriously, this elder is THE BOMB!  He has the most amazing enthusiasm for the work, it practically radiates off of him.  :) He is so excited to be out of the MTC and in the field (he was in the MTC for 6 months serving in the Referral department. Poor guy. All of that MTC food. He said he gained 80 pounds there. Poor guy.) Also he's from Florida, and we totally get along :) as far as outside Interests, I'm honestly not sure. Oh. WAIT. How could I forget. HE'S A WHOVIAN!! He has a giant blanket of the TARDIS Exploding and it's the greatest thing ever. He's pretty fantastic :) 

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to Billings. :/ Literally the morning of, there was a freak blizzard and my Zone Leaders called asking if I was sure that I wanted to drive. It was actually a little funny, apparently there are these three awful dangerous passes that you have to go through to get to Billings. I say it's funny, because as they are telling me about the road conditions I had to stop them and ask them what a pass was. Apparently that just about decided it for them that I probably shouldn't make the drive. :) I did end up praying about it though and felt like I really shouldn't either so we let elder Mills drive down. Good thing too, apparently they almost died a few times thanks to pass's and Ice. At one point a semi nearly collided into them because it was sliding. Ya. 

Other than getting a new companion though, it has been a slow week.  Also we have to go turn in our car for even more repairs. Apparently our engine "Broke" or something. Man I wish I knew a little more about cars. Something about oil burning and stuff.

Due to our bishops counsel, he's had us either drop most of our investigators or give them over to the sisters. Thankfully though, we have been getting some referrals indulging a self referral from someone at the Pre-release here who wants to turn his life around :) I love teaching there, you get to meet so many repentant souls and honest people, all of our most solid less-actives have all come from there, amazing place :)

Our investigator is doing alright. We are pretty much just teaching Lloyd now. Technically we are still teaching Randa, but I think bishop wants us to drop her too (but since the spirit told us not to we will just teach her in secret :) ) But ya. Lloyd, as we found out this week, is still struggling. We found out that he picked back up smoking, we caught him, but he hurry and hid it from us so, we aren't sure how to bring that up to him at the moment but hopefully he'll come out and tell us so we can help him. :)

Also this week, Elder Haskins and I deep cleaned our apartment, set a ton of mouse traps, and installed a fire alarm and a CO2 Alarm :) hopefully should be up to code now :) its been quite the adventure honestly, Oh! we found out why our oven kept catching on fire, apparently there was a ton of stuff underneath the stove top left from the former occoupants, we cleaned all of that up so hopefully it should be good now. The less I have to use a fire extinguisher, the better :) After we deep cleaned it we texted sister Wadsworth, who LOST it on us at interviews when she found out about our apartment, but she told us that she was proud. :)

You know, mission presidents and their wives are so wonderful, They truly are basically your parents away from home. :) I truly feel like I have a relationship with both my mission president and sister Wadsworth and its wonderful! They have both helped me so much, wether it be advice, counsel, or even just love. I'm fairly certain that mission presidents and their wives are basically perfect, and the only reason they haven't been translated is because we all have to learn from them. :)

Other than that, like I said, not too much has happened this week. I'm really pumped for next week though, not only do I have 4 Baptismal interviews that I get to do next week followed by 4 baptisms. But it's St. Patrick's day! The day where missionaries who serve in Butte don't get to leave their house, or wherever they are at that day because it's too dangerous outside. Apparently we don't even get to stay in our house because it's too far uptown and too many people get shot/stabbed/mugged. We pretty much just get to party all day in the church safe in the other side of town.

Well we need to get to dinner. Love you all!

Never give up, Never Surrender!

-Elder Berrett

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